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HARDCORE. BLOODTYPE is an old style straight-edge hardcore band from New Jersey. Their side has a nice gritty recording quality while the vocals have a snotty, aggressive punk sound. A good comparison would be listening to a record by THE ABUSED or LIFE'S BLOOD. INJ/SYS (former BIG-RATS) are from Florida. Fast hardcore played over a early '80s style scissor beat ala NEGATIVE FX or KORO. Many stops and starts, quick tempo changes, often delving into a more traditional punk beat for a mighty circle pit. Modern influences would be bands like WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? or AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Recorded and released in 1996, this 7" was the debut from Philadelphia's vampires INK & DAGGER who took a dark, melodic and unique spin on hardcore. This colored vinyl re-issue is limited to 666 copies and includes a MP3 download code.

7"col 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Picking up where their last 7" was headed with a little more influence from bands like SYSTEMATIC DEATH and LIPCREAM, while still bringing that unmistakable Clevo crunch via members of basically every band from Cleveland since the '90s, including (H-100S, CIDER, 9 SHOCS TERROR, GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS, INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD, ANNIHILATION TIME and a million more...) But 1st and foremost this is an INMATES record which means raw, bile-spitting hardcore, played by a group of lifers that are aging like the finest of wines.

LP 16.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-ROCK. Two new songs of spacious, psychedelic, progressive-rock from this Southern California bands. Both dynamic tracks drawing influences from LED ZEPPLIN, PINK FLOYD and TORTOISE. 500 pressed on stunning splatter vinyl. The artwork is incredible, too!

MLPcol 9.00€*


PUNK/SKA-ROCK. "tales of terror" took ages to finally be released since the band wasn't too happy with any previous mixes until now. At last "tales of terror" is ready to hit your record player. Satisfyingly thick distortion sandwiches prickly ska on nearly every track and the album is peppered with welcome descents into the experimental realms of dub. The lyrics are brimming with political disdain; passionately decrying outmoded laws, speaking out against the UK’s dubious foreign policy and rejecting aspects of society few have barely questioned. This was well worth the wait - 14 tracks devided on a double LP, wrapped in a nice gatefold and huge booklet.

DoLP 14.00€*


DEATH-METAL. After a wait that seemed to stretch aeons this split slab of godly sick death-metal see the light of life. INNUMERABLE FORMS return with their vision of frozen misery, now fully realized in the tradition of early DISGRACE and DEMIGOD, presented with the heaviest Paincave recording to date. BLESSED OFFAL in turn, bring 4 songs, recorded between their masterful CD and MLP, with a more direct approach to their filth-caked mix of classic INCANTATION and MORBID ANGEL stench.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Coming from Mexico, a country where street executions and drug Lords are at war with everybody, INSERVIBLES can be described as the soundtrack of the Mexican nightmare. Their blazing hardcore-thrash, reminiscent of bands like RAW POWER or VOID but in a totally deranged, odd lo-fi sound. The 13 tracks contained in this LP may bring to mind some of those bands but there is something else behind all those layers of filth they call music. Housed in a tasteless jacket.

LP 14.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. INSERVIBLES is probably coolest, most relevant Mexican band of the past 10-20 years. Hyper negative/realistic attitude with a well-informed and loose sound that brings to mind UNITED MUTATION or CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS. Recorded via 4-track with access to a delay pedal. Everybody always says deranged, weird, disturbed, yeah probably, it always helps to have something to be pissed about. But one should also note their keen abilities as songwriters, to write powerful and memorable hardcore songs that never stray inappropriately into rock or metal or speed. Just straight-forward mastery of all the things we love about hardcore-punk.

7" 6.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. A joint effort between Japanese label Alliance Trax and Six Feet Undser. This is the debut 7" from Tokyo, Japan's INSIDE who take a harder approach to their 7" than they did to the demo. They're mixing late '90s US influences with late '80s NYC hardcore. Think JUDGE, UNBROKEN, and FOUNDATION mixed into one with all the vocals in Japanese (with English translation in the lyric sheet). Colored vinyl includes a MP3 download card.

7"col 5.50€*


HARDCORE. Quite possibly the most popular release ever on Revelation Records. Intelligent and introspective lyrics combined with one of the most intense and heartfelt vocal performances ever captured on a hardcore record make this a must have for any fan of the genre. Features Zack de la Rocha of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE on vocals. New pressing now available on gold vinyl.

7"col 6.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. "happy loneliness" is the heavily anticipated 2nd studio album and a brilliant and broody follow-up to last year's ripping "no escape". On "happy loneliness" you'll get 8 melodic driving punk-rock. This is yet again fresh, catchy, snotty and still raw - mid paced and catchy as hell. A big step up for them as well, throwing in a strong dark influence with twisted hooks and desperate lyrical content. It reminds of the ZERO BOYS, ADOLESCENTS and newer bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS and YOUNG WASTENERS. The production has a real late '70s rock influenced punk sound. Colored (red) vinyl is limited to 1000 copies!

LPcol 7.50€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. "walking on the string" contains 4 songs of killer spanish punk for fans of old punk and hardcore where the song matters a little more than the noise. Catchy as hell, but still hardcore in the way that REAGAN YOUTH, BLITZ and DESCENDENTS were. This is also a must have for fans of bands like PELIGRO SOCIAL or NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS.

7" 2.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. On their 1st two 7"s, Umea, Sweden's INSTÄNGD made a name for themselves by pounding out some of the rawest and snottiest early '80s-inspired hardcore around, and they continue that trend on this 7". This time around, the production is a little clearer with a more powerful drum sound and a biting, obnoxious, yet clear, guitar sound, but the music is still all about the primitiv energy. You'll get 6 songs that will have you confused about whether to hum along or just punch yourself in the face. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 4.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The new wave of hardcore-punk that goes back to the roots of the '80s hardcore rawpunk. This is the 2nd offering from these Umea hardcore-punks! On "konkret och brutal" you'll get 6 new '82 flavoured hits paying homage to scandinavian classics like HEADCLEANERS/HUVUDTVATT and even MINOR THREAT. Really nice and raging!

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Sweden's INSTÄNGD are a new band featuring members of REGULATIONS and TRISTESS, but they don't sound anything like the melodic-punk of those bands. On "Mitt svar pa ingenting", INSTANGD take as their main influence old, barbaric scandinavian hardcore-punk like HEADCLEANERS, HUVUDTVATT, MISSBRUKARNA, or S.O.D. (the swedish one). If you need a less obscure comparison, URBAN WASTE would make a good reference point since this has a completely blown-out, blistering guitar sound and catchy, punk-as-shit vocals. Needless to say, this 6 song rager destroys everything in its path.

7" 5.00€*


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