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POST-PUNK/HARDCORE. While much ink has been spilled over 1980s punk- and hardcore mythology, eventually culminating with a Sony Pictures feature film, "American hardcore", released in 2006, very little has been revealed about the era that followed. Indeed, it's a glaring omission. In the 1990s, punk-rock entered its adolescent stage and began reevaluating its own music, politics, and traditions. And before long, the result of this collective soul-searching became clear: If hardcore wanted to remain relevant in the new decade, it was going to have to rebel against itself. "The anti-matter anthology" is perhaps the first published book dedicated to this transition.

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HARDCORE. "burning fight: the nineties hardcore revolution in ethics, politics, spirit, and sound" by Brian Peterson. Although some define hardcore as a specific sound, most believe it's more than that; a set of varying ideas, ethics, principles, attitudes and, yes, music, that converge to form a community. "burning fight: the nineties hardcore revolution in ethics, politics, spirit, and sound" by Brian Peterson provides some answers, but also brings up a whole new set of questions for those who've been drawn to the scene's political, social, ethical and spiritual ideas amidst the screamed vocals and abrasive chords. BURNING FIGHT features commentary from approximately 150 participants from the '90s hardcore scene as well as oral history articles about straight edge, politics, vegetarianism and interviews with a variety of influential bands such as: AVAIL, BURN, EARTH CRISIS, INSIDE OUT, INTEGRITY, LOS CRUDOS, SPITBOY, STRIFE, TEXAS IS THE REASON; UNBROKEN and more.

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"society verse" is a 128 page book by CEREMONY vocalist Ross Farrar. Featuring the lyrics to all of the band's songs, with anecdotes and stories from throughout the band's history so far. Also features poems, original photographs and a short essay about "rohnert park", the subject of the band's latest album. Second edition.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. "everybody's scene: the story of connecticut's anthrax club" by Chris Daily documents the entire history of one of the nation's most legendary all-ages hardcore music clubs from 1982 to 1990. After months of scanning thousands of photographs, flyers, schedules and conducting over 100 interviews, a 208 page, visually heavy book is the result. "everybody's scene" will appeal to anyone who was lucky enough to witness the underground punk and hardcore music scene of the '80s as well as those with a soft spot in their hearts for the influences of many of today's musicians.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. 8.5"x11", 100-page perfect bound/soft cover book featuring over 200 photographs by Nardcore legend and hardcore/punk photographer Fred Hammer. Bands include BL'AST, BAD RELIGION, GORILLA BISCUITS, THE RIVAL MOB, CEREMONY, YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD, NEGATIVE APPROACH, RKL, STRIFE, 7 SECONDS, CONVERGE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, TERROR, FLOORPUNCH, UNDERDOG, SICK OF IT ALL, CRO-MAGS, YOUTH BRIGADE, ADOLESCENTS, GOOD RIDDANCE, DR. LNOW, STALAG 13, ILL REPUTE, AGRESSION, NAILS, DANZIG and more. Includes poster and sticker.

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Das Buch versammelt auf 480 Seiten im klassischen A5 Fanzine-Format 27 Jahre der wesentlichen Fanzinearbeiten von khs (aka Karl-Heinz Stille, aka Babbit, etc.) aus THINK, ZAP, PLOT, OX und anderen Heften, die aneinandergereiht nicht nur ein verdammt dickes Buch, sondern auch amüsante Unterhaltung ergeben.

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Ein Punk-Rock-Heimat- & Jugendroman, der auf 250 engbedruckten Seiten das Aufwachsen im Vorgarten der Großstadtmetropole Stuttgart zelebriert. Allerdings könnte es auch jedes andere Landeshauptstadteinzugsgebiet sein. Kurz daneben, statt mittendrin, ein Lebensgefühl, das jeder kennt, dessen Arme manchmal zu kurz waren, um mitten hinein zu greifen, aber seit langer Zeit verdrängt hat. Nebenher wird erzählt, wie Punk in den 80ern funktioniert hat. Wie fand Punk und später Hardcore kurz vor dem Arsch der Welt tasächlich statt? Wie funktionierte das in der grauen Urzeit bevor das Internet mit all seinen Annehmlichkeiten auch das letzte Kaff beglückte? Wie kam man an Musik, Klamotten, Konzerte und wer trug eigentlich am Meisten zur Verbreitung von Punk bei? Wenn man so will, die etwas tiefschürfendere Alternative zu Rocko Schamonis Kitschroman "Dorfpunks".

BOOK 11.50€*


HARDCORE. "making a scene: new york hardcore in photos, lyrics & commentary 1985-1988" by Bri Hurley. Originally released in 1989 with a scant 79 photos and under 100 pages; this expanded edition brings over 200 photographs as well as reflections from key characters documenting a special time period in one of the most notorious hardcore music scene in the country. "making a scene: new york hardcore in photos, lyrics & commentary 1985-1988" captures the energy of the New York hardcore music scene in photographs, lyrics and comments from those involved in their music, their attitudes, and their lifestyle. Hardcore is a way of life for thousands of band members and fans all over the world. Participants are shown with friends, spouses, even children, performing, dancing and hanging out. They also explain in their own words and lyrics to songs what they think hardcore is all about. From moments of quiet intimacy to the controlled mayhem of live shows this book documents, in a unique way, this flourishing and often misunderstood underground style.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. In this issue MRR talk with Brazil’s crusty grinders HOMICIDE, BORN WRONG from hyperactive Ontario, Canada, St. Louis’ ragecore suit SHAVED WOMEN. The 2nd interview part with We Got Power Fanzine. An interview with the Texas raw punk lady-trio KURRAKÄ, a witty and perceptive United Arab Emirates scene report, a juicy Toronto, Canada scene report, an interview with long-standing German-based Trust Fanzine. #362 comes with a wicked cover by shitworker Travis Igler and, of course, columns, guest film reviews, book reviews, the most extensive record reviews in punk and more!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. MRR talk to booming crust band ZUDAS KRUST from Jakarta about their scene and the what it’s like to be a punk in Indonesia, crusties KONTRASEKT from Minneapolis discuss their 7? and why the Midwest rocks, an interview with the brain behind Doomed Society Radio from Calgary, Portland’s psych garage rockers BIG BLACK CLOUD. Then a wild trip up and down the West-Coast with a CONDITION tour diary, an interview with Todd Greene of Clearview Records about the label’s roster, no-frills ragers HERO DISHONEST from Finland share impressions from their recent US tour, and HELVETIN VIEMÄRIT from Brazil analyze why they love Finnish hardcore, next VIOLENT PARTY discusses their record and relocation to Portland, introduction to budding Stockton fastcore band MALCOLM, followed by an impressive Brno, Czech Republic scene report, a photo spread from Finland’s Puntala-Rock fest. All this and much more, including guest columns, demo and zine reviews and, of course, the most extensive record review section in printed punk today!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. This is the 3rd Queer Issue! First up is ANTI-CORPOS who talk about organizing Girls Rock Camp in Brazil. CLOSET BURNER demystifies being queer in the Midwest, DURES ET GAYS share wild tales of squat shows in Europe, and EJACULOID gets fresh with us. Also in this issue, GLORY HOLE shares their experience of being queer in Australia, PEEPLE WATCHIN’ talks about tour and playing Smash It Dead Fest, and Porcelain from FRUIT PUNCH discuss her emergence and coming out in the East-Coast punk scene. Plus heaps more conversations with queer punx from SHOPPING, PRIESTS, GROKE, SCREAMING QUEENS, and STRONG BOYS, a report from London Queer Zine Fest, a bunch of guest columnists, and the largest and most extensive punk reviews section in print today!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. "the all columns" issue! With topics such as Detroit powerhouse BILL BONDSMEN, très productive French punk label Crapoulet Records, legendary ex-Yugo pioneers O!KULT, New York’s catchy punks RATIONAL ANIMALS, and the New York’s Alright festival. UK hardcore ragers STAB and WOOLF, Minneapolis hardcore d-beat ladies VARIX, and a Miami scene report. All of this, plus record, fanzine, book and movie reviews, all the columnists you could ask for, shitworker of the month and much more.

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HARDCORE/PUNK. In this may issue 2 MRR shitworkers hang out with fellow zinesters from Razorcake at the Zine Fest. Interview with Vasko of Macedonia’s power trio XAXAXA, and Mila of Agipunk Records interviews d-beat legends EU’S ARSE. Poland’s ALERT! ALERT! discuss contemporary Polish punk, Canada’s dark post-punks RHYTHM OF CRUELTY share creative insights, Ontario’s STRANGE ATTRACTOR talks drumming and being a lifer, you'll get the scoop on Calgary’s psycho-punk ’n’ roll outfit PMMA, Atlanta’s fuzz-drenched punks WYMYNS PRYSYN, and Oakland’s noisy pop punk duo STRAIGHT CRIMES. Also an exclusive, final interview with Boston hardcore megaliths SIEGE. REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN discusses the UK punk scene, deep and dirty in the minds of Buffalo’s SPACE WOLVES. All of this, plus a Scotland scene report, and the most extensive record review section in punk print!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. Italian punks ANTI YOU talk about their US tour, a interview with local enfant terrible DESTRY HAMPTON about his life and music growing, details on Chicago’s upcoming queer and transgender festival. A discussion about squats and apathy with Norwegian KNUSTE RUTER, interviews with Canadian punkers CRUSADES, the LOWEST from Poland, and with Spanish-singin’ Finnish punk LOS CULITOS. Also interviews with Sacramento punk-rockers RAT DAMAGE, San Bernardino d-beat punx PESADILLA DISTOPIKA, Connecticut’s badass punk ladies DAMN BROADS, Providence-based angular-punk outfit COTTAGING, and Urbana-Champaign mathy-rockers HANK.. There’re also the usual "shitworker of the month" etc.. All of this, plus your usual columns, book, zine and movie reviews, and the most extensive record reviews section in punk print, yo!

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HARDCORE/PUNK. This month, in MRR #374, you'll get interviews with Bay-Area punkettes the QUAALUDES and jazzy hardcore noise rockers NO BABIES, Slovenian punk savant Igor Vidmar on Ex-Yugo punk history, Australian mutant punk rockers AUSMUTEANTS, and Peru’s bellowing d-beat punks WAÑUY. Also featured in this issue, you’ll find Canadian melancholic ii! lads BISHOPS GREEN, activist balaclava punks GULAG BEACH, Poland’s cold wavers 1984, and UK’s d-beat ragers ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. Also Wales hardcore peace punks GRAND COLLAPSE, Brazil’s dark chaotic d-beat FEAR OF THE FUTURE, Seattle heavy melodic crust punks COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, a beautiful Colombian scene report and of course, let’s not forget, the most extensive reviews section in punk print!

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