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HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the 1st long-player for this Danish hardcore-punk band from Odense. A throwback sound from Reagan's second term can be heard in the 17 tracks. Riffs and short solos recall the sound of hardcore bands that had heard "bonded by blood" and "kill em all" and liked them. UNDER AL KRITIK could be likened to crossover because of their combination of hardcore-punk with thrash, but this band is punk before metal. Picture them playing with FEARLESS IRANIANS, SEPTIC DEATH, CHRIST ON PARADE, or most obviously, D.R.I.. UNDER AL KRITIK would have fit perfectly into the time and this LP could pass as a genuine release from the end of the arms race.

LP 7.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Strike while the best served dish is cold, that's what they always say, right? Nearly 2 years after the "do the earthquake" 7", VAPID prove it with their debut album, "practically dead". Rough and bittersweet, or just plain spiteful, pop songs with a couple steamrollers thrown in for good measure. Colored (grey) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 7.50€*


SLUDGE/DOOM/METAL. This DoLP feature 8 songs and every single one is a gigantic monster who seems to grow constantly on the way by the tides of sludge, doom, black-metal and hard-rock. Quiet tones, acoustic guitars with minimalist support of the percussion and the one or other discreetly arranged sample, weave a sound carpet which invites you to stay and relax. But only for a short time and the monster is back - inexorably, immensely and, demanding! This 1st album of BAD LUKE RIDES ON WHEELS is a must-have and guaranteed ground breaking. Comparisons to other great bands can be renounced confidently. The protagonists themselves know about their job. Comes with gatefold cover, 180gr vinyl, digital download code and DVD.

DoLP+DVD 13.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. WRONG HOLE features BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEEN CRUDE COMBO, QUEST FOR FIRE etc. members. Stupidity is one of the most underrated qualities in punk and it’s one that Nick Flanagan, the former BRUTAL KNIGHTS frontman, never shyed away from. And thankfully that doesn’t change with his new band WRONG HOLES. This LP is packed with aggressive party jams, including fun punk, hardcore and garage anthems built on distorted guitars and Nick’s cleverly witty lyrics. Enjoy!

LP 7.50€*


DOOM/SLUDGE-METAL. Two heavyweights team up for one record. Australia's WHITEHORSE deliever 1 long track of their brutal corrupted influenced sludge/doom, filled with strange noises. BATILLUS from New York do 2 tracks of their cold post-metal influenced doom, filled with synthnoises and ultra brutal vocals. Together 33min. of apocalyptic doom and sludge. Vinyl got mastered by James Plotkin.

LP 6.50€*


DRONE-ROCK. 2 monumental songs, mastered by James Plotkin. The most hopeless and destructive doom/drone you’ve ever heard; these 3 guys from Würzburg mix the destructive atmosphere created by bands such as GRIEF with the monotonous elements used by EARTH! They somehow reminds of more brutal SWITCHBLADE as well! There must be a fucking desert in Würzburg... a desert where the sun never rises but the soil is cooking. Join these 3 doom-rockers on the ride to the light... and let them break some of your bones.

LP 7.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. Damn - this is a split with epic proportions. DRAINLAND offer 4 songs of noise drenched hardcore. Slow, fast, heavy and powerful. For fans of UNRUH, NOOTHGRUSH and DYSTOPIA. TRENCHES deliver 1 song that lasts for about 14 min.. They could be best compared to a mixture between IRE and ISIS ("celestial" period). Riffing, groove, dark and just simply great.

LP 4.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. "the sun gives way to false truths" starts out somewhat different to what you'd expect from this band. Instead of jumping straight into blasting beats and screaming vocals full of despair, the track begins very quietly and slowly. For the 1st minute or so you are only greeted by an ominous tone that slowly works its way into the higher decibel range, which eventually is replaced by a painfully slow down-tuned riff. All the while you can just feel the tension rising, rising towards something outstanding. There is a slight pause and then it hits you; a heavy drumbeat that seems to rip the very fabric holding the song together wide open. From here on in it's all go, or so it would seem...

10" 6.50€*


BLACK-METAL. VELNIAS is from Illinois and the band is described as a blackened black, folk and doom-metal band and while that is an accurate description, it doesn't truly summarize what's going on here. The band's sound relies on a cross between ISIS-ian post-metalry, AGALLOCH's serene acoustic soundscapes and ENSLAVED's aural maelstrom. Reminiscent slightly of works by bands like WOLVES IN A THRONE ROOM, yet with a style all their own, the songs show a very immense musical maturity that their last release lacked slightly. Once drawn into this dark, melodic, and epic world, it is uneasy to find your way out until the end.

LP 6.50€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. Greensboro's MOURNING CLOAK, made up of members of TORCH RUNNER, GRAF ORLOCK and BRAVEYOUNG. "no visible light" clocks in at just over 33min. of crushing riffs, devastating beats and thunderous vocals. It grooves hard enough to split the catacombs in half, releasing the crypt bats into the air. After the quickly dissipating opening ambience the guitars crawl from open graves and shake the rust off their bones with godless black-and-blues riffs. There is suck a thick layer of slime and sludge on the album tracks. This is some seriously bleak stuff that fans of BONGZILLA and COUGH should feverishly inhale.

LP 6.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. This is the debut from Chicago powerhouse, FUR COATS, featuring members of DAS KAPITAL, DIRECT HIT, NO EMPATHY, THE TRAITORS, etc. These songs carry on the great tradition of melodic Chicago punk, and the hooks will get stuck in your head for days. Don't believe me? Limited to 300 on black vinyl!

7" 2.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. First of are CAPSULE from Florida which should be known since their amazing album entitled "blue". With "whole grounds" they contribute 1 song which stands for the developement of this band. Impressing guitartunes coupled with passages of delayeffects are only one ingrediant. Without getting boring you'll notice that parts return and win ground with each runningtime. FURNACE put 3 songs on here, the last song is instrumental and only available through the download card that comes with the vinyl. This split rules because both bands compliment each other nicely: it makes sense that they would work together.

7" 2.00€*


FOLK-PUNK. "whisky on a sunday" is comprised of a full-length documentary DVD. The DVD is a 106min. documentary that was shot over the span of 2 years, tracking the bands growth from the bars to headlining huge tours.

DVD 5.00€*


POST-PUNK. Whatever these Bay-Area guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems to bring out an endless flow of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs ? in each of their bands. Ok, many bands try to do some kind of post-punk stuff these days, but the Bay-Area knows how to do it best! After RANK/XEROX and SYNTHETIC ID, COLD CIRCUITS is the band to listen to right now!There are similarities to SYNTHETIC ID, even though this band is less focused on the vibe and more on driving the listener. Lazy guitar lines weave in and out of logic, while bass and drums keep the whole thing forward with an inevitably urgency. It sounds excitingly familiar and so new in skills and maturity, that you just can't listen to anything similar elsewhere.

7" 3.50€*


GRINDCORE. If you are going to begin checking out what grindcore has to offer at this time, EXHALE's newest album "when worlds collide" is a great place to start. The band also makes use of elements from classic death-metal, grindcore and crust giving them a more unique sound than many other grindcore bands. All of this makes an amazing album with a ton of great songs. Throw in NASUM and ROTTEN SOUND and you have fairly strong idea of what EXHALE is about. Vinyl is housed in a gatefold-cover.

LP 7.50€*


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