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POP-PUNK. The PARASITES formed in New Jersey in the late '80s. In 1992, shortly after their 1st album on Shredder Records was released, founding member Dave relocated to California and continued the PARASITES with a new lineup. Now, their latest full-length, "non-stop power pop vol. 1", continues the tradition of catchy, hook filled, yet powerful, PARASITES releases. Limited to 500 copies, colored vinyl.

LPcol 14.50€* CD 11.50€*


POP-PUNK. It's simple - PARASITES are one of the longest running and most influential pop-punk bands ever. They've released 8 full-length albums, 20 7"s and have songs on more compilations than you can count. "solitary" is their catchiest, rawest record yet and a perfect addition to PARASITES' amazing catalog.

CD 11.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. From Seattle, PARASITIC SKIES devote their sound to the vegan-straight-edge with four tracks of heavy, yet dirty, hardcore with social and political lyrics, combining the sounds of CONVERGE, THE SWARM, RORSCHACH.

7"col 5.50€*


HARDCORE. PARASITIC TWINS writhe around in disgust in Ft. Wayne Indiana. They play a style of hardcore rooted in the '80s BLACK FLAG, POISON IDEA vibe, but keep it weird and non-generic for sure. The vocals are tough as nails and spit out so much biting, vicious, and sometimes satirically mocking anger that its very easy to get into. This is pissed weird hardcore the way it should be done.

7" 5.00€*


CRUST-METAL/HARDCORE. Debut record by this Richmond band. "hymn" contains 12 songs of raging metallic and crusting hardcore, but nothing remotely generic in any way. Intelligent lyrics and extremely talented musicianship this is sure to blow some minds. Wailing guitar solos on top of ferocious riffs and the drumming is just fucking sick and punk as fuck. Hints of old-school thrash combined with the love of metal and the passion of punk, there's no boundary for this album. "hymn" comes in a full-color gatefold with some pretty damn amazing artwork, insert and a huge poster.

LP 12.50€* CD 10.00€*


CRUST-METAL/HARDCORE. "poison minds" is the 2nd full-length for the hardcore and metal crossover machine PARASYTIC from Richmond. This is their best stuff so far - way more thrash than on their previous release. Featuring members of ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY and CANNABIS CORPSE, PARASYTIC thrust themselves to the forefront of the Southern underground scene, unleashing a ripping hybrid of crust and metal that pulls together elements of TRAGEDY, VICTIMS, MUNICIPAL WASTE and classics like DOOM. Limited to 500 items.

LP 11.00€* CD 12.50€*


METALCORE. PARKWAY DRIVE's hugely anticipated 4th album, "atlas", follows closely on the triumphs of 2010's "deep blue". "atlas" is yet another creative leap forward for the group, boasting some of the most up front and confrontational material PARKWAY DRIVE has ever released, while at the same time taking several unexpected turns into lush sonic terrain, redefining their trademark heavy sound while reinforcing their position as leaders in their field. While never losing sight of their roots, PARKWAY DRIVE has created a metalcore masterwork. Vinyl version includes a free CD of this entire album.

DoLP+CD 24.00€*


METALCORE. Now a global phenomenon, Australia's reigning kings of metalcore, PARKWAY DRIVE. It would be a crime to classify PARKWAY DRIVE as simply another band to alloy hardcore and metal genres into a sound more parody than paragon. "killing with a smile" is 11 tracks of pure rage, a massive sound that encompasses death riffs, punishing breakdowns, thick rhythms, mayhem inducing beats and a technical precision that borders on frightening. PARKWAY DRIVE has created their own tremendous sound and "killing with a smile" will appeal to all extreme music fans. Vinyl version includes free CD of this entire album.

LP+CD 20.00€* CD 15.00€*


POST-ROCK. "simulacrenfield" rearranges the vision set forth in previous PARLOUR releases, utilizing the septet for all it’s worth. The songs are tighter, heavier, and more melodically complex than ever before - no doubt partly contributed to the addition of Jon Cook (CRAIN, RODAN) on drums, and Breck Pipes (CEREBELLUM) on guitar. The rhythm section in a tight pocket while the guitars, keyboards and brass section trade sharp melodies and chugging riffs. Imagine a heavier, more disturbing NEU! with more unexpected twists and turns (and that’s just the jumping-off point). LP includes MP3 download code.

LP 16.50€* CD 13.50€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. Devastating 1st 7" from these teen Welsh punks, blazing through a quick set of peerless first-generation hardcore. Racing drums, desperate vocals and an absolutely incendiary chainsaw guitar attack make this one for the ages, sounding as every bit as vital and powerful now as it did back then. Another reissue culled from the No Future archives and getting the proper format it deserves for the first time in over thirty years! High quality pressing in repro sleeve with insert.

7" 6.50€*


POST-PUNK. Brooklyn outfit PARTS & LABOR has dramatically altered their wall-of-sound: Their 4th album, "receivers", finds PARTS & LABOR using on open spaces, longer movements, expansive arrangements and loftier goals. On 8 epic tracks, "receivers" showcases the band's catchiest and darkest moods to date, reveling in a growing dynamic sensibility only hinted at in their previous work. They are now utilizing the full possibilities of a band that was once a scrappy punk trio, and now a mature art-rock quartet. It's a heady mix of psych, noise, and pop influenced by the arty minimalism of WIRE, the surreal pop of early ENO, and even the spaced out psychedelia of "dark side"-era PINK FLOYD.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.50€*


POST-PUNK. "constant future" is the career-defining statement from Brooklyn-based noise-pop trio PARTS & LABOR. The album's 12 tracks deliver the bare essentials that made them sui generis totems of modern art-punk: synthesized keyboard riffs distorted into oblivion, percussion pummeled hypnotically, crackling drones that haunt and soothe, fearless melodies hollered skyward. Thw 5th album "constant future" finds them crashing back to earth, focusing pointedly on what they do best: unique, electronic landscapes melded with buzzing, anthemic hooks. PARTS & LABOR have distilled the lessons and experiences of nearly 10 years as a band into a catchy, blown-out masterwork. LP includes MP3 download card.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. PARTY BY THE SLICE are Milwaukee's crushing d-beating, pizza eating, hardcore ripping jerks. Very much a faster version of the crusty bands you love. Talented, attractive, and tougher than leather. MALPARIDO represents the great country of New Zealand but blasts those sheep-sheering stereotypes out of the water. Non-stop LOS CRUDOS and LIMP WRIST worship blasting.

7" 4.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. It is the individuals that compose PAS CHIC CHIC that best define the originality, energy and identity of the band. All the band members have come very different yet illustrious musical backgrounds that have morphed into the unique sound that makes PAS CHIC CHIC (featuring members of GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, CURSED, A SILVER MT. ZIONLEM IN MY HEART, COBRA NOIR, THE BLACK HAND, and IRE). Their fractured melodies, cinematic arrangements, driving rhythms and retro-futuristic synths simultaneously bring to mind psychedelia, shoegaze and tropicalia. This is pop music with one foot in the past and the other, way into the distant future. Comes on 180gr wax and contains the MP3 download code!

LP 14.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Der fünfte Longplayer von PASCOW, "diene der party" entpuppt sich gleich beim ersten Hören als zweifellos pascowesk. Deutschsprachiger Punk-Rock, schnell, hart, ehrlich und direkt. Gewachsene Qualitäten ausbauen, neue entdecken - so könnte man den Longplayer mit 15 Songs zusammenfassen. Wo in früheren Werken Texte stärker codiert wurden, stehen heute klare Aussagen im Mittelpunkt. Diese musikalische Vertrautheit, der Sound, an dem wir PASCOW seit mehr als 15 Jahren unmittelbar erkennen. Ein extrem facettenreiches Album.

LPcol 14.00€*


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