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MELODIC-HARDCORE. Born out of the Bay-Area scene, SET YOUR GOALS first grabbed the world's attention with their critically acclaimed, "mutiny", released in 2006. "burning at both ends" returns the focus of the last album back to what SET YOUR GOALS do best: passionate, positive punk in the tradition of classic '90s Epitaph bands. Colored vinyl includes includes CD of this entire album.

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MELODIC-HARDCORE. San Francisco Bay Area's own SET YOUR GOALS 1st hit the scene with their demo in 2004. Like a string of firecrackers, it exploded with praise among music publications, social media, and message boards alike. The band has since regained pressing rights to the recording, and has chosen the "10 year anniversary" reissue as the debut release for their own Calaveras Records. Paving the way for acts such as A DAY TO REMEMBER and THE STORY SO FAR, SET YOUR GOALS carved out their niche with this release. Short and sweet, these are the 6 tracks that started it all. Colored, limited pressing of 700, comes with silver-foiled and cut-out cover and includes a digital download card. * RSD 2014 *

10"col 14.50€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. Born out of the Bay-Area scene, SET YOU GOALS 1st grabbed the world's attention with their critically acclaimed, fan-favorite album "mutiny", released in 2006. Now comes "this will be the death of us", SET YOUR GOALS's Epitaph debut. SET YOUR GOALS has polished the rough gem that was "mutiny" into a glittering diamond able to pierce the armor of even the most cynical fan with its hardcore groove and giant hooks. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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GRINDCORE/NOISE. What is a "noisecore song" anyway? 10 songs, 100 songs, 1000 songs, everything blurs right by you as brief moments of expression. Our favorite Japanese grind crew threw two fingers in the air and wrote an 18min. noisecore song a few years ago and released it as a tape. This is a repetitive song that paints a certain kind of decay and 'falling apart' feeling that, yeah, really does just feel like musical destruction. This limited vinyl is a re-release of this song that was originally seen as a tape and 3"CD. Normal version on the a-side, which you can hear in its entirety below, and acoustic remix on the b-side.

LP 13.50€*


GRINDCORE/NOISE. SETE STAR SEPT are a manic Japanese wrecking ball that blurs its way through the listener's temporal lobe with a caustic miasma of blown out and menacing free-grind. Side-b is a 12 minute improv piece with guest guitarist and LOTUS FUCKER noise scientist Mike Walls. Recorded during their 2013 East-Coast tour. Previously only available on cassette and CD.

LP 14.00€*


GRINDCORE/NOISE. "revision of noise" is the one-sided LP from japanese SETE STAR SEPT. This is an absolute mess in the very best way. SETE STAR SEPT's form of grinding chaos sounds refreshingly different, taking its cues from classics of the old and new schools of grind and noisecore, but with bizarre song un-structures that give things an almost organic, improvised feel. These vicious slashes of sound are almost too much to take in, with an inordinate amount packed in to 15min., but it's basically a pretty amazing exercise in humans making as inhuman a racket as possible. Colored vinyl is limited to 100 copies (400 black).

LPcol 11.00€*


GRINDCORE/NOISE. This is SETE STAR SEPT's finest effort to date. The a-side sees them playing raw grindcore that straddles the line with noisecore yet remains song-oriented enough to stay cohesive. Smiles all around. The b-side sees them diving into an exciting, forward-thinking new style that draws upon the famous improvisation and stream-of-consciousness performance aspects of their live shows. Everybody's scratching their heads... and they're all still smiling.

LP 13.00€*


GRINDCORE. In a world full of generic grindcore split 7”s, this one stands a bit taller and shines a bit brighter than the norm. This perfect recording captures SETE STAR SEPT spontaneously generating totally wild and chaotic grindcore that just barely holds enough form and coherence to qualify beyond noisecore. For fans of harsh music, there is no equal. NEW YORK AGAINST BELZEBU is a legendary Brazilian noisecore band. This material is some of the favorite NEW YORK AGAINST BELZEBU stuff to date, totally frantic and balls-to-the-wall noisecore with wild guitar styles, unhinged and chaotic drumming, and crazy fucked up vocals. All grind freaks, hail the masters.

7" 5.50€*


GRINDCORE/NOISE. This is probably the most heinous, fucked up, nonsensical racket of a record of 2013. Only for the most true grind freaks and noise fiends. SETE STAR SEPT are the best Japanese grind band around. This recording sees them applying their usual free-grindcore style through a lens of SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA and '90s Spanish noisecore influences. Total shitnoise production that makes you wonder how/why/just what the fuck is going on anyway. NOISE, the legendary hyper-political Brazilian grind unit, going over 20 years strong now. These recordings are exactly what you've come to know and love from this band: a non-stop barrage of raging grind blasts, a total noise assault to destroy the world capitalist system and give people headaches. A flawless victory for our side in the campaign for musical destruction.

10" 11.50€*


GRINDCORE/NOISE. A special treat for all true grinders. SETE STAR SEPT is literally one of the best grind bands around. For being just bass and drums, their recordings here sound massive, dense, claustrophobic. Wild arrangements hint at chaos yet they're too musically tight to just be randomized. PENIS GEYSER's side was culled from tape recordings. Again, the complete abandonment and destruction of musicality to express true feelings and energies. If you love noisecore - these guys are reigning world champions.

7" 5.00€*


GARAGE-ROCK. Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen is the young and shy brainchild behind THE SETTING SON. This unusual talent has composed more than 50 songs and recorded them on his small 4-track taperecorder in his flat in Copenhagen. These demos turned out to be brilliant and a batch of songs was later recorded by a full band and ended up as the debut album by THE SETTING SON. The trademark sound of THE SETTING SON is bubblegum psych with strong melodies and hooks galore. Some songs are rather angry and desperate while others are melancholic and sensitive.Not to forget his snotty vocals that is highly addictive once they get under your skin.

LP 12.50€* DigiCD 13.50€*


GARAGE-ROCK. The sound on "spring of hate" is quite different compared to the debut album. The songwriting of Sebastian Kristiansen has become more varied this time. The references to garage-rock from the '60s, psychedelic-pop and surf are clear but it seems that THE SETTING SON have their own take on neo-psych anno 2009. The strange but addictive vocals of Sebastian just underline that fact.

LP 14.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. SETTLE FOR LESS released their debut called "greetings" a while ago - that captured a young band figuring out their sound and style by taking nods from BRAND NEW and others. "contemporary" showcases a growth that many bands experience by their 2nd or 3rd full-length, and now feel at home in both basements and larger venues. The ride has just begun and this release hints at what is in store. CD includes "greetings" as bonus tracks. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 5.00€* DigiMCD 6.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. Richmond's the SETUP blast through 13min. of their hardest offerings to date. Combining elements of hardcore, punk-rock, and straight up metal, these southern boys detonate chunky guitar riffs with collapsing vocals. The results? An overly aggresive and sadistic composition for fans of everything from CONVERGE. SCHEMATIC OF A WAKING LIFE lay down 4 tracks of post-hardcore perfection. Songs suggestive of a DC sound from the '90s brewed with the updated offerings of HOT CROSS and OFF MINOR. These new englanders manage to be melodic and cathcy without loosing their frantic edge.

LP 5.00€*


HARDCORE. This new outing sees THE SETUP evolving in their signature sound, whilst tuning down a notch and adding the rawest and most vicious riffs they've conjured so far, creating a dark, gloomy and above all heavy album, which is bound to pass the test of time. Since "minister of death" 2 previous members quit a lot. Now they're back with a devastating release, ready to continue the road to the top. The 5 rage and anger spitting tracks on "crawl & reign" are a warming up for the next The SETUP full-length album.

7" 3.00€* MCD 4.00€*


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