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HARDCORE. This fanzine should have been published a long time ago, but for variious reasons it wasn't. You'll get a 54 page, handnumbered (limited to 250 copies) cut'n'paste style fanzine with interviews by PUNCH, GOOD CLEAN FUN, PESSIMISTIC LINES, DANGERS, Alex/Grave Mistake Records, SOME WILL NEVER KNOW, and Dangers. These are some extensive and deep interviews (even they're a bit outdated). If you're a fan of those bands or just like a good read pick this us up.

FANZINE 3.50€*


HARDCORE. Split releases are a unique phenomenon, formulated for various reasons ranging from sonic compatibility to marketing ideals. Having toured together in the UK, the members of New Jersey's THE MONGOLOIDS and England's BROKEN TEETH decided to each record 2 songs with the specific aim of collaborating on a release. The resulting split both showcases each band's modern hardcore prowess and offers a wonderful memento of the friendship they share. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. "no delisions" examines approximately 20 years of Chicago hardcore-punk, from the late-'80s through the late 2000s with an emphasis on how it has evolved into the scene it is today. It includes live clips from Club Blitz, a featurette on The Killing Tree and a 40-page fanzine.



HARDCORE/PUNK. This is the 1st issue of NO FRIENDS (MAGA)ZINE. Inside you’ll find interviews with Australian synth-punk adlays AUSMUTEANTS, the chump steamroller himself Tom Scharpling of The Best Show Austin, Texas political pop-punks CAPITALIST KIDS, d.i.y. punk/hardcore legend Martin Sorrondeguy (of LOS CRUDOS/LIMP WRIST and Lengua Armada), Bloomington's dark post-punk duo RAY CREATURE, Chicago’s d.i.y. show space THE 2040, Spanish blitzkrieg punks TRANCE from Mallorca and Ohio's mutoid, basement rockers SLUGBUGS. Not only that but there are columns galore and nearly 300 music reviews of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) punk, metal, indie, goth, hardcore, noise, releases (total of 96 pages). This 1st issue comes with a 7” split flexi featuring LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS and AUSMUTEANTS giving you 2 brand new songs each!

FAN+FLEXI 8.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Interviews with Australia’s uncertain rock’n’roll saviors ROYAL HEADACHE, Bay-Area sociopolitical comedian, former host of Totally Biased and current host of The United Shades of America, W. Kamau Bell, Chicago’s own post-punk/goth darlings STARING PROBLEM, Spain’s infectious, melodic, broody punks JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, Germany’s gruff-n-melodic HELL AND BACK, founding member of the CURE and member through the Disintegration album, LOL TOLHURST, Milwaukee emotional punks, and local scene workhorses Marcy, Macedonia’s favorite post-punk/dance anarchists BERNAY’S PROPAGANDA, Bay-Area based sex worker legal aid resource RED LIGHT LEGAL, and St. Louis’ angular and driven punks TRAUMA HARNESS. We also have a report on the "northern isolation" fest in Minnesota from earlier in the year, and a great tour journal from Chicago, BOILERMAN - not to mention a sea of columns, photographs, and the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reviews of all the music, zines, and books we’ve received in the past few months. This 2nd issue with a 7” split flexi. All 4 bands have direct connections to Chicago. The record features music by the ethereal post-punks SIAMESE TWINS, brain damaged synth punks PLASTIC, the raging hardcore of basement dwellers MACE, and the beer-soaked garage hardcore of UFUX.

FAN+FLEXI 8.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Issue #3 has interviews with Oakland art-damaged, weirdo punks VIOLENCE CREEP, bleak Icelandic post-punks BÖRN, Los Angeles stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane, ringleader behind Halo of Flies Records and PROTESTANT, Corey Von Bohlen, Vermont’s queer-centric record label Stickshift Records, international d.i.y. documentarian John Yingling of the World Underground series, Buffalo, NY’s one-woman lo-fi punk powerhouse JAMIE & THE DEBT. Plus tons of columns, hundreds of music reviews, and articles about stuff like how to go skateboarding in North Korea, 120 pages of some of the most interesting and most entertaining punk/hardcore/whatever coverage you're gonna find these days. Issue #3 will come with exclusive tracks from Oakland’s VIOLENCE CREEPS, the straight-ahead screech and riffs of Brooklyn’s SHOCKWAVES, Chicago’s weirdo-punk noiseniks TV SLIME, and the best goddamn teenaged punk band the city of Bellwood has to offer, BLEEDING GUMS.

FAN+FLEXI 8.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. #4 includes interviews with TENEMENT, one half of the hilarious feminist/queer comedy duo THE PUTERBAUGH, Carbondale's BAD TASTE, Greek post-punks COMEDY OF DEATH, Minneapolis basement rockers LEMONADE, plus dozens of columns, tons of photos, and hundreds of reviews that people will inevitably love/hate. The 7" flexi record for issue #4 also has new, and exclusive by TENEMENT, SADIE SWITCHBADE's heartfelt solo project, DYKE DRAMA, Chicago's DIY punk supergroup ENDLESS COLUMN, and Buffalo's one-woman feminist dancepunk powerhouse, JAMIE & THE DEBT.

FAN+FLEXI 8.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Issue #3 is already finished!The german written fanzine contain interviews with Philipp Wolter (part II) and DRUX, an Eidelstedt Homestory with LOSER YOUTH and a lot of other stuff. Together with the zine they‘ll release a compilation on tape featuring bands there friends with (CHEAP DRUGS, SCHWACH, LOSER YOUTH, EKE BUBA, BRUTALE GRUPPE 5000, DRUX, KAPOT, SCHMUTZIGE MENSCHEN and The Celetoids). The professionally duplicated tape is only available together with this issue and is limited to 100 copies!

FAN+TAPE 6.00€* FANZINE 3.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. This is the english written "summer issue 2.5" from Hamburg's d.i.y. fanzine NO SPIRIT. With topics such as k-town festival report, interviews with NO PROBLEM, OBSTRUCT, SPIRITS and some reviews and columns. Format a5, 44 pages. Limited to 100 copies.

FANZINE 1.50€*


PUNK/MELODYCORE. In 2008, NOFX starred in the TV show "backstage passport", a series that documented the insane hijinks of the band as they weaved an unsteady path through exotic locales where most sane bands fear to tread. The reality romp originally aired on Fuse and later went on to be released on DVD which served up tons of "too hot for TV" bonus footage. After the resounding success of the series, NOFX has been met with endless requests for a soundtrack including all the rare and exclusive songs (5 previously unreleased) from the show. Packed with 15 tracks from both seasons, the "backstage passport soundtrack" is a one-stop shop for all the rare, remixed and unreleased material that fans could only previously enjoy as snippets during the show. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. After selling over 200 copies of issue one with no distribution and rave reviews NOT LIKE YOU Fanzine returns with the 2nd issue. A 40 page full size zine featuring interviews with THE FACTION, J.F.A., LOS OLVIDADOS, DRUNK INJUNS, news, reviews, tons of pics and more. Also comes with the "intense energy" 7" compilation which featuring 97A (their last unreleased track), HUGE (members of UNDERDOG), COUNTERATTACK (members of MASS APPEAL), THE LOUD ONES and STALE PHISH. Compilation 7” also comes with an 8 page booklet. Limited to a one-time pressing of 550 copies.

FANZINE+7" 10.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Featuring the usual news and reviews as well as an article on NY hardcore band BEYOND written by zinester Freddy Alva. This issues interviews include SNFU, FINAL CONFLICT, SOUL SEARCH, LOUD ONES, and BL'AST. Not Like You has quickly become a respected zine amongst the scene from coast to coast, breaking down the barriers and genres which continue to divide it. 40 full-size black and white pages.

FANZINE 5.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Featuring the usual news and reviews as well as interviews with BACKTRACK, SINCE WE WERE KIDS, PRAISE, BURN and Ian Mackaye. The interview with Ian Mackaye is long and detailed about the early days of D.C. hardcore. NOT LIKE YOU has quickly become a respected zine amongst the scene from coast to coast, breaking down the barriers and genres which continue to divide it. 40 full-size b&w pages.

FANZINE 5.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. This issue features what is believed to be the last unpublished interview with Raybeez of WARZONE (including never before published photos), as well as interviews with Joey Shithead of D.O.A., Bill Danforth, STALE PHISH and part 2 of their interview with Ian Mackaye along with news, record reviews and more. 40 full-sized pages.

FANZINE 5.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Issue number 6 of NOT LIKE YOU fanzine features interviews with FANG, Eddie Leeway, NIGHT BIRDS, Freedy Alva (Wardance Records) and skaters Greg Harbour and Julz Lynn, plus reviews, columns, photos and more.

FANZINE 5.00€*


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