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POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH is back with their experimental 2nd full-length, "skullvalanche". Although they've always hinted at their brutal doom side on past releases, these 7 slabs of bulldozery plunged straight into the deep end. The result is a soundtrack to being buried in an avalanche of skulls. However, as a fastcore band, they made sure to blend their steamroller assault with the eye-watering speed for which they are known. Similar bands or musical genres: NO COMMENT, MAGRUDERGRIND and BASTARD NOISE.

LP 12.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Boise's best blasters sound more like vintage HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on this split. Soundwise more in the tradition of their earlier tracks like on their I ACCUSE split LP era. It's still fast power-violence influenced hardcore. They also throw in some sick, complex riffage. Viennas COLD WORLD's newer output is a bit more grind oriented like they've shown on their 7'' from a few years back as well as the EXTORTION. They bring an abrasive hardcore, thrash and power-violence attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like SIEGE, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and INFEST. Vinyl comes ith awesome gatefold-cover.

LP 12.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/HARDCORE. I ACCUSE from Michigan tear it up with 11 songs of raging thrash-hardcore. All the catchy pissed off hardcore that made their debut 7" so great multiplied ten fold. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH hail from the city Septic Death put on the map, Boise/Idaho. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH unleash 15 songs of ultra fast stop on a dime thrash with the requisite amazing drummer. In the style of HERESY, NO COMMENT, SHORT HATE TEMPER, etc.. This is 100% ass kicking, blood boiling power-violence hardcore and thrash!

LP 10.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This split 7" pairs 2 of Boise, Idaho's gnarliest bands! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH have been flying the flag for brutal, progressive fastcore for several years. Here they present 5 new ragers blending fastcore, grind and thrash. On the flip side, RAID count 2 members of '80s legends SEPTIC DEATH among their ranks, and continue in the latter's great skatecore tradition with 3 intense tracks. Get this split if you're ready to thrash!

7" 7.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/HARDCORE. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH are no strangers in the grind and power-violence scene, with records on Sound Polltion, 625, Relapse. This collects a 2 song grindcore opus fueled with: blasting raw hardcore blaze-ups, fastcore tinges with breakneck speed, blast beat fury to make even the happiest folks frown. TITANARUM are here to spend their last recordings with this records. They play very solid hardcore, that has no need or call for any sugar-coating. Blasting, in-your-face, raw, angry and real hardcore.

LPcol 11.50€*


THRASH-METAL. Break neck riffage and ripping vocal chords! HUMUNGUS revives everything pure about '80s thrash and trashes the rest. Their latest 7", "drink'n a beer", attacks your ears with 2 raucous anthems. Delivering old-school speed-metal with razor sharp execution, these maniacs sound as gnarly as the Richmond basements from which they spewed forth.

7" 4.50€*


METALCORE. HUNDREDTH's 2011 full-length "let go" is being reissued along with the rest of the band's catalog on Hopeless Records. HUNDREDTH's sophomore release picked up where the band left off with a serious influence from the Floridian school of melodic metalcore championed by SHAI HULUD and STRONGARM. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€*


METALCORE. The 2013 MCD "revolt" and 2014 MCD "resist" from HUNDREDTH are available together on one LP. These songs from Florida's melodic metalcore band sounds similiar to SHAI HULUD and EVERGREEN TERRACE. Colored vinyl includes a digital ndsownload card.

LPcol 18.00€* CD 13.00€*


METALCORE. HUNDREDTH's 2010 debut full-length is now available again. HUNDRETH was spawned and fueled by righteous anger and packaged with their own brand of progressive/melodic hardcore. Every lyric is raw and heartfelt, and is written for a reason. The band was once told that they sound like the soundtrack to drowning, with a style that is both punishing and melodic, akin to SHAI HULUD, STRONGARM and LIFE IN YOUR WAY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€* CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Here's the debut 7" from Burlington's HUNGER. Four people got together and aimed for BURN meets MINOR THREAT, this is what ended up. Stripped down hardcore-punk. HUNGER features members of other Vermont bands: CRUCIAL TIMES, NO SUBMISSSION, UNRESTRAINED, REGRET. There were 500 copies of this pressed on black vinyl.

7" 4.00€*


CRUST-METAL. Vinyl debut from Assault City's metallic crust-hardcore HUNGER PAINS. Features guitar work akin to classic metal-tinged Japanese hardcore coupled with the thunderous rhythm of '90s vegan-crust, all backed with thickly layered dissonance courtesy of front-man Weston Czerkies' solo noise project SUNKEN CHEEK.

7" 2.50€*


GRINDCORE. In a lot of ways HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ, from Italy, plays in the traditional vein of grind, but in other ways they make it their own and contort it to make it sound like they want and have the genre bend to their will. HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ is grind to the bone and their "nevermind the light" is filled with raw energy that is ready to burst every time that you press play. There are 12 songs in this release and each one aims right for the jugular from the very beginning. These gents that are seemingly from hell have created something again with their third release that leaves you feeling black and blue and with this type of music that’s a good sign.

LP 11.50€*


GRINDCORE. Take inspiration for their name from a weed-addict cannibal called Daniel Rakowitz. HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ didn't limit themselves to the cliché patterns of the genre and the worship of BRUTAL TRUTH and NAPALM DEATH but inject into their music elements of extreme hardcore and mathcore while certainly not lacking in furious vocals, odd rhythms and riffs that cover a wide range of sounds from punk and thrash to doom. Just think of the now defunct Swiss band NOSTROMO and you will roughly get an idea of what HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ's music sounds like. As a result the songs are definitely not what one would call typical grindcore. Vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover and includes a CD of this entire album.

LP+CD 11.50€*


POST-ROCK. The 100th release from Brooklyn institution Sacred Bones is a "lost album" from pre-CULT YOUTH outfit THE HUNT, "the hunt begins", which was recorded all the way back in 2009. The record has a distinctly anthemic goth-rock streak, not a million miles away from the mystic jangle of CULT OF YOUTH's recent work.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. Debut 7" from Syracuse, NY's hottest hardcore band. HUNTED DOWN takes cues from classic US hardcore bands but manages to add in influences from classic Japanese hardcore along the lines of KURO or G-ZET. The vocals almost sound identical to Morikawa from KURO, with the same violent and nihilistic delivery but now it is being spewed forth from a degenerate of the American working class.

7" 6.50€*


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