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FOLK/EMO-PUNK. Spain’s WILHELM AND THE DANCING ANIMALS present an awesome combination of folk and punk with this release. Optimistic and happy, this release shows a sensitivity to nature with a focus on the world that surrounds them. It’s an energetic listen that you will want to delve through over and over again! This release includes a booklet, external cardboard jacket, serigraphy fabric cover and a figital download code.

LP 10.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES is a four piece emo-hardcore band formed in 2012 in Strasbourg, France. The band is composed with members of ELECTRIC SUICIDE CLUB, CCHAOS IS, THE ORING, OAK and others. ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES blur the lines between hardcore, screamo, and related sub-genres, offering something of substantial emotional weight to their listeners. If your into SAETIA, BIRDS IN ROW or TOUCHE AMORE - give them a try.

LPcol 10.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. "adult crash" by Dave Brown. This book compiles 2 decades of photographs from Dave Brown, a local fixture at shows in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area. Along with tons of photos, this book also includes anecdotes about surviving the "adult crash" from John Joseph, Walter Schreifels, Paul Bearer, Brian Walsby, Eric Ozenne, Rick Ta Life, Tim McMahon and more. Plus, a 7" is included featuring DOWN TO NOTHING, KILL YOUR IDOLS, SLUMLORDS and CLOAK/DAGGER.

7"+Book 13.50€*


POST-PUNK. Cold, grey, distant, and discordant, but undeniably powerful, THE ESTRANGED isn't happy face music. Think along the lines of the darkness and intensity of ARTICLES OF FAITH. Medium-paced, gripping, hand-wringing music that takes its time, and makes sure you know that you’re in a place of their making. Don’t be expecting the post-nuclear d-beat holocaust of FROM ASHES RISE or HELLSHOCK (of which members come from), go into this with the feeling that you’re about to be stalked and hunted musically, on a personal level, through a scope.

7"col 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Rock Vegas' continued support of up-and-coming Northeast Hardcore continues with the release of the debut EP from THE CONFRONTATION. Featuring three members of ON BROKEN WINGS, this quintet play heavy, yet speedy music very much like that of TERROR and EMBRACE TODAY.

MCD 3.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. If there was a soundtrack to desperation and urgency, "we don't care" would be that soundtrack. If MODERN LIFE IS WAR and CHAMPION started a super band, it would be COUNT THE HOURS.

CD 4.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. Richmond's THE CATALYST follow up to the split album with MASS MOVEMENT OF THE MOTH with 4 raging blasts of grunge and screamo inspired hardcore on this special, one-sided LP - limited to 700 copies. "marianas trench" features colored vinyl, a silkscreened b-side, and full color jackets. Recommended for fans of PG.99, KARP, early MELVINS, etc.. The CD version called "marianas trench + 9" featuring 13 pummeling tracks compiled from the "marianas trench" LP, their split 7" with BRAINWORMS and split LP with MASS MOVEMENT OF THE MOTH.

LPcol 6.00€* CD 3.50€*


SLUDGE/DOOM/METAL. This DoLP feature 8 songs and every single one is a gigantic monster who seems to grow constantly on the way by the tides of sludge, doom, black-metal and hard-rock. Quiet tones, acoustic guitars with minimalist support of the percussion and the one or other discreetly arranged sample, weave a sound carpet which invites you to stay and relax. But only for a short time and the monster is back - inexorably, immensely and, demanding! This 1st album of BAD LUKE RIDES ON WHEELS is a must-have and guaranteed ground breaking. Comparisons to other great bands can be renounced confidently. The protagonists themselves know about their job. Comes with gatefold cover, 180gr vinyl, MP3 download code and DVD.

DoLP+DVD 19.00€* CD+DVD 5.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. This Louisville four-piece set out remold all the stagnant preconceptions of heavy music and have released an armful of disks with labels from Initial, Deathwish to Jade Tree. Their "charmer" release is too volatile to ignore much longer - equally vicious, progressive, and thoroughly unpredictable.

CD 4.50€*


HARDCORE. AT HALF-MAST's sophomore full-length release titled "fathers and sons" brings forth 11 new tracks of dark, emotionally charged hardcore from one of the east coast's most promising bands. Comparisons aren't that easy to make, because they've developed a sound of their own, but if you imagine modern hardcore influenced by LIFE LONG TRAGEDY, SHAI HULUD and early COMEBACK KID you won't be very wrong about what AT HALF-MAST sound like. "fathers and sons" spotlights the mature progression of the band's songwriting and lyrical themes.

CD 5.50€*


HARDCORE. This split is peculiar for several reasons. First of all, it's the last ever release for VALUES INTACT. Their fast, angry, furious and heartfelt hardcore pushed them to become one of the most popular Italian hardcore acts in a very short time span. They toured a lot and brought their own, authentic version of modern hardcore all across the continent. This is their swan song and the 3 tracks on this 7" remind how amazing this band was. Their side almost eclipses the offering from AT HALF MAST, which is as urgent and intense as you could hope for. AT HALF-MAST deliver more of their screaming, powerful hardcore that has established their debut album.

7"col 2.50€*


POP-PUNK. Dennis Lyxzén, singer of THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, returns again with his solo project. Now grown from THE LOST PATROL to THE LOST PATROL BAND, the 3rd solo album of the former REFUSED singer documents another complete change in style. This selftitled album is all about punky power-pop - that forgotten sound of the late '70s, early '80s. It is a declaration of love to that sound, to the BUZZCOCKS, ELVIS COSTELLO, THE BEAT, THE NERVES and the RAMONES.

CD 4.50€*


HARDCORE. Boston based group's long belated, 10-track debut of regional traditionalism. Tunes to carry the Al Barile and Jack Kelly tradition of the straight-edge circa '82 onward and upward while simultaneously discarding their work in subsequent decades. Members of THINK I CARE, WASTE MANAGEMENT, NO TOLERANCE and MIND ERASER.

LP 14.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE/METAL. At times it can be hard to tell hether this is a metal album with crust influences or vice versa. The wtitle track, with it's pronounced d-beat, seems to argue in favor of a metallic version of punk, but elsewhere the band represent pretty straightforward death-metal, albeit with a modern hardcore production (think in terms of the recent Southern Lord sound). In general, though, the band do a pretty good job of paying equal lip service to both crust and vintage death-metal. These guys aren't willing to settle for promise or potential, they're here to rip your fucking head off right out of the gate. Former members of DISKONTO, DELLAMORTE to name a few.

LP 11.00€*


NOISE/PROGRESSIVE-ROCK. Whether it’s the packaging, the name or the 2 intense-looking bearded Italian blokes, something about ZEUS - suggests stoner sludge-doom. It is, then, a source of extreme and giddy delight to find that this band are far weirder and more interesting than all that. Theirs is a largely instrumental bass and drums hyper-prog, its manic energy, mischievous sensibility and super-intricate composition most likely inspired by the Tatsuya Yoshida school of impossible musics, but with added caustic metallicisms redolent of FANTOMAS or classic-era SLAYER. As an added treat, the titles are awash with delicious and terrible puns. As heavy as it is clever, as ridiculous as it is utterly, magnificently brilliant. Colored, thick 180gr vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€*


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