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ANARCHO-PUNK. At the time it confounded and delighted fans in equal measure. With retrospect it is considered by many to be the band's masterwork, as well as one of the most visionary and radical works in the history of British punk. "cacophony" could be considered a concept album in the sense that its spirit is obsessed with the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Musically it is a glorious melting pot of noise-punk, heavy guitar riffs, experimental rhythms, and pseudo-pop melodies. What is truly remarkable is the vocals of Nick Blinko, who throughout the 43min. of "cacophony" assumes at least a dozen personalities and moves from punk screams to vaudevillian characterisations to Shakespearian monologues to pop choruses, and back again. Remastered version of the highly acclaimed 1988 album (unavailable on vinyl for 15 years) on 180gr vinyl and features gatefold-sleeve, poster, 8 page full size booklet and a digital download card.

LP 19.00€*


HARDCORE. RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA from Vienna are even better on this nice split LP than on their crucial 7". You'll get 10 shredders that are proof that their crucial 7" was no one hit wonder. On the flip there's a bunch of East-Germans that used to be in the thrash band Y and NUCLEAR CULT nowadays. After changing the bandname and getting lost in generic crust territories quite a bit, the band must be on its peak now. Besides diverse other sources they're paying homage to '80s american hardcore. It's rather bands like early HÜSKER DÜ, DIE KREUZEN etc. whose legacy you can sense when you listen with an open mind. The vinyl comes with a selfprinted screenprinted cover. This baby is gonna make you shit your pants...honestly!

LP (US) 12.50€*


D-BEAT HARDCORE. Out of the ashes of classic UK bands like DOOM, SCATHA, DISAFFECT and DEBRIS rises this d-beat and crust influenced outfit. RUIN are fast, political and fuckin' punk. No emo, no pop punk - just plain d-beat hardcore-punk, that will spike your hair and dye your clothes black while you´re smashing the cop car parked around the corner of your local squat. Way better then most of the overrated US bands. This is 12 track full-length is one of the best d-beat albums since a while.

LP 9.50€*


CRUST-METAL/HARDCORE. Back in 2011, longtime friends Lasse Pyykkö from HOODED MENACE and Dopi from MACHETAZO realized they shared a mutual love for what was labelled stenchcore in the mid '80s, that mix of heavy and dark-metal with crust and apocalyptic themes. Both having many side-projects proving their eclectic taste (death-metal, doom, d-beat etc.), they wasted no time coming up with a new entity, RUINEBELL. And what a scorcher "ember's grave" is... AMEBIX and AXEGRINDER will once again be proud and more than ever, you can also see VOIVOD dystopian shadow in the back. But while the martial drums and somewhat cold wave vibe is still vivid here, clocking at a grand total 21min., those 4 songs showcase a thrashier and more headbanging side while at a same time leaning towards something more sinister. Watch out, armageddon is just around the corner!

MLP 13.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. After their debut LP and their great 7" from last year, RUINED FAMILIES from Athens, Greece take another step forward to push themself into a new direction. From the chaotic fast hardcore they got more and more complex and dark. Mixing up their fast pissed of hardcore with post-punk elements and intense song writing. "blank language" is 9 songs of blistering hardcore. RUINED FAMILIES are really finding their voice and are able to convey the emotions they want you to hear on every song with every riff and every breakdown!

LP 11.00€*


HARDCORE. In today's world of pacification and placation in the hardcore scene, RUINER came screaming out of Baltimore in 2005 and they have not stopped. "hell is empty", produced by J. Robbins (Against Me, Jets To Brazil, Modern Life Is War), is a brooding, caustic hardcore record - dirty, full of attitude and lyrical wit with a humor not found in most bands. Their sarcastic, clear "fuck you" to the world is well written, powerful and doesn't care if you agree or not. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€* DigiCD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. RUINER has made a name for themselves in the hardcore scenes with relentless touring and their selfreleased redcords when no one would give these Baltimore upstarts a chance. "I heard these dudes are assholes" is a 14 song collection of the "What could possibly go right" 7" released in various forms, the split 7" with Portugal's DAY OF THE DEAD as well as the band's original demo. All of these songs are out of print an have been re-mastered by Nick at New Alliance to give this 14 song collection a sharper, louder and heavier sound. Colored (bronze) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€* CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. RUINER's debut, "prepare to be let down", begins with the line "i gave up on metaphors and acts of sarcastic wit" and sets the tone for the remainder of this 12 song blast of hardcore. Lyrically, RUINER's "prepare to be let down" embarks on an album that is an honest and uniquely witty view of what happens when you screw up your own life and deal with the consequences. Musically, RUINER takes hardcore and punk and adds a dark melody along with mixing up song structures and tempos to keep the listener from being able to predict what's next. Colored (ocher) includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€* CD 12.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. RUINS from Bielefeld deliver their first proper full-length release after a split LP with KYREST and a demo. RUINS have current/former members of such bands as PATSY O' HARA or SHOYU SQUAD and have established a reputation for delivering high quality, down-tuned neo-crust hardcore. You'll get 5 tracks with an excellent recording production with an absolutely huge sound. It's so unique, that it's not just another d-beat imitiation. Prepare to be blown away! Vinyl comes with great artwork, booklet and includes a digital download card.

LP 10.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. This 7" was originally released as a demo in 1995. THE RULE OF NINES was a hardcore band from Los Angeles that featured Jon Roa of JUSTICE LEAGUE and END TO END on vocals and Joseph Patrick of FORCED DOWN and PITCHFORCK on drums. For fans of 108, EYELID, and HELMET.

7" 6.00€*


POST-PUNK. From the 1st song the new LP comes across as a more focused, even sophisticated, affair than their 2 previous efforts, the 2013 "altars" 7" and the 2012 demo. The earlier RULE OF THIRDS material had a grittier sound – it harkened back to the early '80s L.A. death-rock of the 45 GTAVE and VOODO CHURCH. This 9 song LP, however, feels more British – more in line with the nuanced early gothic-rock of SKELETAL FAMILY and "juju"-era SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES. In all, this self-titled LP is as good as contemporary dark post-punk gets; it’s an essential document of modern dark music. Their gloominess is the result of a meticulous building of sonic tension and not from the blunt bashing out of power chords. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Debut album from this San Francisco punk band that have a split 7" with Mexico's LOS MONJO. Like LOS MONJO or PELIGRO SOCIAL, RULETA RUSA take the big, anthemic riffs of old Spanish punk like ESKORBUTO and inject them with the wild energy of '80s US hardcore, sealing the deal with a sprinkling of infectious, rocked-out lead guitar. Whether they're bashing out an upbeat singalong or a darker, more downbeat song like the title track, RULETA RUSA fill every moment with maximum power and energy. Recommended for punks who like punk.

LP 12.00€*


FOLK-PUNK. RUMBLESEAT was the acoustic project band featuring Chris and Chuck from HOT WATER MUSIC. This long awaited collection includes 7 songs from their 4 out-of-print 7" records, 2 songs from compilations, and 4 previously unreleased songs. Recorded in Gainesville 1998-1999. The vinyl version comes with elegant, professionally screen-printed covers and colored vinyl!

LPcol 15.00€*


THRASH-METAL. After helping to pave the way for the old-school metal revival, RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER does more than just rehash thrash on "living for death, destroying the rest" rather, the band's sophomore release transcends mere nostalgia as it ushers speed-metal, kicking and screaming, into the new millennium at last. What separates the Philly foursome from the rest is not the precise riffing, raging solos, or the pummeling percussion; rather, it's the attitude, one as contagious as the songs themselves. On their 2nd full-length they continue along those lines, bringing blistering thrash comparable to MUNICIPAL WASTE, EXODUS and TOXIC HOLOCAUST.

LPcol 14.00€* CD 13.50€*


POST-PUNK. Shortly after the demise of THE BREAKS and FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES, Joseph (vocalist for the former) and Colin (drummer for the latter) got together to work on a project inspired by the late '70s garage and post-punk bands that drenched themselves in darkness and depression (think an amalgamation of bands like CRIME, DEAD BOYS, THE GUN CLUB and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card and is limited to 300 copies.

7"col 6.50€*


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