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POST-PUNK-ROCK. "from ruin" is 3 new tracks from Portland's very own peace-punks (with members of ARCTIC FLOWERS, MORAL HEX and DOG SOLDIER). Now a 3 piece, these female fronted thought provoking songs strike a similarity to FUZZBOX at times mixed in with influences of some of your favorite UK '82 and peace-punk bands (THE SYTEM, A HEADS etc). Influences which they wear blatantly on their jackets, all the while managing to keep their own uniqueness and give a fresh take on a classic genre. This is their strongest release to date and a teaser of what's to come, hopefully it won't be too long... 500 pressed.

7" 6.00€*


INDIE/POP-PUNK. In their 7 years as a band, CHEAP GIRLS have won people over left and right. Their 2007 debut album, "find me a drink home", was released to much fanfare. The punk kids, the record-collecting indie-rock snobs and the flannel-clad grunge revivalists all seem to love CHEAP GIRLS, and "famous graves", their 1st record on Xtra Mile Recordings, delivers a little something for all of them. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Absolutely insane hardcore in the vein of Swedish and Japanese legends such as ANTI-CIMEX and GAUZE. Everything about this new Toronto four-piece is over the top, from the loudspeaker vocals, to the completely chaotic drumming and the incomprehensible guitar work. With an extremely well-received demo tape, the band made sure to pull out all the stops to go even more out of control with its debut vinyl release, "punk survival", and do not disappoint one bit! Along with KROMOSÖM, NOMAD and GLAM, ABSOLUT is out to keep punk as urgent as ever.

LP 12.50€*


HARDCORE. "dedicated to babies who came feet first" is the highly anticipated album from COLD WORLD. Over a year in the making, the album was produced and engineered by BIOHAZARD guitarist Billy. The 15 songs that make up "dedicated..." tell a chilling real life tale of struggle in the world as we know it today. From the opening track it's apparent that COLD WORLD's musical grit and power have risen to new levels to tell that story. Vinyl comes with gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

LP 8.50€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE/METAL. This is not a split but a total collaboration between THE BODY and THOU on all tracks. These are 2 of America's heaviest acts colliding to bring 4 tracks of the darkest, doomiest metal the world has seen including one VIC CHESTNUTT cover.

LP 16.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. "truncheons in the manor" is the 1st full-length by Philadelphia's AMATEUR PARTY. The band recorded 10 tracks to make this opus of an album. The band has an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in ARMALITE, OFF MINOR, KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS and more but really stands on its own without a resume. AMATEUR PARTY similar to their style reminiscent of post-punk. On their previous releases the band develops their sound even further to maker their best and most cohesive recording to date. Fans of THE JAM, THE MINUTEMEN and TED LEO take note, this record fits in perfectly with those of an older punk-rock sound.

LP 6.00€*


GRINDCORE. Los Angeles' NAUSEA, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia, along with their sister band, TERRORIZER (which also featured Garcia) helped define the grindcore genre in the late '80s. Now Garcia, along with former members of MAJESTY, PHOBIA, MURDER CONSTRUCT. EXHUMED etc. unleash a ferocious new full-length album. "condemned to the system".

LP 12.50€*


HARDCORE. This is the official reissue of the original DEEP WOUND record, available for the first time on CD, complete with previously unreleased bonus tracks for a total of 27 songs. Colored vinyl with just 24 tracks are available, too! DEEP WOUND was a part of the Western Massachusetts hardcore scene in the early '80s and was the original musical outlet for Lou Barlow and J. Mascis who would go on to form DINOSAUR JR. and SEBADOH. But these songs are about as far away musicially as you can get from those bands, sounding more like SIEGE, DYS and SSD. DEEP WOUND were a really fucking good hardcore band. Living in this society has left a DEEP WOUND. Get used to it.

LP 14.00€*


POST/PSYCHEDELIC-ROCK. The debut full-length album from Austin rock sextet BLACK ANGELS, and the follow-up to their acclaimed debut. "passover" consist 10 solid tracks of trance-inducing guitar lines, filthy bass, primitive beats, droning organ, and grizzly preacher vocals. This is native american drone 'n' roll!

DoLP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. It came out of nowhere in 1982, this hardcore fireball with the bright yellow sleeve. In one sense, the ZERO BOYS' "vicious circle" was yet another example of how US hardcore seemed to peak coast to coast that year. But unlike most coastal punk, the ZERO BOYS were pointing the way to a scene that could accommodate heaping helpings of melody, intelligence, and rock 'n' roll, not just turbo-charged ferocity. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€* CD 13.50€*


POST/BLACK-METAL. DEUIL, ("mourning" in English) is a 4-piece blackened sludge, drone act from Liège, Belgium. They've started their expedition in 2012 and they are slowly grasp the battlements of life, the soil of the lost, where stench of death suffocates and wishers... nevermore. Purple and violet clouds, last thoughts transcend into misty shadows, crippled and deformed and with fear crumbling eyes venturing forth, like many did before, like Edgar Allan Poe did, for his lost, beloved Lenore. Limited edition of 77 handnumbered pro-printed copies.

TAPE 5.00€*


POP-PUNK. THE MANDATES are a punk/power-pop quartet based in Canada. Formed in 2010 they dedicated the most ambitious few years of their lives to writing the best '77 pop-punk anthems their minds can arrange. Taking cues from classic acts like TEENAGE HEAD, NEW YORK DOLLS and THE JAM, THE MANDATES have forged through their music scene, creating something vintage and yet somehow maintaining a modern appeal. This full-length vinyl release, produced by Portland punk-rock aficionado Pat Kearns (Exploding Hearts, Nice Boys, Red Dons, Clorox Girls) is a passionate and earnest endeavour. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.50€*


HARDCORE. Vinyl originally released by Revelation Records in 1996, "set your goals" is the debut album from CIV. Pressings were limited and have been sold-out for years, but now "set your goals" is finally being repressed. This vinyl also features a cover of SSD's "glue" as a bonus track, which was not available on the original version of this release. Colored (pink) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 12.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Finally re-pressed and available: the 1st full-length of the German-American cross section. Skate-punk at its finest. Mix POISON IDEA, BLACK FLAG, VERBAL ABUSE and grab the skateboard! But besides those to be classified is, but always the blood, sweat & tears driving a stylish plate produce worth - otherwise you find almost everything right. Hell yeah, well done!

LP 7.00€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. Long Beach's JOYCE MANOR present their debut full-length recording which follows up their split 7" with SUMMER VACATION. This self-titled effort contains 10 tracks of melodic and heartfelt punk-rock that takes from bands like JAWBREAKER, DESCENDENTS and early AGAINST ME. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€* DigiCD 7.00€*


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