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INDIE-ROCK. The best music is always truly indefinable. Portland, Oregon's prolific 31KNOTS have described their sound as "post-apocalyptic vaudevillian punk", and while that's an apt description, it doesn't begin to express the level of demented-pop brilliance on the band's latest full-length, "the days and nights of everything anywhere. From the stuttering sequenced intro of the opener to the airy ambient ending of the closer, "the days and nights of everything anywhere" is the complete realization of the sound 31KNOTS have been working toward for the last 9 years.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. A total ripper of deviant hardcore bringing the speed of JERRY'S KIDS without it falling apart and the rock 'n' roll snarl of THIN LIZZY and ANNIHILATION TIME. It features ex GOVERNMENT WARNING as well as members of a slew of other great Richmond punk bands like SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS, DEVILS HAND, and HAVERCHUCKS. First press is 495 copies on 180gr black vinyl, encased in black jackets with metallic silver ink, black dust sleeves, and double sided insert.

LP 14.00€*


POP-PUNK/HARDCORE. KNOCKOUT KID's unique brand of aggressive pop-punk/hardcore has solidified them as one of the frontrunners of that scene. KNOCKOUT KID hit the studio earlier this year to add their own twist on the sound they have come to call their own. The debut 12-song album, "manic" will be released on colored vinyl for the 1st time in a limited edition of just 300 copies. * BLACK FRIDAY 2016 *

LPcol 14.50€*


POST-NOISE-ROCK. Hailing from the deep and storied woods of Western Massachusetts, GLUEBAG deliver an exceptional collection of luring, blown out sounds with their "confused" LP. Featuring members of SQRM, WORLD DOMINATION, and CRYSTALLINE ROSES, this 3 piece blends the songwriting of late '60s rock with the urgency of American hardcore-punk to create a sound that is far from commonplace in the current underground scene. Originally recorded in 2008 and distributed on a small number of tapes by the band, Framework is thrilled to celebrate GLUEBAG's recent return from dormancy with the release of "confused" in it's original intended form on vinyl. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.00€*


METALCORE. Music is a catalyst and FOR TODAY uses their AUGUST BURNS RED-meets-BETWEEEN THE BURIED AND ME sound to spread their message across the nation. Fusing extensive and prestigious backgrounds in both hardcore and metal, they have stamped their name in the hearts of fans from all across the globe with their debut full-length, "ekklesia". Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.50€* CD 12.50€*


MELODY-PUNK. Aggressive, catchy punk with social awareness. "midwestern songs of the americas" is the debut full-length from this Minnesota four piece. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


HARDCORE. Straight ahead '80s style influenced hardcore filled with punching mid tempo parts, showing hints of classic Boston style whilst adding a touch of NYCHC. On top of that DRUX have some really amazing deep and gnarly vocals. Theses are throughout a hardcore record side!

7" 5.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Here is the re-release of the 5-song masterpiece from the kings of splatter released in 1985 by Condar. This legendary release has been insanely hard to find and exorbitantly priced. Includes nice, clean revised packaging with original hand-drawn lyric sheet and extensive thanks list courtesy of Tommy Niemeyer, the original splatterhead himself.

MLP 14.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Legendary Cleveland hardcore/metal giants RINGWORM deliver a limited edition, 3-song 10" in anticipation of their Relapse debut full-length. It features 1 song from the album, 1 unreleased song and 1 DISCHARGE cover ("the nightmare continues").

10"col 15.00€*


HARDCORE. Finally available again on vinyl after years of being out-of-print. Legendary Connecticut hardcore heavyweights 100 DEMONS' debut LP, "in the eyes of the lord", this definitive/expanded edition includes full re-mastered audio spread over 2 records for optimum sound quality, a slew of demo/compilation bonus tracks never before available on vinyl featuring original vocalist Bruce LePage, a deluxe gatefold layout with never before seen live photos and a huge, bonus poster insert. Colored double vinyl includes a digital download card. * RSD 2014 *

DoLPcol 29.00€*


HARDCORE. This 2nd full-length feature 18 songs in a decidedly more Swedish hardcore vein, but with the usual odd breaks and fast parts throughout. More melodic than the 1st full-length in some ways and noisier in others. Colored (orange) vinyl i limited to just 100 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 20.00€* LPcol 14.00€*


HARDCORE. "fucked from birth" is as it suggests: an anguished, brooding powerhouse hardcore record, cut of the dark Prank Records mold but with ARTIMUS PYLE's unique and typical twists. Streamlining the manic attack of their earlier records, this follows the "fortress" 7" by the same new line up (with members of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, IRON LUNG, VAE VICTUS, FUCKFACE etc.), faster and more thrashy, briefly lurching slow bits before launching back to full throttle.

LPcol 13.00€* CD 11.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. ANTI-CHRIST DEMONCORE or ACxDC for short aren’t your stereotypical satanic grind-violence band. This picture-disc stitches together 23 heavy hitting studio tracks on the a-side and on the b-side there are 28 never pressed to vinyl live and demo tape tracks. Available on limited to 350 copies double Tape, too.

LPpic 16.50€* 2x TAPE 13.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. It would be a great disservice to have ACxDC's bio longer than their average song, but suffice it to say, their debut LP - a full-length that has been a literal decade in the making - is as crushing, chaotic and spiteful as ever. Although most of ANTI-CHRIST DEMON CORE's fans hail from the power-violence troupe, the Los Angeles quintet take a more dynamic approach to their song-writing on this record. Bursting at the seams with equal parts thrash-y, grind-y goodness and mid-tempo, heavy-handed hardcore, ACxDC carve their name into the aggressive music niche with fervor and intent. Limited silver colored vinyl!

LPcol 19.50€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. The 1st in a series of "complete control recording sessions" features the band jamming out a live set of 6 songs including a MISFITS cover featuring guest vocals by Matt Skiba of ALKALINE TRIO. Colored (yellow) vinyl includes a digital download card.

10"col 13.50€*


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