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CRUST-METAL. The PANZER BASTARD are back to unleash their latest release, "gods, thugs & madmen". This release combines classic thrash-metal with driving motor-crust and a whole lot of MOTÖRHEAD, DISCHARGE and VENOM. Limited to 500 copies on mixed color vinyl, comes with a digital download card.

10" 10.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. Featuring half of the members fom MERKIT, PANZRAM cut through brooding hardcore in vain of BORN AGAINST or MILHOUSE. From shouted to sung to screamed, both members on vocal duty. This single keeps with the concept of humans regaling their pitiful human achievements or originality. The final song on side-b is a PSYCHEDELIC FURS cover of "the fall", a song on the similar topic. This is a one time pressing of 500 copies with 2 color silkscreened covers.

7" 4.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. ** REDUCED PRICE ** PANZRAM plays angry, ugly hardcore deep down in Florida. They play in a genre populated by bands like WALLS, POLLUTION, or DRUGS OF FAITH, where the sound is rooted in hardcore, but is definitely not traditional. Downtuned, noisy riffs, seething vocals, and the odd hint of post-hardcore round out the sound. The record is packaged in a handmade envelope style jacket with nice screenprinting.

10" 6.00€*


EMO-PUNK. Some say punk-rock is dead, and others claim it's alive and kicking. Whatever you believe it's hard to deny that Australia have produced some extraordinary talent in its thriving punk scene over the last few years. PAPER ARMS' 2nd offering, "the smoke will clear", boasts 13 tracks of tight, straightforward, no fuss punk-rock, which translates all the energy and passion of a live performance into the studio. PAPER ARMS demonstrating an impressive ability to produce memorable lyrics. This, coupled with the band’s knack for writing killer infectious punk.

LP 15.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. PAPER DRAGONS is a Baltimore punk band featuring former and current members of DEEP SLEEP, DEAD MECHANICAL, PULLING TEETH, BAD BUSINESS... the list goes on. These guys have been around quite a while. You'll get 10 songs of uniquely crafted, early L.A.-styled punk-rock that melds the members' other offerings with a fresh spin on things. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 12.50€*


INDIE-POP. PAPERCUTS prinicipal Jason Robert Quever's beautiful songwriting is thoughtful, evocative, subtle, and simultaneously ambitious. And the new PAPERCUTS album, "fading parade", - the band's 4th overall - is dream pop of the highest order. "fading parade" is meticulously designed pop music, with a fully developed sense of space and a sturdy wall of sound. With the aid of strings, autoharp, 12-string acoustic guitars, piano, echoplexes, analog and digital recording methods, this new album is wide-ranging and adventurous. Imagine BELLE & SEBASTIAN teaming up with SLOWDIVE back when he was killing it in the studio rather than, well, you know.

LP 14.50€* CD 14.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/SCREAMO. This split LP features Slovenia's PAPERPLANCRASH and The Czech Republic's REMEK. PAPERPLANCRASH play a great style of music that incorporates elements of emo and post-hardcore within their sound. For those unfamiliar with the band PAPERPLANCRASH play 5 tracks in a similar fashion such as CHILD MEADOW, 12XU, and BATON ROGUE. The flipside 4 songs on this split come courtesy of REMEK. They offer up a tense, urgent, and discordant style of screamo tinged post-hardcore. REMEK reminds of bands such as BRITO and DAITRO. Overall, this is a killer split LP, with each band offering up top material. Packed in a d.i.y. screen-printed cover with huge booklet.

LP 9.00€*


NEW-MAVE/POST-PUNK. Reissue of this 1983 7" with 4 new-wave gems by PARAISO, led by Fernando Márquez (ex-KAKA DE LUXE and future LA MODE). The sound of twisted pop in early '80s Spain.

7" 5.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. Some of you might remember this band from southern Germany from their split LP with STAGNATION'S END. On this 12 track album the three-piece has increased their brutal and devastating sound, and the title defintely speaks for itself. Dark midtempo hardcore with desperate, gloomy, and atmospheric parts, yet some furious and grind elements, which got fueled with a lot of aggression and compassion, and which reminds on HIS HERO IS GONE, old NEUROSIS and the typical Bremer sound of the `90s. The mad and throaty vocals with critical lyrics completes the musical side of this release. The Songs were recorded at the famous Kuschelrock Studio in Bremen - you know how this piece makes your ears bleed! The artwork is outstanding as well. The CD comes in a DVD-Cover and a thick and stylish booklet. This is the apocalyptic sound for people, who tend to say that black is their favorite color. Here you get the real darkness! [PK #041]

LP 10.00€* CD 2.50€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. Formed in Dublin in 1981, Ireland’s longest running punk band have become increasingly successful, culminating in what has already been described as a snarling and aggressive lyrically, perfectly bitter, recession-themed album. The 16 track album features special guests in the form of CRASS’ frontman Steve Ignorant, THE CRAVAT, the legendary TV SMITH and others. PARANOID VISIONS have always avoided being genre specific in their musical output and this album is no exception. The CRASS meets THE BUZZCOCKS and the angular, WIRE inspired tracks give this album an eclecticism that crosses genres, styles and influences. Clocking in at 69min. long the album was clearly too long to fit on a single LP, so the first 12 tracks will feature and the package contains a CD of the entire album and the 20 page CD booklet to make a beautiful package.

LP+CD 14.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Erstes Demo 96, erste 7" 98, dann das erste Album 2000 auf HorrorBiz. Jetzt schreiben wir immerhin das Jahr 2008 und Paranoya legen ihr langersehntes zweites Album auf den Tresen. Die Jungs sind ihrem Stil treu geblieben und feuern die voll Länge deutschen Punkrock mit intelligenten und kritischen Texten ab. Hier gehts nicht um Saufen und Spaßhaben, hier werden menschliche Abgründe aufgetan. Gut, dass jetzt erstmal der Winter kommt. LP kommt im Gatefold-Cover und Poster.

LP 5.00€* CD 5.00€*


POP-PUNK. The PARASITES formed in New Jersey in the late '80s. In 1992, shortly after their 1st album on Shredder Records was released, founding member Dave relocated to California and continued the PARASITES with a new lineup. Now, their latest full-length, "non-stop power pop vol. 1", continues the tradition of catchy, hook filled, yet powerful, PARASITES releases. Limited to 500 copies, colored vinyl.

LPcol 14.50€* CD 11.50€*


POP-PUNK. It's simple - PARASITES are one of the longest running and most influential pop-punk bands ever. They've released 8 full-length albums, 20 7"s and have songs on more compilations than you can count. "solitary" is their catchiest, rawest record yet and a perfect addition to PARASITES' amazing catalog.

CD 11.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. From Seattle, PARASITIC SKIES devote their sound to the vegan-straight-edge with four tracks of heavy, yet dirty, hardcore with social and political lyrics, combining the sounds of CONVERGE, THE SWARM, RORSCHACH.

7"col 5.50€*


HARDCORE. PARASITIC TWINS writhe around in disgust in Ft. Wayne Indiana. They play a style of hardcore rooted in the '80s BLACK FLAG, POISON IDEA vibe, but keep it weird and non-generic for sure. The vocals are tough as nails and spit out so much biting, vicious, and sometimes satirically mocking anger that its very easy to get into. This is pissed weird hardcore the way it should be done.

7" 5.00€*


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