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CRUST-HARDCORE. A few years ago Terrötten sealed an international friendship releasing the split with brazilian finest DISARM and norwegian SOUND YOUR ALARM. Now, 3 years later, these maniacs decided to join forces and set up a project arising from the confines of hell: SELVFORAKT - 2 brazilian guys and a singer from norway with the best gruffy metallic leads. You'll get 4 malevolent hymns with a vocalist who sounds like Cerberus leading a wolfpack from hell that will wash the humanity from their addictions! Apocalyptic crust for fans of DOOM, NAUSEA, MISERY, ANTI-CIMEX and WARCOLLAPSE.

7" 3.50€*


HARDCORE. Chicago's finest bring us 10 songs of ballistic missile hardcore that will have you banging your head against the fucking wall song after song. You could say this picks up where the 7"s left off, just straight forward hardcore with great songwriting, demented vocals and a beefed up recording. If you already own their previous 7"s you'll love this as well!

LP 7.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Six songs to go with your six-pack of Steel Reserve. Dumb fun for aspiring nihilists abused with an electric bargain basement pogo beat and rudimental fuzz-riffery (ala THE SPITS, GG ALLIN, or METAL URBAIN) that push along such universal themes as "My job sucks", even gets apocalyptic on the way to the bathroom to puke. Limited to 500 copies.

7" 3.00€*


HARDCORE. Featuring members of OUTBREAK, Maine's ON THE OUTSIDE erupt with the force of a hand grenade. With strong influences in both hardcore (think TRAPPED UNDER ICE and TERROR) and metal (think PANTERA), ON THE OUTSIDE is poised to grab the attention of all those who thrive on heavy music. ON THE OUTSIDE's crushing 5 song debut demo pressed on colored vinyl!

7"col 3.00€*


HARDCORE. While most of the state seems obsessed with the throwback style hardcore, North Carolina's OBSTRUCTION are one of the few modern bands that incite comparisons to both the FAITH and "Dealing with it" period D.R.I.. Honing their crossover style of hardcore they've become a permanent fixture in NC's thriving scene. This is their debut 7" after a pair of demos. It contains 5 ultra fast songs of blistering hardcore-thrash mayhem. Each record comes with a CD of the songs, comes on colored vinyl, and features hand-colored covers.

7"col+CD 4.50€*


HARDCORE. Finally available is this 1983 recording from YOUNG REPUBLICANS. Three members, including Porcell, would go on to play on YOUTH OF TODAY's "can't close my eyes" release. Some of the 9 songs on this record were recycled by Porcell's later projects so they might seem a bit familiar. 7" includes a MP3 download card.

7" 5.00€*


EMO/INDIE-ROCK. JOSHUA finally entered the studio with producer John Agnello (Jawbox, Dinosaur Jr.) to mix and produce the sessions that were to become the bands "singing to your subconcious" album. This album is without a doubt JOSHUA 's shining moment on record. Their evolution over the past years has led to a sound not unlike JAWBOX or JIMMY EAT WORLD, but broadening the scope to draw up comparisons to more legendary bands such as BUILT TO SPILL.

LP 8.00€*


POP-PUNK. This self-titled 7" features 4 beautifully composed jangly pop-punk songs from the street-level perspective of a crumbling society. Once again the Bay-Area exports highly-contemplative, undeniably catchy tunes. Subtely exquisite cover art and hand-stamped labels. DIRTY MARQUEE features former members of SHOTWELL, GRUMPIES, ONE REASON etc..

7" 2.00€*


INDIE-POP/PUNK. Long overdue split 7" between these East-Coast bands. NONA hails from Pennsylvania and jam out here with 2 killer tracks of pop-punk soaked indie-rock. CROW BAIT is from Long Island and cranks out 2 alternative-rock melodic punk songs. Featuring members of IRON CHIC, SISTER SISTER and more. Vinyl includes a digital download card with bonus acoustic song from each.

7" 2.50€*


HARDCORE. The complete recorded works from every line-up of St. Louis hardcore heavyweights THE REQUIEM, from the very 1st demos to the final 7". THE REQUIEM immediately made a huge impact upon their arrival, starting out with a fast, precise attack similar to PANIC or BANE that garnered attention throughout the midwest and soon had them playing as far as California. This complete discography includes the original demos, the records from "in loving memory" and "we are not equals", and unreleased songs and recordings.

CD 3.50€*


HARDCORE. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN hail from Florida and play a brutal brand of hardcore. Using the d-beat, the blast beat, bitter demented vocals, and fucked-up over the top guitar leads, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN dish out musical violence that has been compared to bands like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, FROM ASHES RISE and DEATHSIDE. CAVE CANEM from Hannover play brutal powerful hardcore that combine the pounding, downtuned metal style of MOTÖRHEAD with the brutally powerful presence of TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE and some traditional and modern neo-crust hints. Limited colored vinyl comes with obi-strip.

7"col 3.50€*


HARDCORE. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN is the band founded by Dan from COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN and members of THE BLACKOUT TERROR. Blistering hardcore in the vein of TRAGEDY, BORN AGAINST and FROM ASHES RISE - with a tip of the hat to '80s punk and Japanese thrash! Includes a tiny sticker and comes in colored vinyl.

7"col 3.50€*


SCREAMO-HARDCORE. After a long delay, finally THE THIRD MEMORY's follow up to "et de cela rien ne ressort"is here. While most bands have been reduced to manufactured, caricature-like chaos and screams, THE THIRD MEMORY proves that there is true energy, and passion remaining hardcore. Taking nods from bands such as LA QUIETE, TRISTAN TZARA and ORCHID, THE THIRD MEMORY create brand of hardcore that is chaotic yet hypnotically beautiful. Frantic screams against a backdrop of wavering guitar sounds and propulsive drumming, THE THIRD MEMORY remind of the raw beauty that the hardcore can possess as means of expression. This LP is limited to 600 pieces all on black vinyl.

LP 6.50€*


INDUSTRIAL/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. "weapon" is an aural attack on sanity while "gut pleasures" is so far from pleasing that you'll give up all hope of further existence. This record is the equivalent of swimming in fallout with open wounds. This record kills you. This record is inner turmoil industrialized. This record has replaced your feelings. Limited to 500 copies.

7" 3.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Here’s the December 2016 issue - the all-China issue. We’ve got a Chinese punk history primer, scene reports from Bejing, Wuhan, and Guangdong, an annotated discography of Chinese punk, and reprints of MRR features on Chinese punk straight from our archive. We have interviews with experimental indie band SUBS, noise punkers DIDERS, and heavy metal influenced street punks DEMERIT. We’ve also got photo spreads from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet Fest, along with the Slovakian crust band BETON’s photo tour diary of Brazil. Plus, a guest column by Arina Moiseyenko as well as all of our regular columns and reviews. Don’t miss out!

FANZINE 2.50€*


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