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HARDCORE-PUNK. This double CD discography features 41 ECONOCHRIST songs. It includes the "ruination" LP, the "trained to serve" LP, the "skewed" 7", the "another victim" 7", the "it runs deep" 7", as well as the songs from the following compilations: "give me back", "very small world", "what are you pointing at?", and the songs from the split 7" with THE DETONATORS. Value for money!

DoCD 8.00€*


CRUST/STONER-HARDCORE. "the pig rug collection" is the 1st record of this congenial band from Leipzig, Germany. They play a noisy, heavy and crusty styled of stoner, sludge and doom hardcore with double female voices. . It's not so easy to find the prefect words - some say it's female fronted sludge, doom but that's not the whole truth. The sound is not that hyper overproduced and there is still a lot of hardcore spirit left. In the end it is massive and crushing music inbetween mid-tempo hardcore, emotional crust and stoner with strong d.i.y. roots.

LP 6.50€*


THRASH-HARDCORE. Tracks written and recorded in one day in Oakland at the end of the California tour with CHARM and UG MAN. Released as a one-sided 12" with something very punk looking screened on the other side by Punks Before Profits in 2007, self released on CD the same year.

CD 5.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Austin, Texas has always been well known as a sound home to a strong and striving punk scene and the ALTARS are a stalwart among Austin’s countless other note-worthy punk bands. This, their debut LP, originally self-released on CDR demo format and now duly given the vinyl treatment, is not a far departure from the bands' former outfits, STORM THE TOWER and SIGNAL LOST. Much like the aforementioned bands, this LP features 10 tracks centered on complex yet melodic guitar work coupled with pounding drums and bass and altogether framed and structured in aggressive and driving rhythms where the vocals are sung more than screamed.

LP 7.00€*


POST-PUNK/NEW-WAVE. [reduced price] ( ) is the vinyl debut of MERCHANDISE's David Vassalotti's pet project. How do you pronounce it? "false xmas" was originally released as a seldom-heard tape on Cult Maternal, but now the 2 tracks found its way on vinyl. This particular ( ) record finds David channeling NEW ORDER through a more lo-fi lens with even worse vocals reciting emotionally devastating prose. These 2 songs make up what is a perfect pop single. The band is called "( )" or "parenthesis".

LP 7.00€*


INDIE/POST-ROCK. "my beatific vision" musical journey begins in the middle of the '80s, builds ups some speed in the mid-'90s with the heroes of shoegaze and finally comes to a stand in NYC of the 2000s. What may sound like a rip-off quickly emerges as a precise observation on the scene, whose smart building blocks are put together as THE LOST RIVERS – the 3 guys from the countryside distill a hypnotic wall of sound without copying. Everything is loud, everything is short before overturning, all on the verge of tinnitus. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 7.50€*


HARDCORE. Pittsburgh's F.L.A.K. offers a blistering fast hardcore LP that builds from the blunt guttural sounds of swedish and japanese hardcore to the riffage of Portland hardcore. Just flat, no frills, balls to the wall hardcore that is spat out in a venomous disdain for the real life. However F.L.A.K. also have an interest in the contemporary sound of Portland. F.L.A.K. are no TRAGEDY knock off - insted they incorporate some jangly bits and an ever so slight d-beat into a flat out galloping hardcore. FLAK are like a VOORHEES cover band from Portland. This lyrically bleak and dark sounding record has 11 tracks to follow up their self-titled 7".

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE. This is CURSED’s 3rd chapter in their shock and awe program and most likely their best release to date! CURSED leaves no mystery as to what they are trying to accomplish with the new album - it is clear this record is meant to hurt people. This is a much more violent and concise effort with songs woven together leaving little room left for the listener to recover, let alone breathe.

DigiCD 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Picking up where "plagues" left off, TRASH TALK's debut full-length delves deeper into the abyss surrounding their last chaotic release. Recorded in just under 2 days at Chicago's Electrical Audio and employing the genius of Steve Albini, TRASH TALK has continued to push the envelope of extreme music. Grinding guitars paired with heavy yet somber bass lines provide the battlefield for harsh dueling vocals to wage war over 12 instant classics.

DigiCD 5.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. This is a 4 song best of 7" from this short lived Bay-Area, California '60s style punk 'n' roll band. The self proclaimed "toughest band in California". Includes a ROLLING STONES cover too! Featuring the singer of the LA hardcore band RABIES, and the bass player from ANNIHILATION TIME. Limited one time pressing of 500.

7" 3.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. MALCOLM BAULD returns from his position in the remarkable band THE FRENETICS with a debut full length album on Art of the Underground. For fans of THE WEAKERTHANS, LEATHERFACE and even BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.

LP 5.00€*


POST/EMO-HARDCORE. Whatever you're going to call these 6 songs, it will be anything but average. This is not just another trendy emo-screamo-hardcore band. El colectivo TIDAL manages to ban 30min. of music on this vinyl in a blend so unique and touching that you can't just ignore it. The mixture makes this so special. Calm parts reminding of lying on a lonely beach in the Caribbean are interrupted by nervously driving riffs, and from time to time the vocalist starts to sing and the guitars play melodies so urgent and touching that you'll be left entirely stripped and exhausted after listening. All bands you could come up with as comparisons could never even closely describe the complexity of this piece of music. That said, if you like the bands that created the genre of emo-hardcore in the mid '80s, and those with the Spock haircuts, you shall like this too. This is a promise! [PK #035]

LP 6.00€*


MELODIC/POP-PUNK. In the past few years the melodic-punk genre has been overrun by bands. It all seems to lack the urgency and sincerity of the pop-punk, like LIFETIME, EXIT CONDITION etc.. SABERTOOTH play raw, damaged melodic-punk. At times the 4 new tracks remind of KID DYNAMITE, and other times maybe a bit like Vancouver's UNFUN (whom SABERTOOTH's guitarist also moonlights as a member). Vinyl includes a digital diownload card.

7"col 3.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. [reduced price] Like their previous 2 full-length's for Sorry State, this new album both gives us the fix of jittery, nervous punk you've come to expect from the WHATEVER BRAINS while subtly expanding the band's sound in a number of non-obvious directions. In particular, there's a discernible dark synth-pop influence and big, brit-pop-style choruses on a couple of tracks. This album also has the band's most ambitious, layered production to date, the bright and clear mastering giving you equal pleasure whether you plan to blast this from your car speakers with all the windows down or take the headphone route down the BRAINS' sonic rabbit-hole. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 8.00€*


HARDCORE. [reduced price] SKIN LIKE IRON’s new LP, "arrival" features 10 songs that are mournful, somber and eerily melodic. Fusing an eclectic mixture of influences from BLACK FLAG, SIEGE, and even PIXIES, this album succeeds in accurately portraying SKIN LIKE IRON’s unique take on hardcore music. Huge guitar riffs combine with powerful bass lines and pounding rhythms to form dramatic compositions that are saturated with melody and atmosphere. "arrival" is a record about duality: hope and hopelessness. Beauty and ugliness. Virtue versus the failings of human nature. Vinyl comes with huge React Records sticker and includes a digital download card.

LP 7.50€*


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