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HARDCORE. Finally, this mid '80s Richmond hardcore masterpiece sees the light of day again! This was originally released by the band in an edition of 500 copies in 1986. It's very hard to get your hands on the original, so No Way/Grave Mistake bring this nice reproduction! This is a must have for fans of early to mid '80s US hardcore like C.I.A., BATALLION OF SAINTS, WHITE CROSS and all the good stuff like that! Hardcore for the hardcore, get in or get out!

LP 8.00€*


HARDCORE. This is the new split release by Berlins MÖNSTER and their friends from DAYMARES out of Poland. MÖNSTER deliever once more their highly explosive mixture of modern Swedish/Portland-d-beat sound with a good measure of AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD inspired riffs and classic straight forward hardcore - good as usual. DAYMARES have crafted an excellent, heavy as hell counterpart that combines hardcore, metal and death 'n’ roll into a ticking, time-bomb of catchy, pummeling hardcore that is well-worth picking up - firmly planting the band somewhere between ENTOMBED, GENOCIDE SS and TRAGEDY.

7" 3.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/SCREAMO-HARDCORE. STELLARDRIVE (ex-GANTZ) plays some nice and intense post-rock with a hint of hardcore in the vein of nowadays CULT OF LUNA, MOGWAI, ISIS etc.. Dark and stirring but still soaring, concise and cheery. On the flipside SCOLD FOR WANDERING plays traditional and typical French screamo-hardcore with some post-rock hints, and epic influences in the vein of DAITRO, MHAI EDRISH. Melodic but still heavy.

LP 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Named for the final resting place of warriors in Roman mythology, the Sacramento based ELYSIA create epic battle hymns for the deathcore set. Self-releasing their debut full-length "masochist" in 2006 now they're inking a brand new deal with Ferret Music. Known for their excessively brutal but socially conscious hardcore mix, they thrive on audience interaction and showed their viewpoints.

CD 4.50€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. KHUDA are a heavy instrumental post-rock, math-rock two-piece from Leeds, UK. "iecava" is their newest effort and features 8 tracks with a total playin time of nearly 40min.. KHUDA provide an earthy, spirited instrumental performance with chunky riffs underpinning some cleverly hypnotic, mind-blowing and atmospheric melodies. Cascading guitar riffs and crashing drums, and the next you're being lulled to sleep at the bottom of an ocean of soothing ambience. A positively elemental album for scope, ambition, and vision. 500 pressed with 100 limited edition coloured vinyl. Fans of MASERATI, RUSSIAN CIRCLES will love them - you won't be disappointed!

LPcol 10.50€* LP 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This is the final musical output for both of these bands! You'll get brutal power-violence, rotting grindcore, marijuana debacles. Just crucial!

7" 3.00€*


HARDCORE. Heavy, hard hitting and intense, ABSINTHE was a powerful head banging burst of angry hardcore. Featuring members of BURY ME STANDING and GROUNDWORK. This 10" has been sold-out for some time now, but has finally been repressed. Comes on white vinyl and is only available in limited quantities.

10"col 6.00€*


GRINDCORE. DOUBLED OVER starts their side blasting through dirty and raw brutal fucking riffs - and it never stop - ever. These Aussie's know how to play grindcore, in a way that takes you back to California in the mid '90s. Super tight, super fast, super heavy. They do a HAYMAKER cover as well. ROSKOPP's side is some of their best material to date. The drums are some of the fastest most blistering drums of any time. All the guitar work reeks of early regurgitate, and the vocals are low and guttural as you can get, rivaled by screaching highs. ROSKOPP make some of the most honest, pissed off grindcore tracks of these year.

7" 2.50€*


HARDCORE. Following in the tradition of NYC's most influential hardcore bands - CRO-MAGS, SICK OF IT ALL and AGNOSTIC FRONT, comes Buffalo, NY's FACE THE PANIC. This band of longtime friends formed in the summer of 2006 in the hope of keeping the true hardcore spirit alive, and to turn on a younger generation of hardcore kids to the classic hardcore style. FACE THE PANIC's seamless combination of hardcore's speed and intensity, coupled with punk's melody, as well as metal's thrashing leads will no doubt garner significant attention for these scene veterans.

LPcol 8.00€* CD 5.00€*


HARDCORE. CHARGE is a musical unit that plays what they describe as "rebel music". Pulling from many musical genre's ranging from Hardcore/punk, true conscious hip hop. From percussion beating, bass thumping groove rock, to brutal New York city styled hardcore, slow groove rockers, and hip hop laced forward drive post hardcore, CHARGE truly stand out in a sea of endless bands. On this MCD CHARGE continue to expand on their tradition of mixing social reflection and spiritual insights over pulverizing grooves. If your a friend of BURN, ABSOLUTION, BAD BRAINS, RUN DMC or even RAGE AGAINST MACHINE-influenced stuff, you should check this one out!

MCD 4.00€*


HARDCORE. Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, NEVER LOOKING BACK play modern-hardcore that is passionate, melodic and heavy hitting topped with deep and meaningful lyrics. Words cannot quite capture the unique feeling generated by their sound. Their full-length titled "fragile hearts" embodying the same positive raw emotion found in bands like KILLING THE DREAM, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, LIFE LONG TRAGEDY and all the new Rivalry stuff! The group unleashes a 9 track storm of power, energy and sure to leave an impact.

CD 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Amazing debut release from this San Diego band. This makes us think of a more pissed off CODE OF HONOR even though we hear tons of different influences in there. It's got that classic, reverby, Mystic Records-style production, but there's a slight metallic quality to the riffing that makes these guys lean a little more toward the DR. KNOW or R.K.L. side of things. End of all it's awesome played skate-hardcore from the best San Diego band since BATTALION OF SAINTS.

7" 3.00€*


POST-ROCK. Following 2008’s critically acclaimed "seens" full-length the latest is less a stopgap and more a proper introduction for the Brooklyn trio. Enter Mellotron drones, three part harmonies and at the core a rhythm section that still drives each narrative with a confidence to say that less is truly more. The 9 tracks on "lake effect" are equal parts unique and obtuse, poetically indifferent and as plain as the Midwestern roots of the members themselves.

DigiCD 4.00€*


CRUST/POST-HARDCORE. After their split LP with ALPINIST and their LP "bitter songs" from 2010, this is FINISTERRE's 3rd output. "hexis" is the consequent continuation of their previous outputs: a unique and exciting blend of dark post-hardcore melancholy, d-beat and gloomy crust, incredibly gripping, direct and intense. FINISTERRE plays in the same league like FALL OF EFRAFA, ALPINIST or TRAGEDY. "hexis" comes as wonderful one-sided LP in opaque white vinyl with a intricated screen-print on the b-side, inlay, screen-printed cover and a digital download card.

LP 6.50€*


HARDCORE. EARTH CRISIS' 10 year vegan-straight-edge legacy is captured and documented on this DVD. Includes never before seen footage, behind the scenes interviews, music videos, live footage, interactive menus, and more. Throughout their career the band garnered massive media exposure. Their revolutionary and militant stance against animal cruelty and substance abuse gained them a universal legion of die-hard followers.

DVD 9.00€*


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