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GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. THE SHITTY LIMITS from Reading and High Wycombe have easily been the most active, prolific and best hardcore-punk band in the UK. They have released 5 untouchable 7"s and now it's time for the debut full-length album. They define themselve as a '60s garage, '70s punk and '80s hardcore band, and that's exactly what you get inside this 23min. album. It has attitude, tunes to kill for and that something special. Think a garage version of MINOR THREAT or "pink flag" era WIRE mixed with the L.A. punk scene of the late '70s. Each song is short, sharp and a fireball of energy. Hands down - the best UK hardcore-punk album in years.

LP 14.50€* CD 6.00€*


GRINDCORE/POST-PUNK. XBRAINIAX is a familiar name for those into fast hardcore. The ideas of NO COMMENT taken to their conclusion, a nonstop whirlwind, insane complicated arrangements too fast and too furious for my brain to keep up with. This split is raw 4-track recordings, 3 short/fast/loud numbers and 1 long and slow creeper, to be filed with their upcoming LP as their best record yet. LETTUCE VULTURES join 3 tardcore anthems for fans of intelligent art music. If you’re not already familiar, well ah maybe it’s not for you. Their rendition of "walking on sunshine" is one of the best cover song of the year.

7" 3.00€*


HARDCORE. Pittsburgh's F.L.A.K. offers a blistering fast hardcore LP that builds from the blunt guttural sounds of swedish and japanese hardcore to the riffage of Portland hardcore. Just flat, no frills, balls to the wall hardcore that is spat out in a venomous disdain for the real life. However F.L.A.K. also have an interest in the contemporary sound of Portland. F.L.A.K. are no TRAGEDY knock off - insted they incorporate some jangly bits and an ever so slight d-beat into a flat out galloping hardcore. FLAK are like a VOORHEES cover band from Portland. This lyrically bleak and dark sounding record has 11 tracks to follow up their self-titled 7".

LP 6.50€*


INDIE-PUNK-ROCK. Dirty punk-rock with great melodies. Very reminiscent of THE REPLACEMENTS, SEBADOH, and DINOSAUR JR.. Soaring guitar leads and pounding drums. This is a great follow up to their split 7" with Annie from THIS IS MY FIST.

7" 2.50€*


HARDCORE. Born out of frustation or pure boredom AFTERLIFE KIDS deliever you their own brew of angst laden '90s worshipping hardcore with a tip of good old mosh. No tough-guy images, no rockstar shit, no fashion... just songs that they need to play. These 4 nerds know their shit and are burning for new places to discover and making new friends along the road. "geisterhand" features 8 tracks between CATHARSIS, LEBENSREFORM with a true '90s vibe.

MLP 6.00€*


HARDCORE/METALCORE. 2006 marks a milestone for Ferret Music as they enter into their 10th year of business. The label that was started by owner, Carl Severson, putting out 7"s from his bedroom, has now grown into a major force in underground music. This low-priced DVD collection takes almost all of the videos we have made here at the label and gives them to you in a bad-ass digi-amaray. Most are videos from the past 4 years since they never had the cash to make videos before that! There will be lots of news about all these artists as the year goes on, so this is the perfect piece to appease all fans who haven

DVD 6.50€*


HARDCORE. These boys churn out some aggressively raw melodic hardcore. Nothing short of 100% intensity goes into every song they write and every song they play live. The blend the energy and passion of late '80s melodic hardcore with the enginuety of late '90s hardcore. Throw what you remember about verbal assault into a mix with the muti-vocal power of hot water music and you'll get some idea of ALL CHROME. This 9 song CD, or 4 song 7" is nothing short of amazing, check it out.

7" 2.50€*


INSTRUMENTAL/PROGRESSIVE-METAL. Instru-metal/progressive act LOINCLOTH formed following the demise of death/doom act CONFESSOR and were joined by members of BREADWINNER and HONNOR ROLE to round out the lineup. Punishing riffs and a mean rhythm section were all they were interested in - no acoustic parts, no pointless leads, no repetition and no vocals! To them, metal was getting punched in the face by sinister riffs while a tight rhythm section kicked them with counter-beats to the gut! Thick 180gr vinyl.

LP 11.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/METALCORE. Fancy artwork, catchy name and weird song titles all created a very good impression to me. OF QUIET WALLS is a band from Germany. They play a mix of modern and new-school metalcore, in the vein of bands like PARKWAY DRIVE, POISON THE WELL mixed up with chaotic parts that reminded me bands like THE CHARIOT and CONVERGE. All this package wrapped up with a sense of melody. Their 2 singers give them a very good advantage too. OF QUIET WALLS show a lot of potential with this 7 song, drawing their influences and mixing up genres, something that is really important in this genre nowadays.

MCD 1.50€*


HARDCORE. Following both of their amazing 7"s, SACRED SHOCK picks up the intensity and attacks the senses on this 11 song modern classic. Featuring members and ex-members of such amazing bands such as HATRED SURGE, IRON AGE, and THE YOUNG, SACRED SHOCK sticks strong melody and insane hooks and then piles over it with streamroller vocal style. Striking lyrics dealing with alienation and blistering anger... it’s impossible not to have songs stuck in you head for days! Nothing short of crushing, masterful, and brutal all wrapped up in one moment. Do not miss out on this record!

LP 6.50€*


METALCORE. BENEATH THE SKY returns with their 2nd full-length record on Victory entitled "the day the music died". This album is their next opus in stylish melodic death-metal; it continues their formula of moving, passionate lyrics and memorable heavy-metal. Try and imagine if SNAPCASE and COMEBACK KID wrote the lyrics of CARCASS or HYPOCRISY and you start to get the idea. "The day the music died" demonstrates growling vocal abilities that truly explode your mind with this gut retching, blood drinking 12 tracks of brain damage. It's a style of metal that the world needs right now and BENEATH THE SKY are proud to deliver it for you.

CD 3.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Back to the roots - '80s skate-punk is alive and well with DESTROY L.A., who seem to pay tribute to the old Nardcore/Mystic bands on this debut release. DESTROY L.A. bring us 6 songs of great snotty hardcore-punk with great recording. Fast paced catchy hardcore in the '80s tradition. DESTROY L.A. taking influence from bands like R.K.L., IlL REPUTE, J.F.A. and DR. KNOW. No bullshit.

7" 2.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Mr. Wanky of the infamous WANKYSA joins forces with other miscreants from the British Isles (HEALTH HAZARD and ATOMGEVITTER) to release yet another noise-punk gem. This time, the band seems to be focusing a bit more on catchiness than the WANKYS, making this less furious, but more fun. Also, there's an ode to the legendary Donkey Dan on this 7", so don't miss it!

7"col 3.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Killer reverb-drenched hardcore-punk from these Northwest Indiana punks. Vinyl offering 6 songs of shrieking chaos with a rock backbone. These guys let you know exactly what they think of military recruiters, corporate power, and how they choose to kill their brain cells in response to this society. An impressive offering from a band to look out for.

7"col 3.50€*


SCREAMO/POST-HARDCORE. CHAMBERS have an interesting sound that incorporates a very matter of fact vocal style over top of some of slightly dirty tunes that keep a melodic, yet edgy tone to them. This is what YAGE would sound like if they sang in Italian. There’s a little bit of RAEIN sound in here too at times when things take on a more rock approach to them. Mildy distorted guitars with big chords are on display for most of the duration while the busy drums keep the tempo moving and interesting. THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA come out of the gates with an upbeat track that features a nice catchy hook. Their sound is a bit more on the straight forward rock side of things, though the tones of the guitars and taseful drum work are similar to CHAMBERS in some respects. The vocal delivery is a bit screamier here though and works to make the more straigh forward style more intense. Picture AMANDA WOODWARD meets the GOODTIME BOYS and you start to get an idea of what’s going on here. Vinyl comes with aoutstanding gatefold-cover.

LP 6.50€*


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