never follow.. (2003/PER KORO/PRÜGELPRINZ)

HARDCORE-PUNK. The debut full-length of those 5 sparkling, good looking men from South Germany (ex-almost everything; LUZIFERS MOB, DEAD BEAT, STACK, FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARKSIDE etc.). Formed in 1996, with a short break, they're back with the line-up of their legendary demo and recorded these 14 tracks of melodic, pissed off, rocking hardcore-punk with political, personal and cynical lyrics. This is the most innovative thing that happened to mankind since wet toilet paper and this is taking a piss on loserbands like early POISON IDEA, R.K.L. and others. DIAVOLO ROSSO is guided by the spirit of the '80s, but dusted-off! So do yourself a favour and swallow this pill of raging hardcore-punk! Vinyl version includes a CD version. [PK 040]

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