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EMO/POST-PUNK. This, is what "proper" emo should be! The kind of band that, if certain emo hating hardcore kids could get past their own prejudices with the word, then they could see what a cracking record this is. The band themselves claim influence from the RED SCARE and you also hear slight similarities in part with perhaps REIZIGER or KOSJER D; however there is also the more obvious SHOTMAKER comparison that many folk make, and that is not without merit. Certainly their songs are forged on a great rumbling, anvil-hammered bass sound, and with desperate vocals hollering out at you, they could indeed be SHOTMAKER's fruity euro brother. To top it all off there is some very smart cover art, rounding off the whole quality package. Lovely stuff!

LP 5.50€*


EMOCORE/HARDCORE. Split between 2 dutch bands. BRITO are back after their MLP from sometime ago. New drummer but that didn’t change their sound. Still heavily influenced by the likes of SHOTMAKER, SHELLAC and THE RED SCARE they deliver the goods again. Amazing stuff which should appeal to everyone into mentioned bands. GRINDING HALT come with 4 songs on this split. Ranging from d-beat to heavy grooving some power-violence droning and some '90s mosh this is probably a great example of what this band is capable of.

LP 6.00€*


POP-PUNK. Oregonian pop-punk trio BROADWAY CALLS present a teaser 7", warming their fans up for an upcoming full-length on Side One Dummy Records, with the a-side appearing on that upcoming full-length and the b-side being an unreleased track from that recording session. For fans of THE LAWRENCE ARMS and ALKALINE TRIO.

7"col 4.50€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. It's been 3 long years since the release of their sophomore album, "good views, bad news", which found the band label-less and without a budget to record a follow-up at the end of its cycle. Armed with determination and confidence in their new songs, BROADWAY CALLS would eventually find a new home amongst a burgeoning roster of like-minded bands at No Sleep Records to release their best album to date. For fans of ALKALINE TRIO and THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM. Vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LP 12.50€*


POP-PUNK. Since forming 4 years ago, this trio of childhood friends have been touring constantly and fine-tuning their unique blend of melodic pop-punk. For the band's new full-length, "good views, bad news", the band entered the studio to record with Descendents drummer and production guru Bill Stevenson, an experience that had a strong result on the end product. From upbeat pop-punk anthems to melodic masterpieces and remarkably mature-sounding ballads "good views, bad news" showcases many musical sides of this immensely collaborative trio.

LP 12.50€* DigiCD 12.00€*


POP-PUNK. Oregon touring machines BROADWAY CALLS follow up a stellar debut MCD with this full-length, giving up 14 tracks of energetic, melodic pop-punk, bringing to mind bands like HOT WATER MUSIC and THE LAWRENCE ARMS.

LPcol 14.00€* CD 14.00€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. "vision quest" features 2 new tracks from BROADWAY KILLS and MIXTAPES. For fans of THE WONDER YEARS and SET YOUR GOALS. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. BRODY'S MILITIA deliver 6 brand new studio tracks of brutal hardcore-punk. Chainsaw thrash and cut throat rock 'n' roll expertly blended for the finest in violent musical celebration on your stereo. A sadistic barbarian freak out with endless ripping guitars and a duel-throated vocal attack vomiting out pure venom and hate. Limited to 444 copies all on white wax.

7"col 5.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL/ROCK. Kentucky's legendary rednecks return with their most rocked out effort to date. You may remember the fast-as-fuck hardcore of their older releases and their previous band HELLNATION, but this record has only a few blastbeats and lots of sick '70s hard-rock riffing. While the quintessential BRODY'S MILITIA material is a more evenly-keeled mix of fast hardcore, '70s hard-rock, and country, this record leans very heavily into the hard-rock/heavy-metal territory, and it's definitely for the better. It shows an evolutionary endpoint of the band and a successful mastering of their influences. Out of their large discography, this is one of the must-have releases.

7" 6.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Southern Ohio butchers BRODY'S MILITIA finally come down from the mountain and offer up their debut full-length slaughterfest! The aptly entitled "the appalachian twelve gauge massacre" opens fire with 25 traumatic blasts of flesh-ripping thrash that take equal inspiration from the hard-hitting punk of ANTISEEN, and POISON IDEA, and the ultrathrash brutality of early RUPTURE and ANTI-CIMEX. A perfect blend of catchy riffs and violent distortion! This album is drenched in malicious hate and aural bloodlust. Your teeth are about to get reacquainted with the steel-toed boot of BRODY'S MILITIA!

LP 9.00€* CD 6.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. A killer split between Kentucky rippers BRODY`S MILITIA and South Carolina's punk baby faces ANTISEEN. It's a falls-count-anywhere punk-rock rematch with no disqualifications! BRODY'S MILITIA draw first blood with malicious rocked out chainsaw hardcore in the poorest taste imaginable. Delay suicide just long enough to flip the platter and lose your teeth to the iron fists of ANTISEEN! The 30 year punk veterans and reining heavyweight champs of kicking your ass.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE. BRODY’S MILITIA deal 11 tracks of thrash n' roll debauchery. Bulldozing hardcore at it's best with hooks and beatings a plenty, plus a couple GG Allin covers for good measure. WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED blasts off 25 tracks of hook-laden rapid fire hardcore that brings to mind the legendary NO COMMENT or INTENSE DEGREE in their prime, but faster! These Swedes are the new kings of hyper speed hardcore thrash! More great cover artwork by Fumio.

LP 12.00€* CD 7.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Kentucky thrash punks BRODY'S MILITIA rip through 6 tracks of hardcore-punk on this 7" that incorporates elements of rock 'n' roll, serious guitar leads, punk, and hyperspeed thrash, all on one 7". This sonic ass-ripper is the most powerful and pissed off piece of wax yet forged in the blast furnace of BRODY’S MILITIA’s 11 year career of evil.

7" 5.00€*


MELODY-PUNK. This is THE BROKEDOWNS that all the nerds and drunks get down with. They take growly, Midwest punk (ala DILLINGER FOUR, LAWRENCE ARMS) and make it heavier, angular and a little HOT SNAKES-y. Laugh along with the song titles, sure, but these boys aren't fucking around when it comes to social commentary. THE BROKEDOWNS know how to have a good time and they know how to write punchy punk jams, but what they do best is smack you on the ass with their words. "life is a breeze" is an album for the party punks and the smart punks.

LP 16.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. There are some bands that are so fucking stunning and powerful that words fail you! BROKEN is one such animal. These tough punks have been making serrated edge, dangerous punk-rock longer than most kids have known about guitars or politics! Every tune gives off trouble and pain! The vocals and the guitar noise storm the fucking gates of hell. This music has a face full of venom that has not mellowed with the years. Embrace BROKEN on your way to your certain doom. Buy this record and dismiss your sunny optimism!

7" 4.00€*


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