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DOOM/STONER-METAL. INDIAN’s mix of slow heavy rhythms and tempo sensitive noise create a style that is raw and pure as punk, but the sound is definitely some of the heaviest, darkest metal to be heard. It fits nicely with efforts from ELECTRIC WIZARD, EYEHATEGOD, UFOMAMMUT and anyone else making progressive super-heavy stoner-doom metal. An absolutely essential record from a band to expect great things of, this release puts INDIAN’s long out-of-print and frantically sought after debut back in print, and packaged in a beautiful gatefold format. Vinyl includes a digital ownload card.

DoLP 24.00€*


SCREAMO-HARDCORE. Limited (300 copies) re-press version of "hidden arithmetic" from emo pioneers INDIAN SUMMER. You'll get 9 songs including unreleased material. Includes silk-screened covers, 4 printed inserts and small poster.

LP 11.00€*


SCREAMO-HARDCORE. This record contains the songs from the long out-of-print 7" that came out decades ago and still remains as a timeless classic and genre-defining record for mid '90s emo. While band members moved on, forming new bands and playing music in different forms, INDIAN SUMMER is still a band that people connect to memories and great times. The songs for the repress got slightly remastered and pressed on a one-sided LP for a better sound on crystal clear vinyl with a silkscreened b-side. The record is packed in heavy thick picture disc sleeves.

LPcol 11.00€*


GOTHIK/POST-PUNK. INDUSTRIAL PARK hail from Portland and play gothic-rock/post-punk in the tradition of bands like SISTERS OF MERCY, BAUHAUS, and SLOWDIVE. This record would have fit very well among the early 4AD releases. This debut 7" is just a tease of what's to come. Expect great things from this duo. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Formed in 2007 in Los Angeles, INERT came together to play a mosh-inducing style of hardcore that crosses the styles of bands like NO WARNING and PANIC. This limited, colored 7" has 6 songs and features guest vocals from Nick of PIECE BY PIECE and TEROR.

7"col 4.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. This is the 2nd full-length from INFÄME. Former members of TOTALICKERS, DISFACE and other barcelone kids team up with 11 tracks of crust 'n' rolling hardcore that combines elements of the more usual espania crust assaults mixed up with Japanese d-beat but with the addition of more melodies and raw crude punk-rock influences. Another good spanish hardcore record!

LP 10.00€*


GRINDCORE. Some of the most ferocious Scandanavian grindcore you have ever heard. Seriously unrelenting blastcore that puts to shame the current tech-grind trends. 10 songs of total obliteration that recalls the classics of grind - includes a brutal UNSEEN TERROR cover.

7" 4.50€*


BLACK-METAL/GRINDCORE. Philly black-thrash champions INFERNAL STRONGHOLD lay down 3 pulverizing tracks on the a-side. Definately a great follow up to the "godless hoise" full-length. Fast as hell evil as fuck and downright brutal as it gets! Keepin up the speed is PIZZA HI FIVE from Ohio. They're laying down 8 super fast mincing blasts sure to damage the ear drums.

7" 2.50€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Latest 7-song release from this well-regarded Swedish crust band. As for the music, if you were into their earlier stuff you'll no doubt continue to be on board with this - straight up TOTALITÄR worship, executed absolutely perfectly with huge production. Simply amazing hardcore similar to DESPERAT, HERÄTYS, SKITKIDS or INSTITUTION. Fans of those mentioned bands won't be disappointed. Massive, moving Swedish crust-hardcore.

LP 13.50€*


POST-PUNK. Forming in 2010 from past and present members of THE DIAMOND SEA, DEEP HEART and CIRCUITS, INFINITE VOID from Melbourne, Australia play a gritty and melodic tangle of dark, edgy post-punk and '90s indie-rock driven by brilliant guitar interplay and infectious girl/ guy vocals. The album is a must for fans of WIPERS, SLEATER KINNEY, SONIC YOUTH, but also for those into newer post-punk bands such as THE ESTRANGED, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, ARCTIC FLOWERS and alike. All records come on thick 180gr in a thick recycled cardboard cover.

LP 10.00€*


HARDCORE. "the new nightmare" is the long-running NY hardcore band's 3rd full-length, but it marks INHUMAN's very 1st vinyl release ever. Released originally on CD only in 2003, the vinyl version through 1124 Records is limited to only 300 copies. INHUMAN features members of AGNOSTIC FRONT and THE LAST STAND.

LPcol 12.00€*


An evolution of the band Antischism, but far more moody and intense-Initial State combined tribal rhythms, corned by blasting thrash beats, and layered with guitar caked in feedback and noise to produce a inimitable hardcore explosion. Trade-offs of male and female vocals offering hope, scowling condemnation and pledging resistance with the political intent and weight of Antischism even further intensified. Re-mastered from its original 1994 release on Clearview Records.

LP 10.50€* CD 10.50€*


HARDCORE. INJ/SYS (aka INJUSTICE SYSTEM) is a early '80s styled hardcore band from Florida. Short, fast bursts of in-your-face hardcore with a few mid-tempo tunes sprinkled in. Draws influence from bands like NEGATIVE FX, KRAUT, URBAN WASTE and ANTIDOTE. Former members of BIG RATS. 300 made with screen-printed cover art.

7"col 5.00€*


HARDCORE. BLOODTYPE is an old style straight-edge hardcore band from New Jersey. Their side has a nice gritty recording quality while the vocals have a snotty, aggressive punk sound. A good comparison would be listening to a record by THE ABUSED or LIFE'S BLOOD. INJ/SYS (former BIG-RATS) are from Florida. Fast hardcore played over a early '80s style scissor beat ala NEGATIVE FX or KORO. Many stops and starts, quick tempo changes, often delving into a more traditional punk beat for a mighty circle pit. Modern influences would be bands like WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? or AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Recorded and released in 1996, this 7" was the debut from Philadelphia's vampires INK & DAGGER who took a dark, melodic and unique spin on hardcore. This colored vinyl re-issue is limited to 666 copies and includes a MP3 download code.

7"col 6.00€*


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