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GARAGE-ROCK. It has been an interesting journey since RADIO BIRDMAN front man Rob Younger formed THE NEW CHRISTS in 1984 to support Iggy Pop on his Australian tour of that year. Like a curse, THE NEW CHRISTS' recorded output returns to haunt them. Which is to say that inevitable comparisons to the band's 1st long-player "distemper" that roll out whenever a fresh album hits the racks will be back. Four full albums in 28 years isn't prodigious anyway.

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POST-PUNK. Hailing from Oakland, California, THE NEW FLESH delivers driving, melodic dark post-punk with the speed and aggression of hardcore. These somber but upbeat songs deal with issues of the personal, political and an intersection of both: alienation within the context of capitalism. Featuring members of NEON PISS, DESKONOCIDOS, and VAASKA. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€*


POP-PUNK. This 2009 7" preceded the band's Epitaph debut, "not without a fight", and features the track "don't let her pull you down" which appeared on the album and the b-side, "i'm the fool", which is exclusive to this release.

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POP-PUNK. On March 27th and 28th of 2013, NEW FOUND GLORY played 2 sold-out shows at Southern California's Chain Reaction. The entirety of their set was recorded and has been assembled as NEW FOUND GLORY's 1st live release, aptly titled "kill it live". This album features the band's 17-song live set as well as 3 brand new songs. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLPcol 22.00€* DigiCD 13.00€*


POP-PUNK. Following 2008's "tip of the iceberg" release , NEW FOUND GLORY proved that they were still doing what they've perfected over the last decade - fast and infectiously catchy punk. On their 7th full-length release, NEW FOUND GLORY come out swinging. From the opening notes it is clear that the undisputed heavyweights of pop-punk are back to reclaim their crowns with the infectious choruses and spirited guitars that made them champs. Taking on the timeless topics of friendship, broken hearts.

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POP-PUNK. In conjunction with the new full-length, 6131 Records has teamed up with Epitaph Records to release the "radiosurgery" 7". This 7" features "radiosurgery", the 1st single off the album of the same name, and "giving up on me", which is exclusive to this release.

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POP-PUNK. NEW FOUND GLORY's 2011 studio album "radiosurgery" sees the band continuing that journey while simultaneously paying homage to the bands that influenced them to pick up instruments as teenagers. From the GREEN DAY-influenced opener "radiosurgery" to melodic, upbeat anthems the songs on "radiosurgery" sound undeniably like NEW FOUND GLORY but also have a timeless pop-punk feel that will invariably appeal to both veteran and new fans. Vinyl version includes copy of CD in slip-sleeve.

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POP-PUNK. Formed in 1997, Florida's NEW FOUND GLORY have been darlings of the pop-punk scene with brief radio success and a melodic and upbeat sound that can appeal to the masses and young hardcore kids alike.

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POP-PUNK. Originally released in 2002 and never before available on vinyl, this now-classic album from NEW FOUND GLORY is available on LP with a gatefold-cover.

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POP-PUNK. This 3 track 7" is a unique release that is generating excitement and raising a few eyebrows. Features 2 original songs that are sure to become fan favorites and a GORILLA BISCUITS cover paying homage to a band that inspired NEW FOUND GLORY in their early days, showing new fans where NEW FOUND GLORY came from and old fans that NEW FOUND GLORY didn't forget their roots.

7"pic 7.00€* 7" 5.50€*


HARDCORE. With "what did i say?", Seattle's NEW GODS takes a break from their diet of early '80s hardcore and trip forward in time to Seattle in the '90s. This follow-up to NEW GODS' self-released debut piles on the fuzz as the freight train rhythm section plows along under the sometimes sung, sometimes yelled vocals. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 7.00€*


INDIE/EMO-PUNK. After a full-length on Eyeball Records, New Jersey's NEW LONDON FIRE has gone their own way with this album that takes cues from bands like THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM and LUCERO. Flawless emo- and pop-punk consonance delivers gushing melodies fused with terse and somber samples to create an aural blueprint of lustrous distinction. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.50€*


HARDCORE. "abhorrent endings" is the latest offering fromNEW LOWS crude, 5-song crusher that shows the band digging into the rubble in search of something darker and heavier than ever before. A purposefully unpolished and brilliantly flawed exercise in aural chaos that will leave you bruised yet wanting more. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 12.50€*


HARDCORE. NEW LOWS are one of Boston's heaviest hardcore bands. Featuring members of THINK I CARE, SO BE IT, THE PROWL, RIFF RAFF, and more, they take their direction from classics like RINGWORM and (early) BOLT THROWER. Where many contemporary bands wield a polished approach to being brutal, NEW LOWS wield a crude, blood soaked stone. Drop tuned riffing and bone shaking double bass, guttural vocals weave a tale of social decay and emotional survival. All of these qualities make "harvest of the carcass" infectiously cro-magnon in the best way possible. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 12.50€*


HARDCORE. With their debut full-length, NEW MORALITY has made a huge step forward bringing them from one of the new bands to "the" new band. The sound on "fear of nothing" is massive - the vocals are angrier than ever before and the 11 songs are more innovative then on their previous release. NEW MORALITY has always stood for pure hardcore, combining their maniacal appearance and unique emotional lyrical content and you simply have one of the most intense records to come out of Europe in years.

LP 11.50€* Digi 5.50€*


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