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HARDCORE. A brand new 6 song release from the founders of the legendary NYHC band the CRO-MAGS, Harley Flanagan, which will raise $ for Dr. Know of the BAD BRAINS to help with medical expenses from a health issue he suffered in 2015. These new songs are in the vein of CRO-MAGS, and Harley Flanagan's last 2016 solo release entitled "cro-mags". The music stays true to Harley Flanagan's roots and the unmatchable CRO-MAGS or WHITE DEVILS sound while continuing to take it to a new level of musical intensity like only Harley Flanagan can. Pick up this new release and show your support for 2 of hardcore's founders, Harley Flanagan and Dr. Know.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Bay-Area blackened hardcore outfit, WOLF KING present their Prosthetic debut, "loyal to the soil". A feral, crusted punk undercurrent flows throughout the 11 tracks - violent and ripping with a foreboding atmosphere that hangs over their punishing riffing. A heavyweight debut for appreciators of TRAP THEM, YOUNG AND IN THE WAY, ALL PIGS MUST DIE and the like. Colored vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

LPcol 21.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The Band you've been looking for for a long time, with sounds of dissimilar genres that don't usually cross combined, is out when you least expect it to be. This fully fledged outfit of sheer old-school twisted intensity is a must-listen, no sweat! DEVIL MASTER return with 4 new tracks of devilish hardcore-punk in the vein of GAI or LSD packed in a death-rock vibe. This 7" is a perfectly wild and superbly crafted sheet of brutal noise with a pounding goth backbone all jacked up on blackened metal freakout space jams. And you know that Satan smiled when he heard this!

7" 6.00€*


HARDCORE. New York City's KRIMEWATCH is back with there debut 12". If there’s a particular era that KRIMEWATCH recall, it’s the early mid-’80s days of New York hardcore - back when hardcore hadn’t yet become its own genre, when it was still a starker, meaner, tougher, more spartan offshoot of punk. With a record like this, what matters isn’t how long the album is, or how many songs are on it. It’s how much fury and intensity you can get across. KRIMEWASTCH get a whole fucking lot of it across.

LP 15.50€*


METALCORE. Influenced and fueled by the '80s metal bands they grew up on, fused with the brutal onslaught of Swedish influences (IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES, etc.) BLEEDING THROUGH helped pioneer a new genre from their native home of Orange County, California. At the time of its initial release in 2002, "portrait of the goddess" was a departure for the band members and set in motion a new wave of imitators as well as critics. Now 16 years after it's original release, this album gets it's 1st vinyl treatment.

LPcol 18.00€* CD 12.50€*


OI/PUNK-ROCK. HAMMER AND THE NAILS are one of Boston's finest oi! bands out there. Recording and mixing in the true spirit of 'oi! yourself', the band released one modern classic after another, each selling out with the blink of an eye! Therefore Rebellion is proud to release the band's latest installment, a brand new same titled MLP.

MLP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. "lies", the debut from San Diego's ROD OF CORRECTION (members of TAKE OFFENSE, NARROWS, GODCOLLIDER), showcases a tasteful collision of hardcore, skate-punk and metal hardcore that only veteran players could bring to the table. LEEWAY, ANTHRAX, SUICIDAL and EXCEL all contribute to the foundation of the group’s sound, but it’s the members’ collective decades of playing in various bands that give them the foresight not to simply plagiarize, but rather build off said foundation and create an honest vision they can call their own. "lies" is an enduring record that demands repeat spins, cranked up real high, complimented by a heavy dose of fist banging mania. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. "the kids are alt-right" is the 2nd album from this Minneapolis trio - a strikingly-hyper-punk-rock-conundrum. Seriously, CITRIC DUMMIES have a lot to say on this album, be it worthwhile advice or not. Oh yeah, the music - it's a trebly, garage-leaning mess that seems to catapult between backing the obnoxious dual-vocal assault and ramping up the speed towards a proto-hardcore feel at times. Out of the ashes of BRAIN TUMORS comes the DUMMIES, the CITRIC ones. BRAIN TUMORS was pretty good, but...CITRIC DUMMIES are way, way better. Attention: this does not sound like DEVO or SHEER MAG. Buy and fry.

LP 13.00€*


STREET-PUNK. Originally released on Oi! the Boat Records in 2011, THE OLD FIRM CASUALS’ debut kicker got re-mastered and re-cut. THE OLD FIRM CASUALS have become a well established mainstay in the oi!/street-punk scene, and continue to release strong albums and tour the world over. They are consistent, constantly getting better and better, making more and more new and dedicated fans… and this is where it all began. With all 4 tracks on the a-side, and Dannyboy Smith’s art from the original insert silkscreened on the b-side. Colored (clear), thick 180gr vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and includes a digital download card.

MLP 14.00€*


POST-PUNK. Two bands from Portlands post-punk scene come together on one piece of wax with 1 song a piece. Moody post-punk on both sides and you will love it just the way you gotta love the WIPERS...

7" 6.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. While yes, we do talk about Marijuana in this issue, there are still a ton of interviews with bands, columns, and more! We start things off with a special tribute to our founder Tim Yohannan to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing. Then we talk with the organizers of the ever-popular Bay-Area Girls Rock Camp. We also speak with LITTLE DEBBIE & THE CRUSADERS, one of the many bands formed by Bay-Area Girls Rock Camp attendees. Seeking more coverage of domestic acts? Have no fear, we have DARK/LIGHT and DEATH RIDGE BOYS from Portland discussing the power of dreams and leftist politics, respectively, and ALL TORN UP! from NYC reviewing the Serenity Prayer. Want more? We’ve got a sick photo spread from Everything Is Not OK IV. We have a long interview with Finland’s KOHTI TUHOA, MISS DESTINY from Australia dishes out details about brawling at their shows, and YC-CY discusses quitting before they’re too old. Still not enough for you? We have an interview with Erik Sutch, director of Careful Not To Cry, a new film about abortion access. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick this issue up before you forget what you were doing.

FANZINE 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Originally released in 1988, "jaybird" is a staple of NYHC records from that era. With speed and a melodic sound built to skate to, it is thought by many to be the band's best effort. It is now available on vinyl for the 1st time since 1998. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€*


HARDCORE. Instead of continuing the Bostonian tradition of pulverizing power chords, WRECKING CREW looked first to British shores and the likes of DISCHARGE, TANK and MOTÖRHEAD to root their sound. Originally released in 1989 on Hawker Records, they were kind of metallic hardcore long before that sound became the province of christian kids with smart haircuts. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 19.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK/POST-PUNK. "a fist full o’ hits" was a sampler released by Taang Records on tape only in the '80s as the label was coming to prominence in the Boston underground scene. Tracks on this came from bands like MISSION OF BURMA, MOVING TARGETS, LEMONHEADS, GANG GREEN, THE OYSTERS, STRANGLEHOLD, KEITH LEVENE, UNNATURAL AXE, BULLET LAVOLTA, SLAPSHOT, JERRY’S KIDS, KILSLUG and D.Y.S.. This album has never been on vinyl and is a historical documentation of a label and scene in the late '80s. Limited press of 500 on black vinyl.

LP 21.00€*


CRUST-PUNK-ROCK. Utterly political, raging crustpunk, driven fe/male vocals. The anarcha-punx PROTESTERA are back! Some [new] songs were released as the split with the Warsaw punx MASSMILICJA in 2016, but here are the new full-length album. Q: And the music? A: And the music! The music is for what PROTESTERA has become what they are today. If you liked "01.05.1886", you'll love "pengarna eller livet". The album is essential in every home; not just the punk-collection. Everyone has to reflect upon which society we wanna live in. Do we need war? Do we need the capitalistic system?

LP 12.50€*


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