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PROGRESSIVE-METAL/HARDCORE. AMENRA spreading their vision of a world that's out of touch with its past, present and future, they take their adepts through a world of unseen mystique. Their postmodern vision of music, existing of droning, repetitive chords alternated by gut-wrenching hauls can make an experienced listener renounce his definition of music, perhaps even his whole belief system. AMENRA puts heart and soul into every note, word and image, and changes the course of people's lives everywhere their path leads.

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INDIE-ROCK. On their sophomore release from 2006, Long Island's AS TALL AS LIONS has harnessed the creativity of '70s rock and mixed it with the soothing melodic segments that they first presented on their debut, "lafcadio". This release, despite its maturity, will not alienate their old fans or the ones they made during several tours. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€*


DEATH-METAL. AT THE GATES return with their follow-up to 1995's classic "slaughter of the soul" with the lineup from that record completely intact. Their signature style of melodic death-metal has influenced countless bands in the years since their original demise but with "at war with reality", the band is back to show who still wears the extreme metal crown.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Featuring members of RAW NERVE and GAG, BAD BLOOD is a cross country collaboration resulting in this demo tape that is 7 tracks of straightforward, raging hardcore-punk.

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HARDCORE. After a much-lauded, nearly impossible to grip demo tape, Northwest Indiana's BIG ZIT is here to greet us with "electric zit vol.1". This 7" regurgitates a couple of the best tracks from their demo and gives us all a taste of what the 'ZIT is about - reckless, meandering hardcore punk that defies any direct comparisons (exception being the singer's uncanny resemblance to the tone of "roir tape" era HR). Infectious, twisted, sinister...it's all in the grooves of this ace 7" from BIG ZIT.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. Hailing from parts unknown, BLACK SS (aka: BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON) is a long running straight-edge, hardcore band. This is their 1st release since 2008. Though they haven't been as active due to location and general adulthood, they still occasionally play. Comparisons to bands like SLAPSHOT, KILL YOUR IDOLS and LIFE'S BLOOD are not far off for the uninitiated. This release is to coincide with their appearance at Oneota Punk Fest. These 5 songs are fast, raw and to the point; proving there are still things to be angry about in your 30s. Limited edition of 280 copies.

TAPE 6.00€*


HARDCORE. A new project from the suburban hell of New Jersey featuring a current member of NIGHT BIRDS, BLOODTYPE and PHIBES. Mainly influenced by bands like SLAPSHOT/STARS AND STRIPES, BLUNT FORCE blends Boston '82 hardcore with UK '82 punk/oi. The songs are melodic yet hard and mid-paced. Includes a cover of a Boston classic.

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STREET-PUNK. "generation tranquilized", is the brand new full-length from Sweden's street-punk kings BOMBSHELL ROCKS. With the original singer back on vocals, this hard-hitting and unbelievably catchy 12-song album is bound to capture tons of new fans and really reawaken lots of old ones. "generation tranquilized" is Vasteras' finest's 4th full-length and the 1st in over 10 years with the original lineup. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 13.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. CURSIVE's most beloved album has been remastered with deluxe packaging with 180gr vinyl. Extensive booklet with photos from the band's archives, alternate album art sketches, a list of all tour dates from the era, show posters, and new liner notes. Includes 8 bonus tracks from the era, including 4 tracks from the "8 teeth to eat you" split, previously unreleased on vinyl. Vinyl version includes full album download.

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EMO/POST-PUNK. CUT TEETH is a band whose formation came out of plain necessity. As each member’s previous bands (THE FELIX CULPA, STAY AHEAD OF THE WEATHER, RED KNIFE LOTTERY etc.) either dissolved or began to hibernate, the need for a new outlet became more and more urgent – that same urgency has acted as a catalyst for the music made by this Chicago four-piece. It’s hard to decide what the best thing about CUT TEETH's newest album "night years" is. The intricate guitar work on this album is absolutely amazing, the rhythm section is flawless and the vocals are just the perfect mix of rough and clean. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. The world has been waiting a decade for FLOOR to follow up their now-classic self-titled album, but with duties in bands like TORCHE and DOVE, the members left us waiting. Now "oblation" is here and delivers on the highest expectations. From start to finish, the drop-tuned, down-tempo trio mine the power of the riff, their signature melodies and patented bomb string attack.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Richmond's HARD STRIPES returns after releasing a badass debut 7" on Vinyl Conflict with a brand new 5-song 7" of punk-influenced hardcore. Five tracks of relentless, no-frills, no-gimmick hardcore/punk guaranteed to bring out the club-swinging, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal in all of us. For fans of 86 MENTALITY, early AGNOSTIC FRONT and BOSTON STRANGLER. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Following up an album on Topshelf Records and split with DAISYHEAD on No Sleep, Baltimore's HAVE MERCY presents their debut effort for Hopeless Records, an 11-track album of sensitive, sensible indie/emo-rock jams akin to bands like THE JEALOUS SOUND, SEAHAVEN and EARLY NOVEMBER.

LP 16.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. "peste" is the Italian hardcore band's 3rd full-length and their heaviest and most brutal offering yet, following up to "great mother: holy monster" and setting a new bar for the modern wave of death metal-influenced hardcore. HIEROPHANT have been making waves since their formation back in 2010. Vinyl version includes a digital download card and is limited to 600 copies.

LP 14.00€* DigiCD 11.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. This is the same as the R.S.D. version except with a bonus cover and different color vinyl. "den of iniquity" was originally released on Dark Empire Records in 1993 to combine their demos and rare vinyl releases on one CD. Organized Crime is pleased to bring back this early rare track anthology and more than double the amount of tracks included. Spanning from the very start of the band in 1988 through 1998, "den of iniquity" brings together 23 rare tracks for the 1st time together as a double LP. Includes layout by Dwid Hellion and liner notes by Aaron Melnick. Vinyl is limited to 320 copies and includes a digital download card.

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