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HARDCORE. DRAINLAND hail from Ireland and play some seriously ugly and heavy Hardcore. This sounds like it would be some weird gem from the mid '90s with the eerie unorthodox playing, the eerie buildups and hoarse vocals that give it a distant mean sound. The lyrics create pictures of unease and discomfort. This draws from many elements of the hardcore lexicon and puts them together to craft something that doesn't sound like anything else, but rings true.

CD 12.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. Damn - this is a split with epic proportions. DRAINLAND offer 4 songs of noise drenched hardcore. Slow, fast, heavy and powerful. For fans of UNRUH, NOOTHGRUSH and DYSTOPIA. TRENCHES deliver 1 song that lasts for about 14 min.. They could be best compared to a mixture between IRE and ISIS ("celestial" period). Riffing, groove, dark and just simply great.

LP 10.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Boston area scoundrels DRAIZE are back with their 1st recorded output in a few years, once again blurring lines between hardcore, punk and power-violence, bringing 6 tracks that are reminiscent of CROSSED OUT, WEEKEND NACHOS and LACK OF INTEREST.

7" 6.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. Members of RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS and RISE AGAINST team up for some punk-rock that reminds us of THE HIVES, THE DICKIES, JAY REATARD and other weirdness. Old-school and garage-y, but with fresh-sounding melodies and lascivious lyrics. The DRAKULAS give you 4 songs on this debut 7" and they're all lathered up in Texas barbecue sauce. This is space punk from the Lone Star State, so watch your ass.

7" 7.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. People from IDLE HANDS and PRESS GANG with kinda different stuff. Reminds us of old '90s heroes like SHOTMAKER, various Dischord or Gravity records band and also the mighty THE JESUS LIZARD. Complex groovy and noisy guitar sounds with nice melodies and an energetic drummer. The limited 7" will contain 3 new songs showing the whole variety of the band. Be prepared for some killer record, guess you are, aren't you?

7" 4.00€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. "green horse" is the 2nd full-length by Münsters DRAMAMINE and they know how to worship the '90s! This is full of influences from late Dischord/D.C. stuff, SONIC YOUTH, WIPERS, AT THE DRIVE-IN. The most notable development - besides the distinct enlargement that went along with the adding of a 2nd guitar - can be found in the vocals - now their singer has reinvented his singing completely and finds his space in the band's very own sound. You’ll find the old DRAMAMINE hectic, the drive and the passion but also a noisier and more experimental attempt. Overall, the songs developed more different directions. The record comes in a limited pressing run of 500 pieces and includes a digital download card..

LP 11.00€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. DRAMAMINE is a band from Münster, Germany which featuring members of PRESS GANG, IDLE HANDS. DRAMANINE is loud, noisy, with a certain pop-affinity, minimalistic, but in the very next second pretentious, doomy and oozing with pathos. A heavy, deep bass, guitars which you will find hard to classify, a krauty drumming - all this put together with resentful, hectic vocals, which will finally leave you asking for more. It's 2010 and you might think that the creative reservoir of noisy and drugged guitar music has been exhausted for a long time now: DRAMAMINE prove you wrong! Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 10.00€*


HARDORE. This band is unafraid to tackle larger issues that many are afraid to take a stand on, delivering an infectiously anthemic, but pointed social commentary over hard-edged rhythms that are classically hardcore.

MLP 4.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. New stuff by the japanese sludgy power-violence monsters SU19B. Soundwise again a holly mixture of CORRUPTED and CROSSED OUT. Members of FINAL EXIT (japanese) continuing their audio onslaught with 3 smashers. On the flipside you'll get 3 tracks from DREADEYE. Pure Tokyo power-violence with an unlimited destruction. Limited to 500 copies.

7" 5.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. The final 7" from this excellent Hamilton band, culled from the same 1979 session that gave us their "moans on the phone" and "mess you're in" releases. The a-side's a ripping rendition of a lesser-known SURFARIS number, while the flip attacks Freddie Cannon's "tallahassee lassie" in similar fashion, all blazing, dirty guitars, sneering vocals and amphetamine pace. If you heard both previous 7"s, you know what to expect - pure late '70s North American-style punk-rock in the vein of DEAD BOYS, HEARTBREAKERS, TEENAGE HEAD and THE USERS. Not technically a reissue, but it sure fits the theme. Limited edition of 500 copies, black vinyl, no gimmicks!

7" 6.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. Clocking in at just over 27min., even calling this 6-song collection an MLP feels a bit unfair, but DREAM RITUAL manage to demonstrate a powerful grasp on songwriting. Their take on grungy post-hardcore sounds remarkably true to the '90s style, yet maintains a vibrant contemporary sensibility. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 12.00€*


NOISE/POST-ROCK. A lunging, murky noise-rock master stroke from this Seattle trio who is constantly evolving and refining their craft into something truly massive and unique. Feel free to open your life to the interesting and embrace this twisted vision of northwest heaviness. On "n v n v n v" the band have loosened up the from the arid atonal scrape that they presented previously, and have saturated these tracks with a level of blown out mountainous feedback that in no way seems out of place on Iron Lung. These guys released a post-apocalyptic industrial guitar noise set that blasted a very dense dry noise upon the listener.

LP 14.50€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. The 1st full-length album from the latest addition to the Wisconsin crust pantheon. DRESDEN play a powerful mixture of d-beat hardcore and powerful punk with an intensity that comes from their depth of experience, containing members of bands WARTORN, DESPITE, and REMISSION to name a few. This album contains 8 length crust anthems, including the tracks from their limited edition "god has no mercy" tour 7". The vinyl includes a large poster with graphic inventions from the skulls and bullet belts school of punk rock art.

LP 11.00€* CD 10.50€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. Between quitting and then rejoining his revered band SINGLE MOTHERS, DREW THOMSON moved to a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada to be a gold prospector. Without a band and with many long days and nights camping alone, there was plenty of time to sit around, strum a guitar and write songs. These are some of those songs. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 6.50€*


POST-ROCK. Without a doubt their most meditative release since their "travels in constants" debut, "blue hour" eases off the jazz and dub influences that had become a trademark of THE DRIFT's sound, and instead focuses on hypnotic repetition and subtle, textural layering of guitars, keyboards, electric bass and drums. Beautiful, fragile melodies descend into sheets of noise atop an unwavering lockstep groove, and the near-silence of a single bass note becomes alternately haunting and near transcendent.

DoLP 17.50€*


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