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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "for my parents" is the new album by MONO, the Japanese quartet who - over the course of half a dozen albums in twice as many years - has followed their own muse, and in the process has become one of the most distinctive bands of the 21st century. They are an instrumental-rock band whose melodies have grown increasingly lyrical, with increasingly transcendent execution. There is no doubting a MONO song when you hear it, and no denying their uncanny ability to feel perfectly at home in both pristine symphony halls and dirty rock clubs. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. Japanese innovative rockers MONO bring their most thoughtful and eclectic album to date, all while continuing the band's trademark wall of noise crashing beautifully against the largest chamber orchestra the band has ever enlisted, incorporating strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tympani into their set-up, possibly appealing to fans of bands like EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, SIGUR ROS, MOGWAI and GRAILS.

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "the last dawn" and "rays of darkness" are a pair of new albums by MONO. Recorded simultaneously yet conceptually and creatively disparate, the 2 act as both opposing and complementary sides to a story. "rays of darkness" is the 1st MONO album in 15 years to feature no orchestral instruments whatsoever. Instead, "rays of darkness" more closely resembles a jet engine taking off inside a small, crowded auditorium. It is MOMO's blackest album ever, a collection of scorched riffs, doom rhythms and an unexpected contribution from post-hardcore pioneer Tetsu Fukagawa of ENVY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "the last dawn" and "rays of darkness" is a pair of new albums by MONO. Recorded simultaneously yet conceptually and creatively disparate, the 2 act as both opposing and complementary sides to a story. "the last dawn" is the 1st of these 2 companion albums, and is the lighter of the 2, thematically and melodically. It contains undoubtedly some of MONO's strongest songs ever, drawing on an array of influences from minimalist film score to vintage shoegaze. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "walking cloud and deep red sky, flag fluttered and the sun shined" Tokyo, Japan's MONO are a peculiar group. Their early recordings are a visceral homage to their past and present heroes - the documents of a band boasting an impressive symphony of sound in spite of their relatively small line-up. This flourish of hopeful creativity was captured by Steve Albini in the form of the 8 pieces that make up their 3rd album. More lush and orchestral than previous recordings, the album couples an overall slow-melting ambience with a thunderous drive that reaches far greater heights than the band's earlier work.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. MÖNSTER was formed a couple years ago by ex-members of HIGHSCORE, BORN DEAD ICONS, INSUICIETY and COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE who all stayed in Berlin at that time. What was originaly meant as some sort of project became a regular band which was quicky noticed by punks worldwide through their debut "death before disorder". Fast hardcore with notable Scandinavian and Portland sound, good measure of rocking riffs and a classic straight forward hardcore feel which probably comes from the fact that most of the boys have been in hardcore-punk bands the last 10-15 years. Album comes in a special diecut LP cover and inner sleeve.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. MÖNSTER was formed in 2004 by Alexandre (BORN DEAD ICONS, ex-THE BLACK HAND), Jobst (PEACE OF MIND, HIGHSCORE), Marek (INSUICIETY) and Matthias (A THIN RED LINE, COSTA´S CAKE HOUSE). The band started as a project, but after realizing that such a good chemistry shouldn’t be blown off in the air, decision was made to take it out of the practice space. In terms of sound, comparisons have been made to the modern Swedish-Crust-Portland blabla sound with a good measure of rocking riffs and a classic straight forward hardcore feel.

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HARDCORE. This is the new split release by Berlins MÖNSTER and their friends from DAYMARES out of Poland. MÖNSTER deliever once more their highly explosive mixture of modern Swedish/Portland-d-beat sound with a good measure of AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD inspired riffs and classic straight forward hardcore - good as usual. DAYMARES have crafted an excellent, heavy as hell counterpart that combines hardcore, metal and death 'n’ roll into a ticking, time-bomb of catchy, pummeling hardcore that is well-worth picking up - firmly planting the band somewhere between ENTOMBED, GENOCIDE SS and TRAGEDY.

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PSYCHEDELIC-ROCK/METAL. In a musical era dominated by Nirvana and grunge, New Jersey native Dave Wyndorf and his MONSTER MAGNET managed to set the world on fire with an abrasive bash of retro hard-rock. A simple rehashing of LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH-riffs would never do, and so they set their drug-damaged minds to redefining those riffs to psychedelic effect, creating their own brand of '70s inspired space-rock. Released in 1993, "superjudge" is their 2nd album. The band somewhat abandon the feedback-heavy jams of their debut in favor of groovy, and dare we say catchy, songs that still sound gritty enough to get that essential stoner feel. Vinyl got re-pressed on 180gr vinyl.

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PUNK-HARDCORE. With one critically acclaimed full-length album and a handful of 7" under their belt, Northern California's MONSTER SQUAD have establishing themselves as the number one contenders in the American "street punk" scene. Opening tours for heavyhitters such as the Casualties, the Lower Class Brats and the Unseen, MONSTER SQUAD have joined their tour alumni, teaming up with New York's Punk Core records to dominate the world. This energetic and hard-hitting band's unique and aggressive style has earned them a rabid cult following, the likes of which has not been seen from the street punk scene in years. MONSTER SQUAD endeavor to outdo their own admittedly high standards with their 2nd full-length album, "Fire the faith".

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GARAGE/PUNK-ROCK. THE MONSTERS where formed in Bern, Switzerland back in 1986 , they recorded "mask" as their 1st album in 1989 in an edition of 666 records, they where sold out pretty fast and never reprinted again. 24 jears of silence the original 2" master tapes were found this trash-billy-desaster is available and reborn again. The lyrics are as stupid as it gets . This is an album from teenagers with the attitude to go in a studio with a love for rockabilly, and garage-punk.

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GARAGE-PUNK. Chainsaw massacre garage-rock at it's best from Switzerlands own trash loonies. "pop up yours" is a mixture of rockabilly and garage-punk. THE MONSTERS transformed themselfs into real trash-monsters. The Music is straped down to a minimum, guitar, bass and two drums - thats THE MONSTERS - ultra simple. The only cover version on that album is From Germany's legends SCORPIONS with "speedy coming". So welcome to the world of THE MONSTERS - simple, raw one riff trash rock. LP includes a CD version.

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HARDCORE. "anyone but you" is the 2nd 7" to be released from Southern California's newest heavyweights, MONUMENT TO THIEVES. While only having been a band since late 2008, MONUMENT TO THIEVES features members of such bands as THROWDOWN, FORCE OF CHANGE and many more, so it is no mystery that they not only know what they are doing. "anyone but you" features 2 tracks and the 7" includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. MONUMENT TO THIEVES is a southern California hardcore band. While passing on the traditional messages of hardcore and unity, the band also dives heavily into current events, social struggles/issues and political injustice. They may be new to the game, but with members from THROWDOWN, ADAMANTIUM, FORCE OF CHANGE, THE MISTAKE etc., it's obvious they are veterans to the scene. MONUMENT TO THIEVES would like to take advantage of this and help spread positive ideas and bring light to issues they feel are worth the attention. Colored LP includes a CD copy of the album.

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POST-PUNK. After 2 self-released CDRs MONOZID from Leipzig went to the studio to record their debut album. The 12 tracks switches between catchy uptempo tunes and sophisticated instrumentals and some more. This is wavey post-punk as it's best. If you dig bands like FLIEHENDE STÜRME you should listen to MONOZID!

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