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POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Grinding, noise-saturated reality likely to damage your hearing and your brain. Three-quarters of fan-fave VACCINE as well as 1/3 of the legendary SQRM attack with 15 tracks of violent blasts, power punctuated and couched with harsh and bleak bursts of noise. Lyrics provide commentary and observation on the political climate in Ireland, thankfully free of preachy solutions.

LP 13.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. The debut 7" from one of Orange County's premier hardcore bands and the 1st West-Coast release by Revelation Records is finally back in print. NO FOR AN ANSWER delivered fast, intense, straight-edge hardcore alongside their local contemporaries like CHAIN OF STRENGTH and INSTED, but infused more thought-provoking and confrontational lyrics than most other bands of their day. Fronted by Dan O'Mahoney, NO FOR AN ANSWER can be credited as being one of the cornerstones of the West-Coast straight-edge movement of the late '80s. New pressing on grey vinyl.

7"col 6.50€*


HARDCORE. Six Weeks Records has unearthed the earliest material from Florida's NO FRAUD dating back to before their 1st legitimate demo and subsequent 7" and LP. These tracks, mostly recorded in a garage in 1984, represent this classic band at their most ferocious, 18 songs of pure, undiluted hardcore played at insanely high speeds (think D.R.I.) and with an intense, youthful energy. The package is complete with lengthy and thorough liner notes by founding member Dan Destructo and jam-packed with classic photos, flyers and news clippings documenting the intense and dangerous lifestyle of '80s punks living and playing in Florida. Limited edition of 500 copies.

LP 13.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. So this is what happens when you lock Tony (MUNICIPAL WASTE) and Sam, Richard, and Alex (NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD) in a cement mixer. NO FRIENDS seethes and boils with the same unbridled fury that defined mid '80s hardcore while also drawing strongly on the melodic elements pioneered by DAG NASTY and DESCENDENTS. Cynical, misanthropic and critical, this record exists in the grey area between a punch to the throat and a desperate hug from an old friend. Vinyl version includes a MP3 download card.

LPcol 12.00€* CD 11.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. NO FRIENDS unleash their 2nd release, a 6-song MLP packed with '80s melodic hardcore flavor in the vein of DESCENDENTS, ADOLESCENTS or DAG NASTY. These gents feature the vocalist of MUNICIPAL WASTE and 2 members of NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. Colored vinyl available!

MLPcol 10.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Interviews with Australia’s uncertain rock’n’roll saviors ROYAL HEADACHE, Bay-Area sociopolitical comedian, former host of Totally Biased and current host of The United Shades of America, W. Kamau Bell, Chicago’s own post-punk/goth darlings STARING PROBLEM, Spain’s infectious, melodic, broody punks JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, Germany’s gruff-n-melodic HELL AND BACK, founding member of the CURE and member through the Disintegration album, LOL TOLHURST, Milwaukee emotional punks, and local scene workhorses Marcy, Macedonia’s favorite post-punk/dance anarchists BERNAY’S PROPAGANDA, Bay-Area based sex worker legal aid resource RED LIGHT LEGAL, and St. Louis’ angular and driven punks TRAUMA HARNESS. We also have a report on the "northern isolation" fest in Minnesota from earlier in the year, and a great tour journal from Chicago, BOILERMAN - not to mention a sea of columns, photographs, and the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reviews of all the music, zines, and books we’ve received in the past few months. This 2nd issue with a 7” split flexi. All 4 bands have direct connections to Chicago. The record features music by the ethereal post-punks SIAMESE TWINS, brain damaged synth punks PLASTIC, the raging hardcore of basement dwellers MACE, and the beer-soaked garage hardcore of UFUX.

FAN+FLEXI 8.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. In a town where the midsummer days reach into the triple digits and the debris of the dejected pollute the state of evolution comes NO FUNERAL. Their music is riddled with anger and disgust for this plane of existence. The vocals are belted out of the depths of a self-defeating depressive urgency, a calling for death in its most vengeful form. There is an obvious harkening back to the more punk aesthetics of their forefathers that is ever present in the bass and drum approach that crashes head long into the mournful tremolo of the guitars. This is the overlooked harsh reality of the neglected souls that wade waist deep in the stomach of the beast. Limited edition of just 350 copies.

LP 12.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. "masters wish" is the 2nd release from NO FUNERAL, more blackened-hardcore from maniacs for maniacs. Noisy, blown-out hardcore with a definite dark/black-metal influence (repetitive riff and guitar sound, rabid vocals). The 3 songs run together and the guitar is effective at creating a cold and grim atmosphere. This is just stomping hardcore/black-metal in the tradition of BATHORY. Pressing of 200 on black vinyl.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. This is the 5 song debut 7" from Syracuse's NO IDOLS. Featuring ex members of THE FUNERAL and THE DISASTER, NO IDOLS churn out chaotic blasts of powerful and noisy hardcore, quite similar to later era UNBROKEN mixed with the sheer intensity of BLACK FLAG.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE. NO INNOCENT VICTIM is no stranger in the hardcore realm having already released 4 albums including "flesh and blood" and "tipping the scales" on Victory Records. "to burn again" is 14 tracks that many are claiming to be the finest NO INNOCENT VICTIM material of their long career. Now available again on colored vinyl.

LPcol 14.00€*


PUNK-POP. This will take you back to when pop-punk was more punk then pop. This record gives you 4 classic sounding punk tunes. Think of bands like SCREACHING WEASEL, ALL and DESCENDENTS style punk. Also great lyrics that you remind you that punk can be fun.

7" 4.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Vol. 2 of Sorry State's North Carolina 7" series brings the debut vinyl from Raleigh’s NO LOVE, featuring Sorry State’s own Daniel and Seth on dueling guitars. Recorded during the same session as their recent Tape #2 release on Sorry State, these 2 songs represent the cream of that fertile crop. Forget garage, d-beat, KBD, and all of your other retro micro-genres, NO LOVE play punk ala bands like THE AVENGERS, BUZZCOCKS, and THE BAGS. In other words, this is the music that made you fall in love with punk in the first place. Each 7” comes in a die-cut sleeve and includes a download card. Limited to 250 copies.

7" 6.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Brutal stop-and-start power-violence from these fine Oklahoma folks! Angry and pounding power-violence that borders on hardcore throwing in some catchy breaks to blast into a noise barrage that will have you cowering in immortal fear of the prairies. Technical guitars and drums have this rolling back-andfourth like a Oklahoma steam-roller! MASS STERILIZATION is a newer band from Texas. Pounding and slow doom intros blast into a head-crushing breed of power-violence and grindcore! Brutal and angry growls, make these folks the most feared cult in the Texas landscape! This is a brutal split!

7" 5.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE. Made for their Summer '09 Tour! NO MAN'S SLAVE is back with even more pulverizing music. Complete with catchy breaks and power-violence infused blasts, these new songs do not let down. I RESIGN is new out of Oklahoma City with more of a hardcore approach to the power-violence spectrum. Fast and over the top, but with some ties into the melodic hardcore feel.

7" 4.50€*


HARDCORE. "widespread bloodshed, love runs red" was the 1st and only LP from Venice thrash titans NO MERCY, who, on this recording, featured Mike Muir and Mike Clark of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. After its release, the band was about to record their 2nd album with many new songs already written, but 2 members quit. Instead of recruiting new members, Muir decided to merge the 2 bands into SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

LP 22.00€*


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