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METALCORE/DEATH-METAL. Like a golem made out of clay, these ABSIDIA songs turn into an uncontrolable monster, gaining more and more power, raging, defacing, killing, devastating. But unlike the golem, these songs will endure. ABSIDIA combine profound emotions and pure violence, heartbreaking melodies and mindgrinding mosh, godgiven life and soulripping death! These guys manage to melt the misanthropic malice of mighty CARCASS and the high speed impact of AT THE GATES to a homogeneous piece of metal, perfectly produced by Dirk Kusche (Mörser, Systral, Acme...). SIX REASONS TO KILL return with a 4 song masterpiece of brutality and heaviness. Bulldozer-riffings and a wall of brutality and heaviness show the bands consequent process in songwriting and performing as a band. Their follow up to "kiss the demon" supprises with even more energy, power and groove, which normally bands like OBITUARY and BOLT THROWER use to have. The layout is outstanding. Vinyl comes with a huge booklet. Feel free to die! [PK #036.5]

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METALCORE. "liedergeburt" is the highly anticipated 2nd ACLYS full-length. ACLYS' music became known Europe-wide and was well appreciated as highly innovative and technical new-school hardcore, which later got titled as metalcore. You'll get 10 highly intense, fast and energy bursting metalcore songs with a desperate emotional element. Screamed vocals, highly acclaimed technical guitar/bass and drum work. As a German band ACLYS always write their lyrics in German. For this they reach a lyrical quality which is considered poetry among native German speakers. On top "liedergeburt" shows a fat and great production and amazing artwork. [PK #031]

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Hamburg citizens BENT CROSS continue with 2 more beer-spitting tracks (from the same recording session as their debut 7"). Raw, dirty and of course - no compromises. The rock is hard, high, and mighty - both tunes have teeth, and the jams are kicked the fuck out. BENT CROSS is a band that happens to party - better, they are a band that incites a party. They have the strong punk ethos in their lyrics: work sucks, get fucked, let’s rage. On the flipside ANNOTATION leaves their previous recordings in a cloud of bong smoke. They serve a kind of retro-rock that brings back memories of BLACK FLAG, BL'AST and the occasional THIN LIZZY. Both songs start out with a gnarly late '70s hard-rock riff and then it quickly becomes a straight forward hardcore-punk song. ANNOTATION make you want to grow your hair out for the sole purpose of head banging. All 4 exclusive smashers consist of simple-but-effectice three-chord riffs, spiced up with melodic lead guitar work and the sound is rough as it should and firmly along the lines of early '80s hardcore-punk bands. The songs might not have the most original progressions, but you can hear that both bands are here to throw a lean, mean live party. And there is nothing wrong with that! Where is the Beer-Bong-Party? Vinyl includes a digital download card. [#004] Per Koro sublabel

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HARDCORE/DOOM/SLUDGE. AVALANCHE from Vienna/Austria giving nods to the horned one. They play heavy hardcore with a strong tendency towards stoner- and doom-metal. Instead of attempting to intimidate with epic scope or bleak mood, as does by most doom/sludge bands, these miscreants basically cut to the chase and get right in the listener's face. The 5 newly remastered tracks (3 of them are from their "among beasts" 2010 demo) are concise blasts of mostly thudding mid-tempo hardcore rage, riding easy on primal SABBATH riff-worship. The stoner riffs could work your fillings out of your teeth - the ruptured throat sounds pissed - the bass is feedback soaked and gives a solid groove and the drums sound crisp like a nuclear explosion not very far away from your living room. Some parts are slow but not glacial and the riffs are without ever hinting at bounciness. The SABBATH-ian lineage is clear, but AVALANCHE owe just as much to the frothy-mouthed intensity of SLEEP, EYEHATEGOD, OKKULTOKRATI, PENTAGRAM and their ilk. The atmosphere here is generally one of extreme hostility, and when these guys kick up the tempo the resultant is far more hardcore than anything else. Quite simply it is a heavy journey that should be tracked down by anyone into crushing, heavy music - a drug-infused jam - and you’ll be pulled right in! The one-sided, limited and handnumbered (300) LP comes with a screenprinted b-side and cover, black innersleeve and includes a digital download card. [PK #060]

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Behold, here is the debut 7" from Hamburg, Germany's BENT CROSS. Risen from the ashes of bla...bla and features ex- and current members of this and that. This 7" contains 6 blazing tracks of unadulterated hardcore-punk. Incredible lyrics belted out over furious yet catchy, hook-laden songs really put this over the top. This inconspicuous little smasher has it all - hooks, speed, attitude, piss, vinegar... definintely will not disappoint. What else is worth writing about? The guitarist owns a famous binge drinking etablissement in St.Pauli and the drummer once played for german Schlager heroes Die Flippers. Hey, some of these rumors might even be true. BENT CROSS are exclusively endorsed by drunk poetry, cheap guitars, badly played solos, and general misantrophy. Plain black vinyl includes a digital download card. [#003] Per Koro sublabel

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK/DOOM. BLCKWVS is an instrumental band from Bielefeld/Münster (feature ex-members of KINETIC CRASH COOPERATION, JUNES TRAGIC DRIVE, LOVESONG COMPANY, CHEERLEADERS OF THE APOCALYPSE) and playing epic instrumental with massive riffs and driving rhythms, crushing, hypnotic soundscapes as well as an exploration into psychoactive prog-rock in the brotherhood of bands like CULT OF LUNA, PELICAN, ISIS or even TORCHE. "0130" contains 6 tracks of devastating power and emotion that will destroy you with its beautiful, black heaviness. This release comes with a different artwork in a full-color 350gr thick coversleeve and an inlay. BLCKWVS will soon be a name that will not be forgotten! [PK #049]

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK/DOOM. Heavy, monolithic instrumental post-rock meets the unfriendly atmosphere of the early SWITCHBLADE and CULT OF LUNA recordings. Dark riffing and spooky organ-vibes team up with a massive bass and drum work. Heavy and excellent produced (Tonmeisterei), with enough room to give every musician his own special place. Some songs are more rocking; think of DOOMRIDERS meets PELICAN, and some songs carry a slight '70s doom and even okkult-spirit. You guys read this over and over, but this BLCKWVS full-length is a massive step forward. Colored vinyl comes with an eyecatching 350gr thick die-cut cover, plus a screenprinted front, a big fold-out inlay and includes a digital download card. [PK #053]

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INSTRUMENTAL/DOOM/SLUDGE. BLCKWVS developed their own style of instrumental music over the last couple years. From post-rock influenced delay driven guitar work to heavy, dirge and nihilistic sludge and doom infected bulldozer-rock. The 8 tracks on "0150" are really dark and heavy, somewhat reminiscent of really droney and heavy CULT OF LUNA and ISIS. Instead of altering heavy parts with quiet parts like the aforementioned bands, BLCKWVS decides to strictly play those dark and heavy riffs throughout the song. This really differs from the sound of lots of bands. While most of the common bands experiments with a more tribal and mythical approach, BLCKWVS have gone back to the heaviness. Their song writing feels more confident than ever, no longer consumed by the incessant need for growing crescendos in every song. As always, the production (recorded at the Tonmeisterei) feels spacious, but without any instruments feeling distant in the mix. The guitar sounds powerful yet hold an air of precision and the bass is given it’s biggest sound so far. Drums are relentless and never letting your attention waver. The synthesizer is impeccable, delicately adding another layer within the recording while still engaging it by developing melody and furthering atmosphere. Another innovation on "0150" are the 2 songs with vocals - let yourself be surprised. Bottom line: BLCKWVS creating a menacing wall of sound and "0150" is another exceptional recording from BLCKWVS and hopefully one of many to come. Vinyl comes packaged in a fold-out cover with uv-lacquer processing and includes a digital download card. [PK #058]

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INSTRUMENTAL/DOOM/SLUDGE/POST-HARDCORE. On this nice platter 2 friendly bands team up. The 7min. long track, by Austrian's post-hardcore trio I NOT DANCE is a small foretaste of the forthcoming full-length. Sounding intense and heavy as always they tried to expand their musical scope while still staying true to their original roots. Breaking with their own troubled past year I NOT DANCE, pays tribute to a close friend and processes his farewell. In any case, how the song came about shows that passion and cohesion always come first and their mates from BLCKWVS would probably agree. German instrumental BLCKWVS developed their own style of instrumental music over the last couple years. From post-rock influenced delay driven guitar work to heavy, dirge and nihilistic sludge and doom infected bulldozer-rock. The track on this split (from the same recording session as their upcoming "0150" full-length) is really dark and heavy, somewhat reminiscent of really droney and heavy CULT OF LUNA and ISIS. Instead of altering those heavy parts with quiet parts like the aforementioned bands, BLCKWVS decides to strictly play those dark and heavy riffs throughout the song. This really differs from the sound of lots of bands. Vinyl comes with beautiful fold-out cover-packaging and includes a digital download card. [PK #059]

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GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. . After 8 years struggling in the german underground and releasing a couple of tapes, demos, split 7“s and an outstanding 7“, it was worth waiting for the 13 track debut full-length of this southern German grind-force. BLINDSPOT A.D. improved within the last years and have found an unique heavy sound compareable to nowadays Relapse, Deathwish or Willowtip artists. The mixture makes this mayhem so special: intense chaotic hardcore elements team up with sheer death-metal brutality, dark emotional melodies collapse with blasting grindcore. You can feel the hate and anger which is conveyed through the apocalyptic and misanthropic but political aware lyrics screamed out on top of it. Packed in an eyecatching artwork done by André Liegl, engineered by Bernhard Hahn (Dawnbreed, Mine, Atrocity, Fear My Thoughts) and finally mastered at Morrisound Recordings, which is famous for the work they have done in the '90s - you can call this a fat production! [PK #039]

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HARDCORE. CAROL from Germany were another legendary band of the almighty mid'90s Bremen scene and members were involved in bands such as SYSTRAL, MÖRSER and QUEERFISH. "prefabricated" is a mighty impressive brutal and mayhemic 3 track 7" with frantic, energetic attacks. It's always brutal (doesn't matter if slow or fast). Actually influenced by ACME = but better! "prefabricated" was produced by (who else?) Dirk Kusche at Kuschelrock. No more description necessary, you know the rest! [PK #007]

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POST-HARDCORE/SCREAMOCORE. Supposed to be a split release with Bloodlink records, these 4 songs were recorded in 1999, just before their US tour with ENFOLD. The Hamburg citizens rising from the ashes of LOXIRAN. They're go for more of a chaotic and crazy approach, not unlike certain bands from the San Diego area. Once you slap the needle to the vinyl it's all rather chaotic hardcore. Peppered are these metallic outbursts with discordant elements, somewhere between a pisspoor (early) DROWNINGMAN or a diabolical version of the SWING KIDS, all laced with a decent enough raspy yell that fits the bill well enough. The more expensive US-Import includes an extra song! [PK #029I]

7" 2.50€* US-7" 4.00€*


HARDCORE. Despite the funny sounding name, these guys from Southern Germany take no prisoners. Politically motivated lyrics coalesce with serious fury, geniune rage and anger celebrated with heartfelt passion and true power and violence. Not unlike MÖRSER, COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE also use the instrumentation of 2 basses, THE SWARM, UNRUH or ACRID these kids take on straight brutal hardcore and metal, mayhemic mosh galore and ballistic blast beat drumming. The MCD presents 6 songs and showcase the bands great improvement to their previous outtakes. [PK #033.5]

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HARDCORE. This is a split by 2 well known southern German hardcore acts. Both bands deliver 3 songs: DEAT BEAT playing their hybrid of brutal hardcore stuff with some metal influences that they already are famous for. NARSAAK follow with crusting, raw skandinavian influenced hardcore-punk sound. The outstanding and eyecatching controversial cover sure will always cover all the angles. [PK #010]

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HARDCORE/METAL. Limited colored re-press! DEATHRITE is undoubtedly the definite embodiment of the unholy alliance of music's heaviest spawns. Already smashing skulls and breaking necks with their previous releases, their 1st proper full-length "into extinction" even exceeds these earlier recordings with its uncontainable fury, knuckle-dragging brutality and filthy riff bombardment. DEATHRITE merged only the most severe elements of death-metal, grindcore, hardcore and punk to create an absolutely merciless, harsh record that stands out like a monument of savagery in nowadays watered down scene - a fact also valid for their forceful, stunning live performance that most likely turns into a beer- and blood-soaked mayhem. "into extinction" is the perfect remedy for people who think that the latest NAILS record wasn't heavy enough. "into extinction" comes on red colored vinyl, with a lyricsheet, black innersleeve and includes a digital download card. This album crushes every fake ever. [PK #062]

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