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POST-PUNK-ROCK. NOMEANSNO have been at the music game for a very long time. "all roads lead to ausfahrt" features 14 tracks of extremely competent and sometimes compelling punk-rock. This time around, the band's longer, more complex and experimental pieces are where they fall short. NOMEANSNO has taken their own highway for a long time, but evidentially even that becomes middle of the road.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.00€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. Originall y released in 1998 by Alternative Tentacles, "dance of the headless bourgeoisie" was reissued on CD on the band's own Wrong Records in 2004, but it's taken them a while to get around to a vinyl reissue. The 10th album from NOMEANSNO was, and still is, a groundbreaking exploration of social and political lyrical statements and post-punk musical workouts. Back in the day, confused people liked to call this jazz-punk or jazzcore because it involved more than three chords and shock! horror! time changes! Re-issue comes on thick 180gr and is housed in a gatefold-cover.

DoLP 21.00€*


HARDCORE. Follow-up to their highly praised demo 7", NOMOS return with a one-side LP with an etched b-side. "notes from the acheron" deliver 6 rippers influenced equally by early '80s smashers like POISON IDEA, VOID and ANTIDOTE and early '90s hardcore such as CITIZENS ARREST and INFEST. Recorded by Will Killingsworth (Orchid etc.) and featuring artwork and layout by Vincent Smith.

LP 12.50€*


INDIE-POP/ROCK. NONA signed to 6131 Records with plans to release their wonderful, debut full-length, "through the head". The result is an album providing a great recorded representation of this incredible band. Now looking to the future, NONA will continue their quest to take their brand of infectiously poppy altrock to every basement and club that will have them, rocking all of them along the way. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 12.50€*


INDIE-POP/PUNK. Long overdue split 7" between these East-Coast bands. NONA hails from Pennsylvania and jam out here with 2 killer tracks of pop-punk soaked indie-rock. CROW BAIT is from Long Island and cranks out 2 alternative-rock melodic punk songs. Featuring members of IRON CHIC, SISTER SISTER and more. Vinyl includes a digital download card with bonus acoustic song from each.

7" 5.50€*


PUNK/MELODYCORE. NONE MORE BLACK has ended the seemingly interminable wait for new material with the promised full-length "icons". Constructed on a backbone of punk-rock learned in former bands (KID DYNAMITE, KILL YOUR IDOLS, NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD), the songs on "icons" flourish into something much more dramatic. The gruff intonations and captivating melodies of the vocals are complemented by a complex layering of ambitious instrumentation, which, when brought together, achieve a nearly indescribable result.

LP 14.00€*


PUNK/MELODYCORE. NONE MORE BLACK’s 2nd full-length "this is satire" pretty much defines the history and attitude of the group. In the years since their inception the band has gone through a few member changes. While singer/guitarist Jason and bassist Paul have remained constant, the 2 have struggled to keep it together. With the addition Colin (PAINT IT BLACK) on guitar and drummer Jared (THE HOPE CONSPIRACY), the struggle is over, and NONE MORE BLACK find themselves in peak form. Perseverance has paid off in the 13 tracks that make up "this is satire". NONE MORE BLACK created a truly diverse album, picking up where the band’s previous material left off, but heading forward in the direction of straight up rock!

LP 14.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. The Chicago vegan-straight-edge returns to React! Records, this time to take a moment, pause and look back upon the twisted path of shocked, offended and alienated witnesses left in their wake. Compiling "it's your time", "the war of all against all", "depraved indifference" and obscure compilation tracks, "the moral law" is the definitive collection of NOOSE's recorded output to date - 20 tracks of hate-filled philosophical rants you probably strongly disagree with or at least feel uncomfortable admitting to in public. Vegan-straight-edge played like it completely missed the '90s. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Chicago's NOOSE, standard-bearers of the vegan-straight-edge, has unleashed an 7" destined to upset parents and meat-eaters everywhere. "the war of all against all" contains 6 songs best described as nasty, brutish and short, taking cues from early Boston crew bands. Inspired by the moral law, "the war of all against all" is certain to satisfy anyone with a taste for justice. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.00€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. This is the long overdue re-press of "erode the person" full-length. NOOTHGRUSH was/is one of the most influential sludge and doom bands. This is "erode the person" as it was originally intended to be released, as a LP with 6 tracks and the original artwork. Vinyl comes with nice leaflet, inclusive linernotes and poster. NOOTHGRUSH is one of the #3 sludge bands!

LP 12.50€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. Originally released in 2001 on the now-defunct Slap-A-Ham Records, "failing early failing often" compiles 18 tracks taken from 8 different sessions recorded between 1995 and 1997 from this heralded California sludge-hardcore band.

DoLP 24.00€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. NOOTHGRUSH was one of the 1st important and influential doom/sludge bands from the '90s who were frequent guests at the legendary Slap-A-Ham festivals and toured several times. "live for nothing" is a compilation of 2 live radio broadcasts capturing 18 tracks and the band at their peak. Vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover.

DoLP 19.00€* CD 10.00€*


POST-METAL. New Prosthetic signings NORTH present the 1st of 2 monolithic doom, metal recordings on super limited vinyl pressings. Long out-of-print, a towering collection of sparse atmospheres and colossal riffs for appreciators of NEUROSIS, JESU, SLINT, KYLESA and ENGINE KID. "metanoia", which was self-released in limited quantities last year displays the sludgy brand of doom - a wall of crushing, psychedelia-tinged post-Neur-Isis mania. This is accompanied as a separate release by "siberia", which has been out-of-print for years, showcases the group's compelling origins as a post-metal instrumental outfit.

MLP 13.50€*


INSTRUMENTAL/POST-METAL. New Prosthetic signings NORTH present the 2nd monolithic recordings on super limited vinyl. "siberia", which has been out-of-print for years, showcases the group's compelling origins as a post-metal instrumental outfit. This is accompanied as a separate release by "metanoia". which was self-released in limited quantities in 2014 and displays the sludgy brand of doom and a wall of crushing, psychedelia-tinged post-NUROSIS-ISIS mania.

LP 17.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. Canadian-born Matt Goud's solo project, NORTHCOTE, features honest rock songs written from the passenger seat of a Dodge van. Twelve songs filled with grooving, soul drums, horns, bouncy basslines, atmospheric guitar and sign-along group vocals. Punk-rock roots but catchy enough for any casual music fan to enjoy. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 13.00€*


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