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HARDCORE/PUNK-ROCK. The first US pressing (originally pressed in the U.K. by Drunken Sailor Records) of this slab. DISCHARGE cuts "legacy left behind", a song that embraces their classic material as much as it updates it. With Rat Martin on vocals and founding member Tony Roberts on guitar, the band thrashes through an indictment of poor decisions made by political leaders. Although the song is fashioned in classic d-beat thrash the band cleans up its instrumentation. They keep their wall of sound energetic and crushing. On the flipside, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS contribute a song that is as unusual in its construction as the band's lineup, but fits perfectly well alongside their U.K. companion's smashing. In contrast "never run" is supported by a classic-sounding chorus, the song takes a familiar punk structure and makes it feel more like a timeless composition than a formula.

7" 7.50€*


GRINDCORE. Blistering grindcore from DC. DISCIPLES OF CHRIST contains members from the ranks of MAGRUDERGRIND, COKE BUST, JUICE TIME, SICK FIX.

7" 4.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. DISCO ASSAULT is an up and coming new band from Windsor and their fine 5 song debut "saturday night bleeder" is a catchy disc as it's a raw mix of early 82 hardcore - think D.O.A. jamming with NEGATIVE APPROACH. Fast, in-your-face and a menace on the dance floor that doesn't fit so well with the jocks and trendoids of today. Limited run of 700 records.

7" 5.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. "tyke" is the 2nd full-length album by DISCO//OSLO from Oldenburg, Germany. The northern folks deliver new 13 tracks in the same vein as their previous recordings. Musically they're fishing in the same water like TURBOSTAAT, BUT ALIVE, MUFF POTTER and PASCOW. Vinyl includes a thick booklet and a digital download card.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. The 1st split in the series is shared by DISCONNECTED from Ohio and WASTELAND from Wellington/New Zealand. Will of AS GOOD AS DEAD started the band with the intention to play raw, dirty and aggressive hardcore which was supposed to be influenced from black-metal. The former PREMONITIONS OF WAR guitarist joined DISCONNECTED and is handling the vocals. The 4 tracks deserve hardcore that sound like hardcore is supposed to sound. WASTELAND represents the new breed of N.Z. hardcore by delivering 5 tracks of old-schoolish hardcore. The split comes sealed with an obistrip, inserts and stickers! Limited edition of 500 copies.

7" 5.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. "wake up dead" is the 1st full-length by these leather jacketed, hot dog eating dirt bags from New Jersey. Songs featuring the dirtiest fastest riffs this side of THE DEAD BOYS and JOHNNY THUNDERS. Except when they slow it down and get all power poppy ala THE REPLACEMENTS and BIG STAR. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€*


GRINDCORE. This double-LP and 7" package features the band's 1995 "ulterior" LP, many, many tracks from various splits, 7"s and unreleased tracks, a live set from CBGBs in 1995 and a bonus 7" with another 17 tracks from splits and rehearsal tapes. A total of 69 tracks!

DoLP+7" 28.00€*


HARDCORE. The 10 tracks on "sanity decays" elevate DISCOURSE's sound to new levels, boasting a refreshing metal/hardcore hybrid citing the likes of purveyors TURMOIL, INDECISION and BURIED ALIVE with an approach that breathes punk rock energy with enraged, modern sensibilities. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 15.50€*


GRINDCORE. The debut from Arizona's own DISEASED REASON. Grinding hatred, pure loathing, fed up with the world, fucked-up music. Featuring members of bands you know: PLUTOCRACY and NOISEAR.

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE. "psalms of sheol" is a collection of out-of-print, rare and unreleased tracks, re-mastered by the band to sound heavier and more brutal than ever. "psalms of sheol" contains 13 songs taken from "existence in suicide" MCD, "confession" 7", "bootleg" 7" and compilations. Vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover and hand-screened, clear plastic sleeve.

LPcol 16.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Youngblood Records bring you the latest 7" from DISENGAGE. This is 6 songs of absolutely raging hardcore from this Wilkes-Barre straight-edge band. For fans of YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD and STICK TOGETHER. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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METAL/HARDCORE. "songs of suffering" is the debut from Southern California's own DISGRACE. Featuring members of multiple notable California bands like TWITCHING TONGUES, CREATURES, and RUCKUS, DISGRACE plays metallic hardcore influenced by acts such as MERAUDER, BOLT THROWER, and GRIMLOCK. Original artwork has been handled by artist Dan Seagrave known for his work with Entombed, Morbid Angel, and Suffocation. Finally repressed on thick 180gr vinyl - includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


METAL/HARDCORE. DISGRACE exemplifies some of the most malicious and technical metallic hardcore out there in a devastating way all their own, with the penetrating harshness of masters MERAUDER, COLD AS LIFE and ALL OUT WAR taking on more metallic attributes of early BOLT THROWER, CANNIBAL CORPSE and SEPULTURA, delivering a modern, punishing metallic groove. DISGRACE has captured 34min. of executioner-style metallic hardcore, with exceptionally hard breakdowns and immediately contagious movements through a hardline delivery on their "true enemy" release. Vinyl includes a poster and a digital download card.

LP 17.00€* CD 13.00€*


METAL/HARDCORE. Southern California's own DISGRACE and HARNESS both display 2 new tracks of breakdown-driven hardcore on this limited split 7". Features 2 original covers by legendary metal artist Dan Seagrave. For fans of STIGMATA and INTEGRITY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 7.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Those who have heard the band's demo will be impressed by how much further the band has upped the ante in terms of noised-out destruction. For those who have never heard DISGUSTI before, it's kinda like one of those Marvel "what if" comics - What if WASTOIDS and SNAKECHARKER battled on planet d-Beat? It's kind of like a love song. It's kind of like a sweet disc that comes in a slick limited-edition package complete with some extremely cool art. Do you like punk? Whatever. Get fuckin' pricked.

7"col 7.00€*


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