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HARDCORE. This is Schwarzenegger era hardcore. After tons of split releases this female fronted thrash attack from the dirty streets of Fresno have finally recorded their 2nd full-length. What you get on this unholy piece of vinyl are 11 new trax of in-your-face hardcore - don't give a shit thrash. If you like short, fast and loud then this is right up your alley. Get your hands on this limited 1st press.

LPcol 10.00€*


HARDCORE. Montreal-based, lords of slam-skank OMEGAS have to be one of the best bands in hardcore at the moment. Their brand of anthemic hardcore gives devotion to their NYC and Boston hardcore influences with a uniquely snarky street-punk attitude, all of which is filtered through a little crazy, making the title of their debut LP all too appropriate. "blasts of lunacy" is 12 tracks of hardcore wizardry. This particular release sees the band emphasizing their NYC influences even more than on previous material. With this 23min. LP the band has proven that it is able to maintain momentum through an entire full-length and that their particular brand of over-the-top hardcore.

LP 11.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. Calgary's CHAD VAN GAALEN's blood flows by unrestrained creative impulses. In "shrink dust", CHAD's 5th full-length album under his own name, we have a new window into his world. Always a fan of esoteric instruments, CHAD taught himself to play an aluminum pedal steel guitar. Somehow, with all of its disparate influences and components, "shrink dust" might be one of the most accessible moments in CHAD's creative life, simply because it is more apparent than ever how much fun he is having blurring the lines between the vivid worlds of his creation, and the world his audience inhabits. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


EMO/POST-PUNK.. "cut & paste" is SPRAYNARD's 1st LP. Expect plenty of songs about trying to make things happen in a place that makes making things happen really hard sometimes, but having the will to keep trying anyway. Stylistically, there's still a good deal of BOUNCING SOULS, LAWRENCE ARMS and IRON CHIC or LATTERMAN in this debut.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The debut album by California's mighty MUNDO MUERTO. Retaining the melody of the earlier 7" and 12" but with a harder, faster edge this LP is by far MUNDO MUERTO's best material to date. You'll get 11 tracks of pure hardcore-punk greatness. The spanish vocals only add to the amazingness of this LP and all the "whoa" parts will have you singing along even if you dont speak the language.

LP 11.00€*


HARDCORE. GREEN BERET deliver 10 tracks of DISCHARGE meets TOTALITÄR inspired hardcore. Building from the 2010 demo, GREEN BERET return to a heavier and speedier band while still focusing on catchy songs and staying away from current noise core trappings. Members of SOCIAL CIRCKLE, NO TOLERANCE, FAILURES and more.

LP 14.00€*


DEATH-METAL/DOOM. When ACID WITCH's "witchtanic hellucinations" came out in 2008 on Razorback Records, metal fans were floored by the creative mash of death-metal, doom, horror soundtrack, and nwobhm. The diabolical duo crafted a signature sound that reeks of old, rotten treats on halloween night, therefore appropriately dubbing this style of music "halloween metal"! This album is a thick, heavy cauldron of psychedelic surprises and drug-induced horror. Colored vinyl comes with an gatefold-sleeve.

LPcol 19.00€*


POST-PUNK. CEREMONY's 5th studio album, "the l-shaped man", uses singer Ross Farrar's recent breakup as a platform to explore loneliness and emotional weariness, but it is by no means a purely sad album. In order to tell Farrar's story, CEREMONY has almost completely stripped back the propulsive hardcore of their previous records, turning every angry outburst into simmering despair. It brings to mind some alternate version of JOY DIVISION that hasn't quite lost all hope. It gets close to exploding, but instead plays the shadows, never quite rising above a nervous simmer. Colored US-import comes with die-cut cover and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 22.00€*


THRASH/DEATH-METAL. "horrid efface" is TERRORAMA's debut album. They're playing old-school deathrash-metal in the style of MERCILESS, VULCANO, HOLY TERROR, and PROTECTOR. The album includes a cover of a HOLY TERROR song and is housed in a gatefold cover.

LP 8.50€*


POST-PUNK. In retrospect, the 2nd and final album by this Manchester post-punk band seems to point straight at singer Ian Curtis's suicide, which happened a few months before it was released. The band's reverberating mesh of minor-key lines and Curtis's tremorous bass voice are doomy enough on their own. The music, grim and powerful as it is, points to the direction the surviving members took as NEW ORDER, incorporating the mechanical gravity of club rhythms. Thick 180gr vinyl comes with original artwork and includes a digital download card.

LP 23.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. LENNY LASHLEY'S GANG OF ONE is the latest project from the former DARKBUSTER frontman LENNY LASHLEY. These 10, new, original tunes run the gamut of straight-up rock to heart-wrenching acoustic tunes. It documents some of what life has dealt Lenny over the past few years and how he has come to deal with it and is undoubtedly LENNY LASHLEY's best work to date. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 13.50€*


THRASH-METAL/HARDCORE. "doomed to destroy, destined to die", which sees the band in full-on battering ram-bulldozer-wrecking ball mode. Recorded at GodCity Studio and mastered at AudoSiege, the album's 13 tracks memorably combine the charging rhythms of d-beat hardcore and the aggression of thrash with nwobhm-worthy guitar harmonies and grind's blinding speed. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. Bridge Nine has partnered up with This Is Hardcore Fest to release a limited-edition live full-length. Thirteen bands (DEFEATER, BLACKLISTED, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, SUICIDE FILE, RINGWORM, NAILS, JUDGE, PANIC, STRIKING DISTANCE, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, NEGATIVE APPROACH, BOYSETSFIRE,. WISDOM IN CHAINS) were recorded live at the 2013 "this is hardcore fest" in Philadelphia and captured on vinyl. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. WALK PROUD is probably best known in the hardcore scene for having been the 1st release for New Age Records all the way back in 1988 with the "be yourself" 7". The band followed that up with the "rip" LP in 1990 and the "one more time" 7" in 1991, both on Nemesis Records. An appearance on the "furious world" compilation on Basement Records in 2003 was the band's last release, making this their 1st new record in over a decade. The band returns with 13 new tracks for fans of early AGNOSTIC FRONT and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/EMOCORE. SELF DEFENSE FAMILY is one of the most prolific post-hardcore bands out there today. "heaven is earth" was recorded at 4 classic studios by a diverse group of engineers: Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, Mark Millar at Sone Lab and Jon Low at Miner Street Recordings. Each engineer leaves his own distinct audio fingerprint on the collection of songs. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 15.00€* DigiCD 12.00€*


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