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PUNK/MELODYCORE. With their 1994 album "punk in drublic", NOFX truly hit their stride. The quartet didn't change their approach at all - at their core, they remain a heavy, speed-addled, hook-conscious, post-hardcore punk group - but their songwriting has improved, as has their attack. Prior to this record, they merely showed promise, but with "punk in drublic" they fulfilled their potential. This is a really good NOFX album.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. Before NOFX became the fathers of humorous but hard-edged punk rock, they were just four pretty obnoxious Californians with a penchant for fast music and dirty jokes. "ribbed" isn't exactly the group's breakthrough into content filled rock, but their typically hard-edged punk has enough dirty humor that anyone with their mind in the gutter should at least get few smirks over the course of the record.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. "ronnie & mags" is the 1st 7" from the upcoming NOFX full-length "self/entitled" and sees the band getting back to their roots, lambasting '80s punk-rock enemy #1 and his British counterpart. Musically, this is the aggressive hardcore that sparked the band's existence.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. NOFX recorded this at Westbeach Recorders in '89, once again with Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion). This album is one of NOFX's best. Some of the things about it are that Brett and Greg from BAD RELIGION do harmonies on a couple tracks, Fat Mike's voice sounds great on here (and ribbed), and NO FX has some humor on this one.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. First off, the album doesn’t really have a title, and since the moniker "self-titled" is so generic and clumsy, and since the band didn’t have the foresight or inclination to come up with a jazzy little symbol it has been informally dubbed the hardcore 10". The band got together and churned out some gritty, high energy covers of songs from the genre. The result is 9 unapologetically loud tracks that kick the listener in the teeth with the desperation and intensity of the '80s hardcore scene, while flashing the talent that has sustained NOFX’s iconic renown for over 25 years.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. After more than a quarter century as a band, not only is NOFX not slowing things down, but they're actually getting more aggressive. "self/entitled" is NOFX's 12th studio full-length, yet it feels as potent as any material they've ever released. Rather than drifting off into a land of forgettable and mindless rehashes of their older material like many other veteran acts, NOFX approached "self/entitled" with a reinvigorated virility. The 12 tracks fully embrace the hostile early L.A. punk sound while maintaining just the right amount of that trademark technical and melodic sound that NOFX is renowned for. Vinyl version includes a digital download card.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. Leading up to the release of "self-rntitled" and over the course of the following year the band put together a series of 7"s, each featuring 1 or 2 of the songs left over from the album recording session. "stoke extinguisher" represents the 4th and final installment of the series. The b-side is filled out by a rousing rendition of TONY SLY's "the shortest pier".

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. The classic NOFX mini-album. Includes "kill all the white man" and the slow version of "the longest line". El Hefe's 1st recording, and it shows.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. Part punk-rock show, part comedy hour, NO FX deliver an unforgettable performance, chock full of glaring mistakes, drunkenness, rants, and the general good time melee that their shows have become famous for! 24 songs (none of which were on the 12 live album 12 years ago), mixed with plenty of onstage commentary amount to an audio experience that makes you feel like you’re actually there. Most of the songs have new or different arrangements? Electric versions of acoustic songs, B-sides, and other rarities await you! This is not a studio record with canned applause between songs! DoLP version includes the CD as well!

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. In the holiday spirit, everyone's favorite punk-rock pranksters decided to take aim at 2 of their most beloved celebrations with their new 7". Because NOFX didn't want to play favorites between berating x-mas and new year's, they made the 7" a double a-side, giving both title tracks a shared billing and their own full artwork. "xmas has been x'ed" appeared on NOFX's most recent album, "self entitled", while "new year's revolution" was recorded specifically for this 7". The band also threw in a little bonus by adding a recently rerecorded and refreshed version of the rarity "wore out the soles of my party boots". All 3 tracks show the whip-smart sense of humor NOFX is known for and are paired with their signature speedy melodic instrumentation.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. "home street home: original songs from the shit musical", is a new punk-rock musical concept album by NOFX. It tells a story of survival and love among runaway teenagers living on the streets and features guest musicians & writers. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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PUNK/MELODYCORE. "home street home: seeping beauty" is a limited edition 7" featuring 1 song from the upcoming full-length "home street home: original songs from the shit musical" and 1 track exclusive to the 7". The songs blend the worlds of punk-rock and Broadway with help from an amazing collection of talent.

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POST/INDIE-ROCK. The sophomore release from this Chicago four-piece, "over leavitt" is 11 tracks of '90s-influenced punk-rock that has drawn comparisons to bands like HÜSKER DÜ, SUGAR, THE REPLACEMENTS, and BIG DRILL CAR. Filled to the brim with melodic hooks, catchy singalongs and a huge rock sound, "over leavitt" is a record that wouldn't be out of place in a dirty basement somewhere in Chicago. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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OI!/PUNK-ROCK. NOI!SE formed in Seattle in the 2009 and the chemistry was immediate as all band members had extremely varied influences but a common vision to make quality, melodic oi!/street-punk that reflected the band's perspective of the world around them. This is a compilation of all previously vinyl-only releases by the band including the sold-out debut, "walk beside us" 7", and the "this is who we are" 10". Colored (clear) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 12.50€* CD 11.00€*


OI!/PUNK-ROCK. NOI!SE is one of America's premier oi and street-punk bands and, with 2014's "the scars we hide", they continue to play melodic, upbeat punk-rock that takes cues from the classics like COCK SPARRER and newer stuff like BISHOPS GREEN. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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