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HARDCORE/PUNK. MDC (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS), the indestructible American political hardcore-punk institution with a great split with the Swedish straight-edge band IRON. Green Day used their live-performance on the American Music Awards for an alternate coverversion of MDCs classic "born to die" with new lyrics: "no trump, no KKK, no fascist USA". Based on the media echo MDC recorded their own version and publish it for the 1st time on this 7". IRON from Malmö deliver 2 new and exclusive songs. Once more fast-paced sxe-hardcore of the very best sort. Think of DS-13 or VITAMIN X and you know which avalanche you will be dealing with. Viny comes with foldout-cover and includes a digital download card.

7" 5.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. After being long out-of-print for some time, Beer City present the restored and remastered version of the MDC & THE RESTARTS "mobocracy" split. "mobocracy" takes 2 ass-kicking bands from opposite sides of the pond and brings them together in a way that few split LPs can. The legendary MDC starts out on side one with 7 fast and furious hardcore-punk songs that will remind you of the ferociousness of MDC's 1st self-titled album. Side-b brings you 8 raw, street-punk anthems that THE RESTARTS are know for.

LPcol 16.50€*


METAL-PUNK. After the accidental suicide deaths of 3 drummers, MDK had the legendary Hiroaki Ishiyama flewn in from the small village of Kagoshimaken, Japan to record for this special release. This is an onslaught of blasphemous dark noisy metal-hardcore-doom fuck. This release contains 3 blasphemous attacks of noisy beer hardcore shit punk in-your-face metal. All copies (1st edition on blue) come with a nice glossy cover and includes a digital download card.

7" FLEXI 4.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. After spreading their wings a bit on the "sing in japanese" release, punk super-group and cover band extraordinaire ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES is back to the comfy confines of singing in their native tongue with the release of their 1st full-length studio album in 8 years, "are we not men? we are diva" As the name of the album implies, their latest offering tackles the soaring refrains of 12 of the most beloved divas in music. Celine, Cher, Madonna, Christina, Boy George - all the greats, done up in the way that only the punk-rock prima donnas from the Gimmes can. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€* DigiCD 13.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. Since forming in 2006, MEAN JEANS has become one of the better-known bands of the Pacific Northwest punk scene for their chaotic but relentless attack, raucous live shows and fierce commitment to the art of partying. With 2 full-lengths under their belts on Dirtnap Records and a slew of 7"s, MEAN JEANS partnered up with Fat Wreck Chords for this 3-song 7" with the title track "nite vision" coming from their forthcoming album along with 2 exclusive b-sides, giving the people an introduction to their simple garage style rock 'n' roll with all the hooks, energy and humor and just enough Ramones to satisfy all MEAN JEANS fans old and new.

7" 6.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. This epic 20 song collection comps singles, compilation appearances, a few covers (WHITE WIRES, BIG EYES, SPARKS) and 1 track from deep in the vaults making its vinyl debut. It’s all covered, from their earliest 2 piece recordings, to the 1st album era with Howie Doodat on bass, to their current, slightly (but not much!) more polished lineup with Junior Jeans. This compilation shows the band at their rawest, oftentimes most goofy and irreverent, and oftentimes best. Pick it up. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.50€*


HARDCORE. This is collection of all of MEAN SEASON's out-of-print studio recordings. "the memory and i still suffer in love" is 19 tracks of pioneering, early '90s, metallic hardcore, 3 of which have never been released. It includes both their releases on New Age, various compilation tracks. Colored vinyl is housed in a gatefold-cover.

DoLPcol 21.00€* CD 13.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. After more than two decades since releasing their cult classic album '10% Weird', iconic Melbourne pub-rock-punks THE MEANIES are officially back, with their new full length "it's not me, it's you". 2014 saw the band re-master and re-release their entire album catalogue on vinyl through local label Poison City, and the band teamed up with Australia's premier punk imprint to bring you 10 blasts of buzz-saw, punk goodness! "it's not me, it's xou" is a short, punchy celebration of the band's winning sound.

LPcol 16.00€*


HARDCORE. "reality or nothing" is the 1st full-length release since 1999. MEANWHILE never wavered from the trademark heavy hardcore that sweden and themselves as part of the old-guard, are known for. "reality or nothing" contains 14 songs of loud, proud, uncompromising hardcore. This is the band at their rawest and most aggressive. Members were/are also in: TOTALITÄR, DISFEAR, NO SECURITY, IMPERIAL LEATHER, AARITILA, KRIGSHOT, DISCHANGE, VARUKERS, etc.. Heavy tip-on sleeves!

LP 11.00€*


HARDCORE. MEANWHILE's 1st release - this CD only album from 1994, put to vinyl. Mean, inyourface heavy hardcore. This was originally released just after their album under the name DISCHANGE and features 14 pounding raw tracks of DISCHARGE influenced Swedish d-beat hardcore. Members were/are also in: TOTALITÄR, DISFEAR, NO SECURITY, IMPERIAL LEATHER, AARITILA, KRIGSHOT, DISCHANGE, VARUKERS, etc..

LP 11.00€*


HARDCORE. Classic swedish d-beat hardcore. No frills, just angry bare-bones hardcore that takes the DISCHARGE formula and runs with it. If you own one record in the genre, this should be it. Members were/are also in: TOTALITÄR, DISFEAR, NO SECURITY, IMPERIAL LEATHER, AARITILA, KRIGSHOT, DISCHANGE, VARUKERS, etc..

LP 11.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. THE MEASURE have laid it all on the line here in their 2nd full-length "notes", wherein they continue their tradition of Left Coast-inspired pop-punk that leaves no room for metaphor or horseplay. They play at two speeds: fast and faster. Is the buzz in the guitars or the mix? Rising above the fray, both vocals weave around each other with a cutting cross-examination of self, society, and scene. In the context of a band's life, "notes" would be filed under dark sophomore release and greatest leap forward in confidence and songwriting. Vinyl comes with a MP3 download code.

LP 12.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. On "songs about people", New Brunswick's THE MEASURE (SA) continue to crank out melodic, upbeat melodic-punk, following the formula they use on heir countless splits and 7"s, creating a sound comparable to FIFTH HOUR HERO or an amped up DISCOUNT. Contains 8 of their best songs to date! Colored vinyl available.

LP 13.50€*


POST-PUNK. MEAT WAVE is constantly being asked about its name, though it gets why you keep on doing it. Formed in 2011 the 3 Chicago punk scene stalwarts came together and, just a year later, released its self-titled full-length, through that was never the intention. "delusion moon" is a record that's varies, versatile, and endlessly venomous, offering biting social criticism the way only MEAT WAVE can - raw, grungy drive of distorted guitars, pounding drums and a fittingly repetitive lyric that will no doubt embed itself in your mind. For fans of current acts like DIAMOND YOUTH, METZ or classics like SHELLAC and HOT SNAKES. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This lovingly titled record leans a little too far towards the disgusting side. A few of the songs are more generalized than anything on the first one. Most of these songs aren't instant classics like the ones on the debut, but they'll grow on you, if you like this kind of crap. Same old catchy, poorly-produced obnoxious hate hardcore-punk. THE MEATMEN simply inspire a polite young man to shout "fuck you" every once in a while.

LP 13.50€*


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