split (2009/VENDETTA)

DOOM/SLUDGE-HARDCORE. Two heavy-weight doomcore acts from the empty, hopeless landscapes of Eastern Germany team up for a split that holds the balance between brutality and depressive bitterness. Leipzig's BLACK FREIGHTER combine the brutal complexity of COALESCE with the sheer slow heavyness of HIS HERO IS GONE and thus immure the listener with a massive wall of sound, causing feelings of isolation and vastness. Filling the void that the split up of PERTH EXPRESS and MEN IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT WEAPON left. Potdam's CROWSKIN, known from their split LP with B.SON and last year's "harmony of death" 7" deliver feedback-soaked ugly pieces of sludge with - even rawer and uglier than ever with 3 painful slugde dirges over which the ferocious vocals.

LP 6.00€* Other articles by CROWSKIN / BLACK FREIGHTER