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GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. The newest manifesto from Montreal, Canada's RED MASS, fronted by Choyce of CPC GANGBANGS. Two infectiously catchy and equally deranged slices of noisy, experimental, garage-punk. Electronic and live drums, fuzzed out guitars, sound effects with hook-drenched choruses to tie it all together into a manic odditorium of psychedelic weirdness.

7" 3.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. Formed by members of ISIS and NEUROSIS, RED SPAROWES bring 3 songs to this release, once again playing instrumental progressive and heavy post-rock similar to that of MOGWAI, ISIS and RUSSIAN CIRCLES.

LP 18.00€*


HARDCORE. RED VISION represents yet more, strong hardcore from Virginia, and while they may be young in age, prove they are no slouches with gruff, fast and powerful hardcore with plenty of speed and mosh reminiscent of CRIMINAL INSTINCT and BRACEWAR. Limited edition of 250 copies.

7" 7.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Turn of the century rarities recorded by REDD KROSS in Hollywood between 1981 and 2007. Top quality recordings focused on their most explosive creativity period in the '90s. Created to be a complete play experience with unreleased and rare tracks compiled from the Jeff McDonald archives. A total must for all REDD KROSS fans around the world!

LP 20.00€*


HARDCORE. Debut 7" from these Copenhagen monsters and it is a ripper! The best way to describe them is to imagine. VON covering G.I.S.M. and recording a demo in a cardboard box. That may not be the right thing for everyone. These 3 neanderthals crash and bash their way through 4 songs filled with metallic riffs, sloppy guitar solos, tribal drumming, and the grunts and howls of a man possessed. This is the soundtrack to a war that no one asked to be a part of.

7" 6.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-ROCK. Chicago sultry dirge duo REDGRAVE release their debut "national act". Vocalist/guitarist Angie Mead and drummer Stephen Howard generate a massive sound thanks to Mead's powerful, soaring voice and sludgy open tuned guitar blasting out of multiple amps backed by Howard's refined rhythmic stomp. REDGRAVE's songs have the sort of smoldering intensity shared by PJ HARVEY and LED ZEPPELIN alike that is hard to categorize, but immediately easy to feel. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-ROCK. REDGRAVE is a swamp blues, heavy-rock duo that is already being touted in the Chicago media as the next band on the horizon to watch. Today, they are poised to release their 1st 7" and have earned unexpected admirers from the indie-scene. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 5.00€*


STREET-PUNK. Originally released in 1999 on TKO Records, this classic album set the bar and was a core part of the soundtrack to many people's lives for years. The songs on this record became instant classics. Fifteen years on, remastered and released digitally and on colored vinyl, this re-issue will surely give it some new life and remind people how integral this street-rock and pub-punk band was, and continues to be, to a scene still flourishing over 15 years later. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. While much more raw than REFUSED's most recognized and accomplished effort, 1998's "the shape of punk to come", "everlasting" from 1997 is perhaps the group's 2nd best offering, demonstrating their significant mid-career development. This is the 1st vinyl pressing in over a decade.

MLP 19.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. REFUSED is fucking alive. There's no escape. The iconic Swedish hardcore band is releasing "freedom", their 1st album in 17 years. In 1998, REFUSED released their iconic album "the shape of punk to come". It was also the year that the band broke up and declared "refused are fucking dead". "freedom" explodes out of the speakers with opening track "elektra", as vocalist Dennis Lyxzen's throat-shredding declaration that "nothing has changed" catapults REFUSED into the 21st century. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. This MLP features the track "rather be dead" from their 2nd full-length, "songs to fan the flames of discontent", plus 4 more tracks.

MLP 19.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. The 2nd full-length release from Sweden's REFUSED, "songs to fan the flames of discontent" was released in 1996 to uniform praise as the group's worldwide following grew in both numbers and intensity. Consistently aggressive, the staccato guitar riffs and drumming rest directly on top of the beat, giving this tighter, later-era REFUSED material a thick sound that retains its punk energy. This is a truly definitive late '90s hardcore release. "songs to fan the flames of discontent" is a 1st-rate record from one of the best, most aggressive hardcore bands of this or any era.

LP 19.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. This MLP features REFUSED's flagship song "new noise" as well as the previously unreleased tracks "blind date" and "poetry written in gasoline", plus a remix of "refused are fucking dead".

MLPcol 19.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. A pure classic. Revolutionary at its time and still redefining and challenging over a decade after its original release, Refused created an album that calls the spirit of hardcore, punk and politics into question through an open and confrontational opus. On "the shape of punk to come", complex rhythms, hardcore rage, political activism and a dose of experimental sonic atmospherics, all smashed together to create a seamless ball of energy. Vinyl version includes a digital download card with extra 50min. of live music.

DoLP 28.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. REGENTS is a stunning collective of D.C. hardcore scene vets. Their collective band credits are enough to stagger any '90s hardcore, punk and emo fan. These groups include FRODUS, BATTERY, SLEEPYTIME TRIO, THURSDAY, MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT etc. members. The band’s debut, "antietam after party", is a strong and arty take on the kind of aggressive, discordant hardcore that’s making a comeback. REGENTS packs razor-sharp, spindly guitar riffs, meaty, rumbling bass lines; pummeling drumming with a touch of swing; and scalding vocal squawks into the mix. Vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LP 13.50€* CD 11.50€*


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