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PUNK-ROCK. "aufschwung" is the debut album by this Freiburg deutsch-punk band. If you're into classic german punk, check this out. The vinyl record comes on colored vinyl (all 500 copies in red & black marbled) and in a inside-out printed heavy cardboard sleeve. It also features a nice lyrics-inlay and contains the CD with all 20 tracks. For fans of ABFUKK, KOTZREIZ, ALARMSTUFE GERD and KNOCHENFABRIK.

LPcol+CD 10.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. "sorry state affairs" is the new album by SCHEISSE MINNELI. This is once more a raging 12-song skate-hardcore-trash-punk monster. This is exactly what you need to listen to while skateboarding through your shitty town.

LP 11.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. SCHEISSE MINNELLI and NERVOUS BREAKDOWN team up for a split! SCHEISSE MINNELLI's plays a furious mixture of '80s old-school skatecore played with a modern fast-as-fuck high octane rock 'n' roll vengeance. No tricks, no overdubs, no technical cosmetics! NERVOUS BREAKDOWN is all about circlepit and singalongs old styled hardcore. From fast to slow, breaking mosh parts, these guys from Germany have a lot of fun and celebrate their old-school hardcore.

LP 6.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. SCHIFOSI from australia is playing in between their 6 tracks an unrelenting, down-tuned, melodic d-beat hardcore with a crust-edge and outstanding brutal female and male dual vocals. Extremely powerful political lyrics, artwork, and presentation. Taking right where their last full-length and the 7" left off. This release is way darker, heavier, and more melody driven.

MLP 8.50€*


NOISE-HARDCORE/PUNK. "3000" is the 2nd full-length of this canadian horde. An absurd mix of phsycedellic japanese noise-punk, industrial, G.B.H., Mad Max and Super Mario Brothers. Side-a contains CONFUSE and DISORDER-style noisecore, while side-b dark, classic industrial noise like early SPK or mid-'70s THROBBING GRISTLE. Limited to 400 copies!

LP 10.50€*


HARDCORE. The 2nd of 2 simultaneously released 7"s by SCHIZOPHASIA which features members of GERM ATTACK playing noise-punk comparable to GAI, CONFUSE and other Japanese greats while still maintaining the classic DISORDER fell which GERM ATTACK is known for. All this chaos is blended and mixed together with ear shattering noise, loops and samples leaning towards power electronics with an end result that is like nothing you've heard before.

7" 5.50€*


GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. SCHNAUZER is totally brutal and raw grinding metal that will make you cringe! Noise blasted vocals and screams and noises over a barraging bruiser of metal and hardcore! Slick breakdowns and tight guitars that will have your head in a whirlwind. PUNCHING MOSES has been unlistenable by the Ohio state department. They pack it in with crucial metal ballads leading into hardcore blasts that totally border on the edge of punk-rock! Catchy and raw screams and snotty vices that will have you wondering why this isn't on the top in Ohio?

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The 2nd 7" from these Toronto punks. A little bit looser than the 1st on Riff Raff which came out a little while back, this record is def more punk, more raw and more snotty. Members from TERMINAL STATE for the uninformed. Soundwise is total "jealous again" era BLACK FLAG meets "inside my brain" era ANGRY SAMOANS which are excellent starting points to compare this to. If you like really snotty and hard hitting hardcore-punk you can't go wrong with this.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Rawer than raw punk. Harder than hardcore. After 3 killer 7"s, Toronto, Canada's SCHOOL JERKS finally deliver their 1st album - 13 songs at 45rpm. What you can expect is 13 blasts of primal hardcore-punk, stripped down to the core leaving very little room for misinterpretation, vaguely resembling something that could have risen from the early L.A. punk scene. This is hardcore-punk for 2012. Includes a poster and more artwork by SCHOOL JERKS' "in house artist" Tara Bursey. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.50€*


HARDCORE. Great amazing raw hardcore from Minneapolis. "consumption you feed" contains 4 tracks of hardcore with male/female vocals. This is their 5th and final offering. Nice artwork done by Marald.

7" 5.00€*


MELODIC/POP-PUNK. SCORPIOS is a collaboration by Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass, the late Tony Sly and Brian Wahlstrom. After years of touring together as solo artists and playing on each other's songs, the foursome wrote and recorded these ten tracks as a unit. The result is some of the most gratifying work of their respective careers. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.50€* DigiCD 10.00€*


FOLK/ACOUSTIC-ROCK. SCOTT KELLY and his new partners THE ROAD HOME (Noah Landis and Greg Dale) continue to explore the great mystery with "the forgiven ghost in me". With another collection of sparse, introspective songs, Kelly delves even further into a personal, private space that he has now come to occupy fully and solely. Recorded by Landis, "the forgiven ghost in me" is the natural progression from his 1st solo album, "spirit bound flesh", and 2008s "the wake". With his unmistakeable deep growl, his fearless lyrical honesty, and rich, spare guitar work, Kelly lays everything on the line. Only a true artist would be so willingly and completely exposed.

LP 18.00€*


FOLK/ACOUSTIC-ROCK. RSD 2013 leftovers! Following the overwhelming success of My Proud Mountain’s 1st release with SCOTT KELLY, STEVE VON TILL and WINO, the label have since been inundated with questions about the next instalment in the series. Taking on the dutiful challenge of covering Townes Van Zandt's music this time will be JOHN BAIZLEY, singer and guitar player of BARONESS, Nate Hall from US CHRISTMAS. Each musician approaching their favourite songs in their own personal way, paying homage to the original recordings and finding new ways to convey these well known songs and to deliver their lyrical content. My Proud Mountain have created something extra special for Record Store Day 2013 in the form of a collectible 10? featuring 4 songs – 2 unreleased songs and 2 previously released material.

10" 17.00€*


HARDCORE. SCRAPS AND HEARTATTACKS are a no frills hardcore band that represent all that is precious in New York; they are uncompromising, raw, and ruthless. Drawing influences from many bands before them, their sound is fast, furious, and vicious, and refuses to be ignored. Current members went on in THIS IS HELL, so you know what to expect! Now available again on colored vinyl!

7"col 2.50€*


SKA-PUNK. SCRAPY label themselves as street-ska which detaches them from ska-punk which can only be a good thing. On their 4th full-length you'll get driving ska and punk-rock made in Bavaria. There's definitely hints of THE CLASH via RANCID blended with elements of the BOSSTONES thrown in, but this is raw without doubt street-music and it's not jokey and silly. It has self-respect right from the presentation. This isn't a Ska-release about peace, love and unity.

LP 10.00€* CD 12.50€*


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