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HARDCORE-PUNK. Now available again on vinyl is this 2nd full-length from Milwaukee's DIE KREUZEN, which saw the band get darker and a little more metal-influenced than on their first full-length but retaining their hardcore urgency, further defining the band's signature sound. This LP includes a coupon for a free download of the entire album as well! A 24 song must have. More then a classic piece of vinyl!

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the classic debut from Milwaukee's DIE KREUZEN, who seamlessly blended hardcore-punk with darker elements to create a unique sound that nobody has been able to duplicate. A 24 song must have. More then a classic piece of vinyl - aA definitive '80s hardcore band. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


HARDCORE. These songs were recorded in DIE OUT's basement and were supposed to be pre-production tracks for their 1st album. "iteration" features 4 modern hardcore songs; as an addition you'll get a download coupon for the tracks plus 4 bonus songs. Limited edition, colored vinyl available. Eyecatching artwork done by Will Exley.

7"col 4.50€*


HARDCORE. After a 4-year hiatus, DIE YOUNG return with another metallic hardcore juggernaut "chosen path", which features 5 tracks of the band's socially/politically aware metallic hardcore. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card and is limited to 650 copies.

7"col 7.50€*


HARDCORE. DIE YOUNG from Texas returns with another clobbering dose of heavy and metallic "destroy the machines"-inspired hardcore that touches on a lot of social and political topics. Take the enraged socio-political perspective of TRIAL and EARTH CRISIS, the bloodthirsty sonic assault of CATHARIS and INTEGRITY, and top it off with the suicidal determination of BLACK FLAG. The end result is Texas’s DIE YOUNG.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. DIE YOUNG from Texas bring 1 new track and 2 re-recorded tracks off "the message" LP. CONFRONTO hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They re-recorded 2 tracks from their latest full-length as their 1st and only 2 english speaking tracks. These guys ride the line between aggressive '90s vegan-metalcore and more polished fast hardcore.

7" 7.50€*


INDIE/POST-PUNK. Imagine you are standing on the golf course, scored one eagle and eleven holes in one. You turn around pay the fee get into your beat up car and drive away. "s.w.i.m." feels exactly like that and to tell you in advance, the evolution that DIE! DIE! DIE! is undergoing with their 5th album was foreseeable and fits the trio from Auckland, New Zealand perfectly. They manage to destroy associations of insignificance and shallowness from the evil word pop and combine them thoroughly with their sound of shoe gazer and noise. Disruption creates tension. Tension that is the charm of "s.w.i.m." because DIE! DIE! DIE! is playing with all these impressions they absorbed during their collective efforts since 2003.

LP 15.00€*


INDIE/POST-PUNK. DIE! DIE! DIE! from NZ’s iconic music city, Dunedin, release their 4th studio album. "harmony" proves the band continue on their evolution to perfect their sound. It brings together the raw energy and emotion from their live shows, encapsulating savant pop elements with their punk philosophy. Thick 180gr vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.50€* CD 7.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. DIETER JACKSON have got some well crafted, catchy punk tunes here that speak for themselves. It's to the point, pop-punk ala RAMONES that feels honest and fresh. Each track is being a perfectly-timed pop-punk gem, but all you need to know is the catchy pop hooks, punk tempos and injections of straight up rock 'n' roll might are shiny, yet gritty. The band (featuring AFFENMESSERKAMPF members) sum themselves up as "classical no-bullshit-no-toughguy-4-piece-of-shit punkrock/rock’n’roll-band with an unpleasant liability to playing solos" and that’s pretty much it. Except the solos are pleasant. Comes on thick 180gr rock 'n' roll vinyl!

LP 6.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK. While the former record dealt a lot with rocked-down backs and hospital beds, this one is about still going on with a chosen lifestyle and all its highs and lows. Starting off with a fast broken love overture, they turned into a honest guilty plea before taking it off in shaking IGGY & THE STOOGES ''raw power''-era style. New groove, same story! This punky distortion-fest about keeping keeping-on only leaves one answer: There's no quitting - no surrender - it's not over yet for DIGGER & THE PUSSY CATS! This item is limted to 500 copies!

LP 11.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK. Finally repressed! Sometimes a band comes hurtling outta the primordial ooze with such teeth-gnashing force and insurgent brilliance it knocks you in the chest like some kinda rock 'n' roll one inch punch. The debut album from fucked-up outfit DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS, captures Melbourne's finest notorious band. This album will take you back to the sounds of PUSSY GALORE, THE GUN CLUB, THE CRAMPS and THE MAKE-UP, whilst reeking of danger, death and adultery. It's time to get your head around the fact that they're just the tonic for someone who's "young, tight & alright".

LP 13.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK. To support their "let's go to hospital" 2008 Tour, P.TRASH releases "bad reception", a selection of 10 songs recorded live-to-air in a radio show called "muscle souls" in their hometown. In raw and distorted, yet brilliantly recorded sound quality, the duo unleashes tracks from their "squooge" 7'', 2 tracks from their 1st LP, 4 tracks from "watch yr" back'' LP, as well as a 4 new songs. This tour-edition is limited to 500 copies and comes with a silkscreened cover.

LP 14.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK. This is wild, soulfoul and dirty rock 'n' roll with a fuckin' backbone - 10 more scratching tunes stuffed with anger, smut and lust. You get your fill of shaking DIRTBOMBS-like Detroit sound or infected slower WIPERS-parts and a good dose of OBLIVIANS overdrive. In between, the 2 Aussies blast out the some unapologetic punk tunes that reminds of old LEWD topped with a brutal and ear-battering MUDHONEY feedback orgy. DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS neither backed nor slowed down a bit on this catchy and tight new platter, which comes in a colorful comic-style sleeve.

LP 12.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. "every story true" by DIGGER BARNES is an Americana-album about travelling and the side effects of travelling, its constraints and its defeats, its neuroses and all those peculiar figures one picks up on the roadside in the course of a travelling musician life. The evolution of these 9 perfectly structured songs has substantially been determined by DIGGER past years as a live musician for CHUCK RAGAN. All of this is wrapped into typical DIGGER BARNES arrangements and song patterns: plain and unadorned, decelerated, cinematic, densely woven and atmospherical. Thick 180gr vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*



LP 19.50€*


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