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INDIE-POP. "all day" contains 4 songs of reinvention tinged with underlying familiarity. Combining segues of instrumentation and melody that crescendo into beautiful harmony, the opening track is an instant classic and sets an apt tone for "all day". Track 2 leans heavily on vocal harmonies, track 3 takes a minimalist approach as a bare piano track. The most widely talked about song, however, is the last one, a startling cover of DAVID BOWIE's "starman". 180gr thick vinyl version includes coupon for free mp3 of the entire album.

MLP 11.00€*


INDIE-POP. Originally released in 2000, this is a re-release of the MATES OF STATE's critically acclaimed, difficult-to-find, yet highly sought-after debut album. "My solo project" is a tremendous debut full-length from San Francisco's MATES OF STATE. With organ, drums, and belted-out boy-girl harmonies, the MATES OF STATE crank out a giant, joyous pop sound that needs no overdubbing or ornamentation to convey its exuberance. MATES OF STATE have built a freshness all their own, rejuvenating indie-pop with unbelievable vigor. 180gr Vinyl version includes coupon for free mp3 of the entire album.

LP 13.50€*


From dancey and crazy, to simple and sweet, the ultra-likeable, uber-intriguing husband and wife duo of Jason & Kori Hammel deliver an organ and drums driven pop album that's brimming with boy-girl harmonies.

LP 12.50€*


GRINDCORE. This is a total raw grinding split release. SUFFERING MIND with live recording from a show in Wroclaw 2012 - 6 songs of sheer grindcore. MATKA TERESA deliver raw rehearsal tracks. This is fastcore grind full of noise!

7" 5.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. "emblems" is the 4th MATT POND PA album and is being issued on vinyl for the 1st time (and includes 3 bonus songs). "emblems" is the most popular MATT POND PA album and introduced the band to a to a wider audience. Double vinyl is limited to 1000 copies, comes on 180gr. and includes a MP3 download card.

DoLP 19.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. Over the course of 6 acclaimed albums, MATT POND has composed a world of poetic characters and bittersweet melodies. Each release presents a new emotional arc, drawing fans in closer with personal lyrics and endearing hooks. "last light" offers the most dynamic glimpse of this world yet. Set against Matt's pastoral imagery, this collection of songs follows a path from hopeless longing to the hope of new love - exploring all the delicate twists, turns, rifts, and revelations in between. Double vinyl comes on 180gr. and includes a MP3 download card.

DoLP 16.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. “the dark leaves” is the band’s 7th album. Compared with their last 2 records in particular, it’s a moody and subdued collection. Perhaps it doesn’t set a new benchmark like “several arrows later” but in its own, mild-mannered, quiet sort of way, it shares its predecessors' gifts. It’s the kind of record that demands your focused attention. Only with deep, concentrated listening are its true charms realized. It’s 10 tracks and it clocks in at just under 40min.. Brevity and subtlety give the illusion of slightness, but this record has surprising depth. Limited colored LP includes MP3 download code.

LPcol 15.50€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. Best known for his work as the frontman of THE GET UP KIDS and the NEW AMSTERDAMS, MATT PRYOR puts forth his 2nd solo full-length, with 12 heartfelt tracks. Vinyl version includes a CD.

LP+CD 16.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. This is a split release from 2002 featuring Matt Skiba from THE ALKALINE TRIO and Kevin Seconds from 7 SECONDS with 5 songs from each artist. Both Matt and Kevin play all the instruments on their recordings - extremely heartfelt music that will have you singing along instantly.

LPcol 15.00€*


POST/INDIE-ROCK. The day has finally come! MATTHEW COOPER's spellbinding soundtrack to "some days are better than others" since before his creative breakthrough album, "similes" (released under his more widely known ELUVIUM moniker) was even made. The film stars James Mercer (Broken Bells, The Shins) and Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney) as strangers whose lives occasionally intersect as they navigate their way through the struggles of personal attachment and disconnection.

LP 16.00€*


POST-PUNK. After great success in Sweden with both BEAR QUARTET and MABD, Mattias decided to go solo. This resulted in "nerverna". His best and most accomplished album to date. The music is simple and rooted in proto punk band like VELVET UNDERGROUND and Jonathan Richman but all held together by Mattias incredible lyrics. With this album he once again proves that he is one of the best and most interesting lyricists in Sweden. Taking the normal and ordinary and turning it into spectacular words and meanings. For fans of CRAMPS, VELVET UNDERGROUND, MODERN LOVERS and GUN CLUB!

LP 13.00€*


HARDCORE. MATURE SITUATIONS, the band, was borne of the need to trivialize the grievances and tribulations of the elderly - so as to anger karma and preemptively flip off the inevitable pants-shitting, Viagra-snorting, hip-replacing, sour-milk smelling future of all men. Is nothing sacred? "old hands" deliever 4 new songs, featuring Chris Colohan (LEFT FOR DEAD, CURSED). Nice well-down Dead Kennedys art-work rip-off.

7" 4.50€*


DOOM/PSYCHEDILIC-ROCK. "a sign of time" is psychedelic- doom-rock re-invented. As a listener you'll get disposed to a soul of rawness and deep emotions baptised in a hallicunant pool of atmosphere out of which comes a rearing beast, that shows it's real power. Intensity and experience are keywords of the record and the new live set that comes with it.

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Massive speed fueled punk madness from Gainesville, Florida. Influenced by Japanese killers FRAMTID, MAUSER is drum-focused and driving, with simple and brutal punk riffs covered in distortion. On their 1st release, "end of the line", they played a couple mid-tempo rockers, but this is mostly straight forward hardcore-punk noise! They set themselves aside from most of the crappy noise-punk coming out of the US by actually being able to write great songs and having an incredibly clear, powerful and harsh recording. US-pressing!

LP 14.00€*


NEW-WAVE/POST-PUNK. MAX AND THE MAKEUPS is an oft-overlooked new-wave band from Texas who had a style somewhere between X and THE GO-GO'S. All of the songs except "zerox" were re-mastered from tapes. "zerox" is the only studio master track from 1981. The 2 live tracks were recorded at Austin's Club Foot in 1982.

LP 16.00€*


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