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HARDCORE-PUNK. Minneapolis's BRAIN TUMORS debut with a 7" featuring 6 cuts of repulsive hardcore-punk in the vein of DIE KREUZEN or some noisy Touch & Go bands. Bright and jangled guitars onset the menacing headache while deranged vocals and roaring low-ends leave most squirming with one foot in the grave. Enough stench, hair and pus for the whole family brought to you by these four mutants. Four color screened covers round out this incredible package.

7" 5.00€*


NOISE-ROCK. Includes the 7" that came out on Tumult Records, the "stinking memory" 7" on Anthem Records, as well as the "wabana gun court" 7", the "ken rock" 7" and the "big brothel" 7". A collection of totally killer BRAINBOMBS tracks, "stigma of the ripper", "the grinder", "i need speed" and more. All in classic BRAINBOMBS style, one killer riff punctuated by deadpan vocal delivery of their fucked up lyrics, and repeat. Also included are some rare live tracks, including "urge to kill" among them, recorded live in Norway way back in 1993. They sound raw, and distorted in proper style, Don't miss the hidden last track, a minute long, post performance BRAINBOMBS sign off.

DoLP 23.00€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. Long time contributors to the underground scenes the guys in BRAINOIL have put in time over the past 20 years in bands like GRIMPLE, DESTROY, LAUDANUM, STORMCROW and others. This debut from 2003 originally was released on the mighty Life Is Abuse label and the sound is sludge. The punk and hardcore influences take this beyond stoner-rock. This is for fans of thick ass heavy down tuned riffs, riffs, more riffs and some riffs atop those riffs. Sold-out for over 5 years. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. After numerous splits, compilations BRAINWORMS have created "brainworms II: swear to me". The sound that Virginia's BRAINWORMS have become notorious for is definitely different. Early material was notable for short, explosive post-hardcore tracks that were marked by their extremely melodic guitars. BRAINWORMS have kept up their unique style of hardcore on this album that is catchy yet still keeps integrity in the vein of bands such as RITES OF SPRING and EMBRACE, ASSFACTOR 4, and early AT THE DRIVE IN.

LP 12.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. This 15 tracks record collects BRAINWORMS 1st two recordings; a live studio set from 2005 and a studio recording from 2006. For those new to BRAINWORMS, they play hardcore with their own unique way that you can both rage and hang with. An added bonus is these dudes have played or play in some stellar groups such as STOP IT, ULTRA DOLPHINS, SMACKTRUCK, LANDMINES and MUNICIPAL WASTE. "Which is worse" as been guaranteed not to suck by such fine establishments as MMR, Razorcake,ect..

LP 12.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. A release worth a years worth of waiting. Two of Richmond's finest bands come together on this split 7". On this record THE CATALYST bring to mind bands like TRAGEDY with a more fast sound and dueling vocals between members. On the other side Richmond's BRAINWORMS laid down 2 of their best tracks yet. Both tracks have showed how much this band has evolved in writing since last years records.

7" 3.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/PUNK. Richmond's BRAINWORMS and Brooklyn's DYNAMITE ARROWS team up together for this raging record. BRAINWORMS bring forth 2 new songs in the same vein as last year's split with the CATALYST. The tracks are arguably the bands most technically and interesting work yet. DYNAMITE ARROWS drop 2 bomb pop-punk tracks on this record. They have been rippin' it up in Brooklyn for some time now playing some of the catchiest east bay style pop-punk that you can point a beer in the air to.

7" 3.50€*


EMO/POST-PUNK. The underground railroad from St. Augustine to Richmond finally comes to listeners in the form of TUBERS split with the almighty BRAINWORMS. BRAINWORMS unleash 2 tracks (included a RITES OF SPRING cover) on their 3rd split 7" in a year. TUBERS, who have circuited the Florida punk-scene in bands one might call spastic hardcore such as TWELVE HOUR TURN, SOLID PONY, find a mellower spot to sit while not letting aggressive tendencies completely fall by the wayside. TUBERS are the perfect complement for a party that wants to let loose, have fun, maybe get a little weird on the dance floor. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 3.50€*


HARDCORE. All night party monsters take note, BRANCH DAVIDIAN melds fast thrash, power-violence, blown-out '80s hardcore, and monsterous over-the-top vocals into one pissed off little 7"! Angry music for awful people..

7" 2.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. BRAND NEW's monumental, 2003 album "deja entendu" is thought by most to be the band's best album, it has long been out-of-print and is in huge demand by BRAND NEW fans everywhere. Combining melody with surprising technical accuracy, "deja entendu" deliver 11 tracks of monumental emo- and indie-rock anthems. This re-issue comes on thick 180gr vinyl, housed in a with a gatefold-cover. Double vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLP 34.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. Formed in 2001, Long Island, NY's BRAND NEW has built a massive cult following, largely from a notorious live show and relentless touring. BRAND NEW's "deja entendu" is considered by many as one of this decade's breakout rock releases. Thick 180gr double vinyl is housed in a gatefold-cover.

DoLP 28.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. This is a re-issue of the classic debut from BRAND NEW. Newly remastered, gatefold-jacket with new art, lyrics, original demos and more. Vinyl includes a digital download card with 7 previous unreleased bonus demo tracks. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.00€*


First full-length album from the Anglo-Swedish R&B/Garage combo. 11 killer original tracks

LP 14.00€*


OI/PUNK-ROCK. Oi! Oi! This is the hotly anticipated debut recording of New York's THE BRASS, who have instantly become one of the best live bands in the NYC punk scene. Instead of playing what many see as the modern NYC sound, THE BRASS has both boots planted firmly in classic U.K. oi!, in particular BLITZ. The sound is rough, direct and angry. THE BRASS delivers one of the sickest, hardest and best demo’s recorded on American soil in 2015. An absolute killer. It's some of the best oi! This is from the streets for the streets, a honorable successor for a NY Band like IRON CROSS. Grab the tape, the us version was sold out instantely.

TAPE 5.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Follow up to their "it's on me" debut, Sam Agostino (DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, RUSSIAN ROULETTES, KAMIKAZE TRIO) is stepping out this 12 song debut LP on his own under the solo moniker BRAT FARRAR. Moving from WIPERS to JAY REATARD inspired punk through to noisy psychedelic-rock like BUTTHOLE SURFERS or the classic BEAUREGARDE LP with a 17 years old Greg Sage on guitar and a modern new-wave touch like THE SPITS. All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by BRAT FARRAR.

LP 12.50€*


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