HARDCORE. DON'T SLEEP is a new band from Harrisburg and Washington featuring Dave Smalley (DYS, DAG NASTY, DOWN BY LAW etc.). While originally DON'T SLEEP started to back Dave up while playing songs from his former bands, the members all became fast friends and quickly began writing new material. The music they created was not only influenced by Dave and his former bands but the records that all the members have been listening to and have been influenced by over the years. Colored vinyl includes an etched b-side.

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INDIE/POP-ROCK. [RELEASEDATE 10.11.2017] Started as the recording project, Easthampton's KINDLING evolved into a full-fledged band through a full-length and a prolific series of releases that would hone their dreamy, lo-fi beginnings into a muscular wall of sound. While much of KINDLING's work could be given the shoegaze tag, the band always hinted at something broader and more immediate amongst the fuzz. Though, for a band whose sound is so firmly rooted in loud guitars, KINDLING is an expert at knowing when to pull back the volume, allowing for truly powerful dynamics in their music. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. The world of hardcore is renowned for the preservation of its own history. The history has been well-documented in records that have all been reissued, websites devoted to its preservation, an oral history that has been passed down through generations of show-goers, and now, through books that explore even the most minute and obscure details of underground hardcore culture. This book documents an incredibly important aspect of hardcore's culture that has, until now, not been documented in any print format: hardcore band t-shirts through the diligent collecting and cataloging of hardcore enthusiast Orhun Öner. The 200 pages of "life. love. shirts.: a collection of hardcore clothing" features the colorful t-shirts that were bought and sold in the sweaty clubs of the '80s and '90s, many of which are extremely rare and fetch astronomical sums on the collector's market. Many of the shirt photos are accompanied by stories from the bands, labels, and those who had a hand in the production and distribution, a glimpse of the rich tradition of hardcore band t-shirt production that continues on to this day.

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INDIE-ROCK. The "comfort" 7" is the latest release from PETAL, the long-running project of Pennsylvania songwriter Kiley Lotz. Minimal arrangements allow Lotz's voice to take center stage on all 3 songs. A shining gem on the short 7" is the entirely hypnotizing cover of FLEETWOOD MAC's "silver springs" - PETAL's take on Stevie Nicks' classic reimagines the song's arrangement in intense, heartbreaking isolation. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE/METAL. [RELEASEDATE 24.11.2017] SHITSHIFTER, the German trio is no slouch when it comes to aggressive tunes. "pyre" is kind of like a "best of" when it comes to their own sound. Every cut of every extreme genre they incorporate is done excellently. Their hardcore, grindcore, crust and death-metal elements are an explosive caustic cocktail. Clocking in at just 25min., "pyre", the vinyl debut by SHITSHIFTER is nothing short of awesome. Every one of the album's 9 tracks will pummel into you unrelentingly - think of a train with no brakes. From grimy hardcore riffage that seamlessly transitions into pure grind-metal madness - furious blast beats with a deadly array of bestial power-violence-esque riffs, the brutal, malevolent and bleak tone of "pyre" waste no time beating the listener to a shitty pulp. The longer/slower tracks on "pyre" delve deeper into the murky recesses of SHITSHIFTER's sound. On these particular tracks the band craft sludgy, plodding, towering riffs that atomize with each note. In addition to their volatility, noisy and chaotic elements also plays an important role in these tracks. Those in need of a outstanding, aggressive fix are going to get that through and through. "pyre" makes curious what the future holds for SHITSHIFTER. These guys got the chemistry and made something that will snap some necks. The record is so simple to love and if you have ever been angry at all, you will love the rage they offer. If you’re a fan of NAILS, TRAP THEM or BEHEMOTH as well as TODAY IS THE DAY or UNSANE. Limited, colored vinyl includes a digital download card. You need to check out SHITSHIFTER right away. Spin "pyre" - spin this monster!!!

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