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HARDCORE/PUNK. Italian punks ANTI YOU talk about their US tour, a interview with local enfant terrible DESTRY HAMPTON about his life and music growing, details on Chicago’s upcoming queer and transgender festival. A discussion about squats and apathy with Norwegian KNUSTE RUTER, interviews with Canadian punkers CRUSADES, the LOWEST from Poland, and with Spanish-singin’ Finnish punk LOS CULITOS. Also interviews with Sacramento punk-rockers RAT DAMAGE, San Bernardino d-beat punx PESADILLA DISTOPIKA, Connecticut’s badass punk ladies DAMN BROADS, Providence-based angular-punk outfit COTTAGING, and Urbana-Champaign mathy-rockers HANK.. There’re also the usual "shitworker of the month" etc.. All of this, plus your usual columns, book, zine and movie reviews, and the most extensive record reviews section in punk print, yo!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. This month, in MRR #374, you'll get interviews with Bay-Area punkettes the QUAALUDES and jazzy hardcore noise rockers NO BABIES, Slovenian punk savant Igor Vidmar on Ex-Yugo punk history, Australian mutant punk rockers AUSMUTEANTS, and Peru’s bellowing d-beat punks WAÑUY. Also featured in this issue, you’ll find Canadian melancholic ii! lads BISHOPS GREEN, activist balaclava punks GULAG BEACH, Poland’s cold wavers 1984, and UK’s d-beat ragers ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. Also Wales hardcore peace punks GRAND COLLAPSE, Brazil’s dark chaotic d-beat FEAR OF THE FUTURE, Seattle heavy melodic crust punks COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, a beautiful Colombian scene report and of course, let’s not forget, the most extensive reviews section in punk print!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. In this issue you'll get an interview with Iberian powerhouse UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE. In honor of their very exciting 20th anniversary an extended interview with EXTREME NOISE RECORDS, plus an in-depth story behind one of Leningrad's punk progenitors, SVIN. In this issue also GLUE from Texas, COOL DEATH RECORDS from down under Australia, and 2 floor-thumping air-punching stripped-down punk bands from Japan EIEFITS and THEE MIGHTY FEVERS, get featured. Serbian rock 'n' roller S.U.S. discuss breaking in the norm in Serbia and bringing back the glam in punk. Barcelona's VÈRTIGO tell you about their local scene, MISCALCULATIONS from the UK talk about their minimalist yet calculated approach to music, and a BORN WRONG tour diary. Plus, 2 photospreads, a special New Blood spread, your favorite columnists, book, zine, demo, movie and of course records reviews, the most extensive in punk rock print - plus much more!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. In this issue of MRR, there is an extensive talk with punkettes the DISHRAGS, one of the first all-lady bands, who started out in Canada in 1977; we spend some time superbly wasted with Chicago’s favorite ragers GAS RAG, and we talk to Toronto's hardcore menaces and mobilizers S.H.I.T.. We also have a long talk with IRON LUNG Records; talk abyss punk and goth inspiration with Philly's FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH, and Madrid's EXTINCIÓN DE LOS INSECTOS debate experimentation and creativity within the d.i.y. setting, while director Vladimir Kozlov tells us about his up-coming documentary on '80s Siberian punk, Traces in the Snow. Last but not least, after a great split and before their upcoming tour in the US, we get a split interview with Finnish dark synthy post-punks KUUDES SILMÄ and MAAILMANLOPPU, a chat with PAUL BIRNBAUM of Septic Death, and a scene report from Patras, Greece. This plus book, demo, zine and movie reviews, all the columns you love to hate and of course, let's not forget, the most extensive review section in punk print!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. In the october issue, there's an extended interview with chaos hardcore band FRACASO featuring reflections on life as a punk in Venezuela. Mia d'Bruzzi from early Bay-Area punkettes FRIGHTWIG tells us about life as a feminist in a developing punk scene and the band's current projects. Yecatl Peña (from INSERVIBLES, TERCER MUNDO, and more) drew our cover and shares a long-overdue Mexico City Scene Report, with a rundown on all the bands, venues, festivals, and record shops you need to know about in the new wave of Chilango punk. Poland's GOVERNMENT FLU share reflections on their US tour, while Seoul, South Korea's MYMANMIKE look forward to their upcoming journey through North America. Prolific label MIND CURE RECORDS gives us a window into their multi-layered history as documentors of Pittsburgh punk, and we're introduced to the synthy sounds of Greece's ERA OF FEAR and England's MEN OH PAUSE. Bay-Area motörpunks ELEGY clue us in on their upcoming plans, HARSH WORDS reassure us that there's more to Athens, GA than R.E.M., and we've got two photospreads featuring shots from LA's Beserktown Festival and New York's Latino Punk Fest. And of course, all the columnists you love to hate, demo, book, movie and zine reviews, and, as always, the most extensive record reviews section in hardcore-punk print.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. Issue #378 features an extended section on Slovenian punk - BULDOGI, TOŽIBABE, INDUST-BAG, QUOD MASSACRE, PANKRTI, 92, ŠUND, and KUZLE are interviewed about their roles in the fertile early Slovenian punk scene, including stories about smuggled instruments, bootlegged records, and high school dances, as well as the legacy of Ex-Yugo bands. Northwest Indiana's BIG ZIT and OOZE stopped by their recent West-Coast tour, and we have the last interview with recently-split Bay Area band YI. Jason Flower, the man behind the excellent reissue label Supreme Echo, gives us a window into how he developed his eclectic taste and clues us in to a few upcoming releases. An in-depth Australian scene report of punk activities Down Under and a photospread from Philly's recent POC Rockers Fest, round out the issue. And, of course, all the columnists you love to hate, demo, book, movie and zine reviews, and, as always, the most extensive record reviews section in punk print.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. December issue, features an interview with Brazil’s RAKTA; a conversation with Philly’s unsung ’80s hardcore legends AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR. World-renowned pastry chef Brooks Headley - drummer of BORN AGAINST, (YOUNG) PIONEERS, WRANGLER BRUTES, C.R.A.S.H., UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON talks about his new cookbook and cooking on the road in the ’90s. Newcomers PROTESTER and MISLED YOUTH take a break from their summer tour to visit the MRR compound and reflect on the value of all-ages shows. Israel’s MARMARA STREISAND talk politics and punk; anarcho-punk legends POISON GIRLS discuss the recent reissues of their classic LPs, and the Bay-Area’s DICK & JANE talk about their decades-long partnership. Long-running Brooklyn d.i.y space Death By Audio gives a swan-song interview before closing; power-violence grinders NUNHEX offer a peek at life as a punk in Florida. All of this, a pullout photo spread from Mateus Mondini, and as always, columns, zine, book and demo reviews, and the most extensive punk record review section in print.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. After selling over 200 copies of issue one with no distribution and rave reviews NOT LIKE YOU Fanzine returns with the 2nd issue. A 40 page full size zine featuring interviews with THE FACTION, J.F.A., LOS OLVIDADOS, DRUNK INJUNS, news, reviews, tons of pics and more. Also comes with the "intense energy" 7" compilation which featuring 97A (their last unreleased track), HUGE (members of UNDERDOG), COUNTERATTACK (members of MASS APPEAL), THE LOUD ONES and STALE PHISH. Compilation 7” also comes with an 8 page booklet. Limited to a one-time pressing of 550 copies.

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PUNXELATED number 2 features 56 full-color pages (without ads), about 130 images from 45 bands. Featured bands are. AC4, ALL, Alpinist, Antitainment, Ashes of Pompeii, Blank, Cobretti, The Criminals, Crusades, Dead To Me, Endzweck, Eläkeläiset, Emily’s Army, Even in Blackouts, Gadget, Jabber, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Kassierer, Lipstick Homicide, Madschnun, Masked Intruder, Mikey Erg, Mördare, Mülheim Asozial, Night Birds, Old Men Markley, Off With Their Heads, The Other, Painted Wolves, Pascow, Patsy O’Hara, Planks, Pity Party, Rancid, Red Tape Parade, Riverboat Gamblers, Screaming Females, Serpent Eater, Steve Adamyk Band, Teenage Bottlerocket, Tephra, Torche, TV Smith, Vladimir Harkonnen, Worriers. There's a 6 page articel with Alex from Jerk Store Fanzine and UK-Photographer Brian Kelleher.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. RADIO SILENCE documents the ignored space between the RAMONES and NIRVANA through the words and images of the pre-Internet era where this community built on do-it-yourself ethics thrived. Authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo have cataloged private collections of unseen images, personal letters, original artwork and various ephemera from the hardcore scene circa 1978-1993. Unseen photos lay next to hand-made t-shirts and original artwork brought to life by the words of their creators and fans. RADIO SILENCE includes over 500 images of unseen photographs, illustrations, rare records, t-shirts, and fanzines presented in a manner that abandons the aesthetic cliches normally employed to depict the genre and lets the subject matter speak for itself. Contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels, Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Pena, Rusty Moore and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens.

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HARDCORE. The 20th issue of SHORT, FAST & LOUD is another 88 pages of all that is thrash, hardcore, grind and noise featuring interviews with Philly hardcore legends FLAG OF DEMOCRACY, Texas skate thrashers A.N.S., Nashville's hardcore kings LIFE TRAP and a journalistic article on Malaysia's crackdown on punk and public dissent, plus all of the normal columns, reviews and informative ads.

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HARDCORE. The 23th issue of SHORT FAST & LOUD is yet again packed with thrash, hardcore, grind and noise stuff. This issue features interviews with RATOS DE PORAO, COMMON ENEMY and FUNEROT, plus tons of reviews, columns and photos of some great Japanese bands.

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HARDCORE. SHORT FAST & LOUD fanzine celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a one-two punch of hardcore and grindcore unity. Not only is there the usual 'zine full of thrash, grind, punk and metal news, reviews and commentary, but also a 10" compilation with exclusive tracks from COKE BUST, LÄRM, SEEIN' RED, BRUTAL TRUTH, EXTORTION, GRIDE, LACK OF INTEREST, VOETSEK, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, NOISEAR, SUPERBAD, CATHETER, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, BRODYS MILITIA, FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION, LAHAR, ENEMIES OF INERTIA, PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER, WASTEOID, SLIGHT SLAPPERS, TORTURE UNIT and STREET PIZZA. This is a perfect combination, all gathered to celebrate the premiere magazine of speed! Limited to 1000 copies!

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HARDCORE. It's time for another mandatory read for all the thrashers, headbangers, moshers and underground, extreme music fiends. SHORT FAST & LOUD #28 features an interview with '80s hardcore legends URBAN WASTE, a chat with Los Angeles' ACXDC (Antichrist Demoncore) and all the usual reviews and columns of unruly thrash addicts.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. "spray paint the walls" tells BLACK FLAG's story (416 pages!) from the inside, drawing on exclusive interviews with the group's members, their contemporaries and the bands they inspired. It's the story of Henry Rollins and his journey from fan to iconic frontman. And it's the story of Greg Ginn, who turned his electronics company into one of the world's most influential independent record labels while leading BLACK FLAG from punk's three-chord frenzy into progressive and free-jazz.

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