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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. While both bands share slower tempos and amp-worshiping guitar tones, TIDES and GIANT manage to strike their own course in a scene that is rife with boring clones and uninspired songwriting. TIDES write gorgeously lush soundtracks to movies not yet made, filled with emotive guitar work, dynamic drumming, and huge production. GIANT's sole track on this record features the band's three-guitar line weaving its way through both the heaviest of distortions and hauntingly euphoric passages.

DigiCD 5.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. WORDS THAT BURN play an insane mix of crust, grind, hardcore and metal with fast as hell songs, blazing riffs that stick to your brain and some seriously insane vocal tradeoffs mixing blood curdling growls and high pitched screams/shouts. These guys lay down some serious damage for only a three piece, that's for certain. Despite the speed on display here, WORDS THAT BURN have an extremely dense sound that gives you a claustrophobic feeling as if you're head will explode at any moment. This is an essential album for all crust/grind fanatics out there, very highly recommended stuff with great lyrics and an awesome layout.

LP 6.00€* CD 4.00€*


DOOM/STONER/INSTRUMENTAL. GALVANO from Gothenburg, Sweden has honed their craft by mixing skull-numbing fuzzed-out stoner-doom with the soothing and intriging up and down dynamics of progressive metal. Add to the mix a snarling, gritty and pain felt vocal and you have a nice slice of sludge perfection. KASAN from Leipzig, Germany play doom and sludge infected post-rock on the highest level.

10" 5.00€*


DOOM/POST-HARDCORE. A tremendously dark album of full-on sonic depression from this Memphis-born group heavy gloomers. Sonically dark and dramatic soundscape compositions drenched with soothing melodies and grey atmospherics. Includes two new tracks along with re-recorded versions of songs from an earlier demo, all of it mixed to perfection by Dave of NEUROSIS. Features bass and vocal work from Carl of HIS HERO IS GONE and cello on a few tracks by Jackie from AMBER ASYLUM. Vinyl comes in a well designed gatefold-cover.

LP 7.00€* CD 11.00€*


STONER-METAL/ROCK. The debut of San Francisco female fronted stoner-rock upstarts TARRAKIAN mixes haunting ambience with shrill rocking melody and sharp rhythm and focus. Adding elements of metal, crust, doom, and avant-garde acts to create a sound that is discernable and adventurous. Although this is their first output the musicianship and recording quality is fine-tuned giving them a confident layered sound. Amazing artwork by Andrei Bozikov who has worked with the likes of Municipal Waste and Phobia. 3 tacks with a runtime of nearly 20 min.. Limited to 500 copies only!

MLP 6.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Down tuned crust-hardcore with melody. Features ex-members of DIALLO and REACT. The TOTAL END sound something like Scandi d-beat mixed with TRAGEDY burning spirits. Comes packed in a gatefold-cover.

LP 7.00€*


HARDCORE. A spastic, sarcastic, piece of plastic. Imagine being stuck in an insane asylum with SEPTIC DEATH, RUDIMENTARY PENI and WESLEY WILLIS and then trying to write a record about your "trip"...only to discover you no longer remember how to play music, more or less tie your own shoes! Executed by recovering members of DYSTOPIA, SKAVEN and NIGEL PEPPER-COCK. Mad frantic trash grooves for dysfunctional members of society. LP comes in a nice designed gatefold-sleeve. Intriguing mood-music for the new millenium.

LP 7.00€*


DOOM-METAL. LAUDANUM returns after belting out a thunderous split with STORMCROW and their underrated debut CD. "the coronation" is a 40+ min. hellride into a bleak and vast forest of doom and despair, a serenade of blistering guitars, steamrolling distorted bass, vocals tainted with battery acid and the destruction of wooden coffins and metal cymbals. This is corrosive doom nihilism and industrial noise wasteland, ambient texture and punishing sludge from Oakland. Features new membersfrom GRAVES AT SEA, BRAINOIL). Double vinyl is packaged in a wide-spine jacket, along with lyric sheet.

DoLP 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. NEUROOT's "macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht" contains the original 1983 demo, remastered from the original tapes and packaged in a fancy gatefold with original artwork. NEUROOT existed roughly from 1981 to 1987, there's not a lot known about them, the music speaks for itself: hard edge, rough, radical and very political. Words associated with the band: trouble, riots, uproar and upheavel. They fought the law and disapeared.... This is the 1st in a series of 3 LP re-releases that combine all NEUROOT’s studio recordings.

LP 7.50€*


HARDCORE. "dedicated to babies who came feet first" is the highly anticipated album from COLD WORLD. Over a year in the making, the album was produced and engineered by BIOHAZARD guitarist Billy. The 15 songs that make up "dedicated..." tell a chilling real life tale of struggle in the world as we know it today. From the opening track it's apparent that COLD WORLD's musical grit and power have risen to new levels to tell that story. Vinyl comes with gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

LP 8.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. "truncheons in the manor" is the 1st full-length by Philadelphia's AMATEUR PARTY. The band recorded 10 tracks to make this opus of an album. The band has an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in ARMALITE, OFF MINOR, KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS and more but really stands on its own without a resume. AMATEUR PARTY similar to their style reminiscent of post-punk. On their previous releases the band develops their sound even further to maker their best and most cohesive recording to date. Fans of THE JAM, THE MINUTEMEN and TED LEO take note, this record fits in perfectly with those of an older punk-rock sound.

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Finally re-pressed and available: the 1st full-length of the German-American cross section. Skate-punk at its finest. Mix POISON IDEA, BLACK FLAG, VERBAL ABUSE and grab the skateboard! But besides those to be classified is, but always the blood, sweat & tears driving a stylish plate produce worth - otherwise you find almost everything right. Hell yeah, well done!

LP 7.00€*


POST/SCREAMO-HARDCORE. Chicago's ITTO rises from the ashes of SUFFIX. They brings us a good dose of aggresivity, emotions and awesome riffs. Same sonic territory as SUFFIX with a heavy math-rock influence. For fans of SUFFIX, BEAU NAVIRE and SUIS LA LUNE. ITTO is the sonic exertions of all our hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations. They're 5 friends that wanna play on the edge of our abilities at all times.

10" 6.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. DEADHEAD featuring 3/5 of TOUCHE AMORE as well as members of BLEEEDING KANSAS and RESTRAINED. DEADHEAD explore all avenues of despair, self-loathing, insanity, fear, and sacrilege with painstaking gutteral fervor. Their crusty, evil, and downright angry barrage on side-a is pitted against the massive riffage and epic tracks on side-b and the black on black artwork is only a precursor to how dark this album truly is.

10" 6.50€*


NOISE/POST-ROCK. Debut full-length by the trio from Besancon, France. DAS MODEL delivering a very strong piece of music spanning from post-punk to new wave and then back to some classic noise-rock. Listening to this album certain references like SHELLAC or FUGAZI.

LP 6.00€*


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